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My Heart Still Beats

My Heart Still Beats

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

A Beyonce Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)


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My head rests on his chest as we dance hand in hand. I close my eyes and take this moment in. I mean is this real? I feel like I’ve been in a dream ever since I’ve met him. Like I’ve been living a fairy tale that’s too good to be true. I peek at his face. He smiles and kisses my forehead. A tear falls down my cheek. I don’t even know why. I guess my happiness was shining through. He sees the tear trickling down. He knows I can be emotional at times. He takes his thumb and wipes it’s away careful of my make-up. I smile back. This man is my world. I’ve been seeing him for almost a year. His name is Brian. He’s not a musician or in any facet of the business. He’s actually a personal trainer who I met when I was looking to get into better shape. This man not only challenges me physically, but mentally as well. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with him. I guess that’s why it doesn’t seem real.


“Are you having a good time?” He asks.


“I’m having a wonderful time.”


“Me too. I think their wedding was real nice.”


“I think it was very beautifully done. How long have you known Courtney and Will?”


“Well me and Will go way back. Courtney on the other hand I’ve only known since they’ve been dating, which was about three years ago.”


“That’s all? It seems like they’ve known each other a lot longer.”


“It does. It’s good to see my boy finally happy and with someone who’s gonna really look out for him and take care of him and his heart.”


“I take it from your toast to them Will‘s been through a lot and Courtney‘s been there every step of the way. Your words really touched her. Me too. Your speech was great.”


“I rehearsed it so it should have been.” I laugh.


“You did not. I could tell that was spoken from the heart. You don‘t know how to be scripted.”


“I’m glad you know that about me. That lets me know when I tell you that I love you and you’ve made me the happiest man these past nine months, that you believe it and know that I mean it.”


I look at him speechless. Then Courtney interrupts.


“Beyonce we’re about to throw the bouquet. Are you participating?”


I look at Brian.


“Go head.”


I leave him and walk with Courtney. The DJ makes the announcement and asks everyone who’s not participating to step to the side. All of us ladies are standing on the floor. Courtney counts to three then pretends she’s going to throw it, but she doesn’t. Everyone was ready to grab for it too, even me. Brian saw me and was laughing. Then Courtney says she’s going to seriously throw it this time. She counts again and this time she actually does. I was the lucky lady to catch it and wasn’t even trying to get it this go round. It just fell into my hands. I was showing my gums big time. The other ladies were clapping for me. I looked at Brian. He raised the glass he had to me. I walk over to him.


“You know this doesn’t really mean anything right?”


“I hope it does.” My face was frozen. I know it wasn’t a marriage proposal, but in a way it kind of was. They call the men to the floor for their turn. “Hold this for me.” He says.


I take his glass and watch him make his way onto the floor. Will had his arm raised ready to throw the garter belt. Now when he threw it some said he purposely threw it to Brian since I caught the bouquet, but Wills back was turned so he didn’t even know where Brian was standing. Brian just so happened to catch it. It was turning out to be our night as well I guess. I clapped so hard. He comes over to me, picks me up, spins me around and kisses me. Then they call for us to take the floor. I forgot about this part. I’m shaking my head as the crowd is cheering to see Brian put the garter belt on me. They placed a chair out on the floor and Brian took my hand to guide me as I sat. They start playing some real funky music too. Brian busts out with a dance move real quick. He just has to put on a show. Then he gets down on his knees and stretches out my leg. He rubs his face up against it first then gives me a few kisses on it. The crowd was eating it up. I just wanted to get off the floor. I was not supposed to be in the spot light today, but I was enjoying his attentiveness. He finally takes the garter belt and slips it on my leg and slides it up to my thigh. I am cracking up since his hands were tickling me. Once he’s done he kisses me. Everyone claps and then Brian helps me out of the seat. He grabs me from behind and snuggles me into him. I love how he holds me. He makes me feel so safe and secure. I look up to him.


“You had fun doing that didn’t you?”


“It was fun, but I’d rather go to our room and have the kind that requires taking clothes off.”


“I turn around fully facing him. “Brian we can’t leave already. Can we?”


“Yeah. I’m sure the rest of the night is going to be spent partying anyway. We can do that in our room.”


“But you’re apart of the wedding party. Aren’t they going to need you?”


“My work here is done. Come on…let’s go.”


“I guess we better go say goodnight to Will and Courtney then.”


Brian and I found them and said goodnight to the two of them and wished them a safe trip for their honeymoon. They were going to Africa. We were staying in the same hotel that the reception was held in so Brian and I made our way to our room. As soon as I walk in our suite I go into the bedroom to take off my shoes. Brian goes in the kitchen that we had. I’m sitting on the bed rubbing on my feet when he comes in with two glasses and some champagne. He hands me a glass.


“When did you get this?”


“I had it brought up to the room earlier when you were in the shower getting ready.” He pours some in my glass, then his. “I want to make a toast to the most beautiful woman in the world. Who’s not only beautiful on the outside, but is equally as attractive on the inside. She also has changed my life ever since I’ve met her. Baby here’s to us, to love, happiness and whatever else God has in store.”


He has my eyes watering again. I was trying so hard not to cry. We touch glasses and I try to get my words out without sounding all crazy. I kept it short and sweet to be safe.


“To us.” We drink. Then Brian speaks.


“Can I tell you something?”




“When Courtney was walking down the aisle and all eyes were on her, after she walked about half way my eyes were stuck on you. I was watching you girl…your smile and how your face just glowed like you were the one walking down that aisle. I bet that’s what you were picturing wasn’t it?”


bashfully smiles “Maybe.”


Brian takes the glass out of my hand. He sets his and mine down.


“How bout we make like tonight’s our honeymoon. You know I’ve been wanting you for the longest. I think I’ve been a good boy.”


He snatches me up. “Can we Mrs. Howard?”


Just to hear him talk like that meant everything to me. I take a deep breath since my body has this overwhelming feeling and I didn’t know any other way to express it.


“Beyonce Howard. I love the sound of that.”


We look deep into each others eyes. I was psychologically weak. I never knew feeling like this inside could exist in me, but he was the key that unlocked this protective heart. Brian slowly eases in. I meet him till our lips become one. My body is yearning to be touched by him. I just want him to hold me and never let me go. He stands behind me and with his wide hand he brushes my hair over to the side of my neck. Then he slowly pulls down the zipper on my dress. Next I feel his kisses on the back of it. He does it in three different places. My heart wanted to explode on the inside. Then he slides the dress off of my shoulders. I step out of it and turn around. I unbutton Brian’s shirt and slide it off. I glide my hands down his chiseled arms then we lock hands. He pulls me into him and kisses me once more.


“I love you.”


“Say it again.”


“I love you.”


When he says those words to me my soul soars and My Heart Still Beats like it did when I first realized I was meeting my other half. I knew he loved me and I was finally ready for him to make passionate love to me. With our eyes locked in on one another we peeled away our remaining items and got in the bed. Brian made love to my body by using his hands and mouth first. He caresses my breast with his hands and showers my skin with his kisses. My body has butterflies and the feelings euphoric. The foreplay alone is giving me life, but when he finally loves me our bodies bond like never before. We connect on a level that is indescribable. I knew I was experiencing pure love. This is the first time for us and it feels amazing. We make the night intimate and beautiful. I really do feel like it’s our honeymoon, but I’ve been on one since the day we’ve met and I hope it never ends.