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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

The Player Diaries Collection

A Lloyd Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)


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It was nothing ordinary about this episode. It was nothing ever ordinary about them, but this one…this particular one was unnatural. It measured at a magnitude of 9.2 on the Richter scale, putting me in an almost catatonic state. My defenses were shattered…


With eyes piercing through my flesh, he glared at me as we both stood in the door way. A cool breeze swept across my skin as his hand slid from the door handle. Formalities escaped him. No greeting, no smile, no warmth—just a hand wrapped around my forearm as he pulled me inward. He was gruff wearing only his 5 o’clock shadow, torn wifebeater, and basketball shorts.


He turned from me and headed into the bedroom. Like a lost puppy, I trailed behind him.


His bedroom was pitch-black and once I entered he closed the door behind me, canceling out the last hint of light coming through. I felt his hand grab my arm once more, leading me towards the bed. With an unsuspecting shove, I went tumbling down onto the bed. He lifted my legs and pulled off my heels. He let them fall back down to the side as he began unfastening my skinny jeans and tugging them down my legs. There was a pause…I couldn’t make out what he was doing but I heard movement.


My legs were lifted again and immediately afterwards I felt his hand move my panties to the side. The wetness of his tongue followed as he bathed my pussy. I grabbed at the sheets, twisting my hands in them as he was twisting my body like a pretzel. I arched my back, pointed my toes, and squeezed. “Aaahhhhhh!” Almost there…his musical instrument had me hitting a falsetto.


After I came, I had a brief reprieve. I heard shuffling and then the bed began to move as he climbed in. His hand grabbed a handful of my hair and then his dick touched my nose. He used his hand to rub it across my face…touching my lips, chin, and nose. I took it from his hand to get better control of it. I inserted it into my mouth and repetitively sucked it in and out. I sucked it forcefully, attempting to vacuum it dry. Lloyd’s breathing got throatier and he began to fuck my mouth, pushing it in and out at a quickening pace. His swollen dick was beginning to be too much for my mouth to handle, so I grabbed the base to decrease the length. He pulled his dick out and lifted up to insert his balls.


I swiveled my tongue around his balls and sucked them in, bathing them just as he had bathed me. Switching positions once more, Lloyd withdrew his balls and put his dick back inside, this time pushing his dick to the back of my throat. I groaned my protest at being deep-throated but my words were incomprehensible. His one leg held my left arm down while the right hand could only ease my discomfort. I held the base once more, lessening its length.


Finally he climbed off and flipped me over onto all fours. He lifted my ass into the air and slid inside my wet pussy. He began pounding so hard that the bed began to scoot away from the wall. The room shook…the bed shook…my body shook. My juices leaked down my thighs and I cried out in ecstasy as he made the bed rock.


“FUCKKKKK ME!!!!” I yelled. I wanted to be his motivation as he tore it out the seams.


He went harder. I was delirious…watching the room split open as it dangled off the edge of a cliff. I was falling over… BAM! My legs gave out and I went tumbling down.


Lloyd rolled me over onto my back. I could feel my eyes glazed over but the darkness kept it disguised. I wearily opened my legs for him, letting them fall on the outskirts of his body.  He reentered, only slightly slowing his previous pace. I was too weak to give anything back so I just laid there and took my dick lashings. He whipped and fucked my pussy to destruction. I dug my fingernails into the backs of his thighs as he chipped away at my pussy like a jackhammer. “Uhhhh,” he groaned. I wasn’t sure if it was from my nails cutting deep or my ferocious pussy carving my name on it, but he didn’t stop there. He groaned and hissed like a snake. His body tensed then jerked.


He collapsed down on me, breathing as though he had run a marathon. I began to place multiple kisses on his cheek, then I tried to turn his head to kiss him on the lips but he pushed up off of me. Once again I couldn’t make out what he was doing but then I felt him putting my pants back on.


“Lloyd, what are you doing?”

“I know you gotta go so I’m helping you out.”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Then why are you so cold towards me?”

“I’m just doing my job. Sex…that’s what I’m here for right? I gave you that. Now you can get back home to ya nigga.”

“Why are you acting like this?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you want from me girl.”

“I want what I usually get from you…warmth, love, passion…this was…I don’t know what this was.”

“You came didn’t chu?”

“That’s not enough.”

“So you telling me that you want me to treat you warmly…to love you and to give you all of me, but all I get is some fuckin’ seconds??? You got this shit twisted. I’ll give you EXACTLY what you give me. You want more…then I guess you better up ya game.”


I walked over and turned on the lights. Lloyd began putting on his basketball shorts. I finished pulling my pants up and stepped into my heels. Lloyd had climbed back in bed, scrolling through his phone.


“See ya at the next sexcapade,” he said, never looking up from his phone.


The hurt flowing through my body was too much for me to contain. I screamed as I closed his front door behind me…