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Friday, January 4th, 2013

“As We Lay”

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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My nails dug into his spine while he pushed deeper inside of me. In the middle of his bed, wrapped up like a pretzel, with sweat dripping from out bodies we flow together. His fingers traveled up my neck and he cradled the back of my head before hungrily covering my lips with his own. His kiss muffles my moans. My nipples harden as the brush up against him with every thrust and my pussy is leaking. He gave me so much more than I expected and we fought against the unavoidable end to the intense pleasure we shared. Tomorrow had arrived but the night was still young and it was my turn. His girl would wait and so would my man. Until our bodies separated he belonged to me and I was his. I screamed. He pushed my legs back further. His sweet voice whispering in my ear and faint lingering scent of his cologne made me high. I sucked on his tongue and felt him stiffen even more inside of me.i wanted to ride so I slowly pushed him into submission and slid into position. He gripped my ass and I leaned forward, biting his neck while I bounced on him at a steady pace. Then my phone rang. I had to answer. Jovan hated when I missed calls and I knew how to pick my battles. I slowed down and answered softly.


“Where you at?”

“I told you I’d be in bed tonight.”

Lloyd lifted and pounded into me from underneath. My breathing got heavy and I began to studder. He banged harder and mouthed “who’s pussy is this?”

“I…I gotta go…”

“Why you sound like that? Do I need to come by?”

“No!!! Don’t….don’t stop….by”

“You sound..”

“I’ll call you….ok….” Click.

“Shit!!!!! Fuuuuuccckkk meeee!!”

I shivered and tears fell from my eyes when I came. Lloyd was close behind and once we both started to come down I moved to get up and he held me firmly in place.

“Don’t move beautiful.”

I loved when he called me that. I looked into his eyes and smiled before moving again.

“Why you wanna rush?”

“Because…we both know I need to get home.”

“I’ve never felt the way you make me feel.”

“But you love her and I love him.”

“Is it love when you are here with me?”

“I gotta go home.”

I didn’t want to wait for the sunrise to rudely disrupt what we had so I usually never let it catch us.  I stood and looked for my overnight bag and he gripped me from behind.

“You never answered me. Is it love?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

He kissed behind my ear, still naked. I could feel his excitement returning but it was getting late.

“One full night.”

“I can’t.”

“Look at me.”

I listened. When I turned to face him my eyes traveled from his eyes to his perfectly chiseled frame. I was addicted to him. I couldn’t leave if I wanted to once he smiled and licked his lips. I pressed my body against his and took in his essence before dipping low to taste my favorite place. He was back to being hard as a rock and my lips surrounded and took all of him in deep. I sucked slow and he begged me not to stop. Grabbing the back of my head he changed up the tempo, fucking my face. His moans grew louder and he called out my name, twisting my hair around his hand. Then his phone rang. He tried to ignore it but the call came in again back to back. Interrupted again.

“Fuck that phone,” he said.

Pulling me back into bed with him, face down with my ass up, he spread my legs send feasted on my pussy pie from behind, flicking his tongue across my clit, slipping his fingers in deep to my spot. I screamed. Exploded. Then I cried when he entered me from behind. We fucked the sheets off the bed and fell asleep. Exhausted. Wrapped in eachother’s arms. Like I’m sure he holds her. Then the sun crept into the room. It was morning. I cursed under my breath and started to rise only to feel him forcing me back into his arms. We lay silently watching the sunrise. Just as I let go and allowed my head to rest against his chest he kissed my forehead.

“Our time has passed,” I said softly.

He took my hands into his and interlocked our fingers.

“I know you have to go.”

We held eachother’s touch until we couldn’t anymore and kissed slowly before I walked out of the door.