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Pooch Hall

Love After War

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Pooch Hall Story

Written By: Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Pooch hated fighting with Sasha but there was something about the way she folded her arms and pouted that made her so sexy. Last week it was the fact that he was late for her charity event and this time it was going out with his friends to play flag football, missing the surprise lunch she had planned for them in the park. The first six months they spent together were a breeze but now Pooch constantly found himself in the doghouse.

Pooch: Are you done yelling at me?

Sasha: Are you done behaving like a little kid! I swear…sometimes I don’t know why….

Pooch: Why What?

Sasha: Sometimes I don’t know why I fuck with you.

Pooch: What is that supposed to mean!

Sasha: Exactly what I said! You do this every time….everybody and everything else is always more important to you!

Pooch: How was I supposed to know you planned anything? I’m a mind reader now?

Sasha: I told you this morning! You were like “Yeah boo, we need some time together, it’s all you” (mocking him) but then it’s “Aww you see what had happened was…” when it’s time to go…

Pooch: I forgot!

Sasha: You forgot? Ok you forgot…

Sasha stood and walked off toward the back room like she always did when she was over her limit with Pooch. He never seemed to want to make things solid or real between them and what he was offering was getting old real fast.

Pooch: (Following behind her) What are you really mad about? This can’t be just because I missed a stupid lunch…I mean come on baby…lunch?!

Sasha felt a tear fall and knew he had just broke the last straw. Turning to face him she reached into her bra and pulled out a card that read “Call me” with another woman’s name and number beneath it, throwing it into his face.

Sasha: I found that in your pocket from last weekend when you just had to be late for my charity event and to top it all off, today is my birthday! I bet you forgot that too! Fuck you Pooch! I’m packing my shit and I’ll be gone in an hour!

Before he could say a word Sasha slammed the door and slid down it on the other side, sobbing softly. How could he forget her birthday? How could he make jokes about not spending time together? Taking in a deep breath she stared into the closet and spotted her suitcases. Maybe it was finally time to give up.

Pooch: I didn’t forget baby!! I really didn’t….let me in….

Placing his back to the door, Pooch slid down on the other side looking at the card she threw in his face. The same card he got from the florist that was more than an hour late delivering the birthday flowers she swore he forgot. A knock on the door grabbed his attention as he rushed to go answer. The birthday dinner he planned to have by candlelight had just arrived.

Delivery Man: It was kind of hard finding your place. I saw these flowers outside for you…guess the florist gave up.

Pooch: Thanks a lot man….

Delivery Man: No problem.

Shaking his head, Pooch picked up the chairs that were kicked over during their heated exchange and prepared for the romantic evening he wanted with Sasha. Once the second candle was lit he took his seat back by the door and knocked softly.

Pooch: Baby? Baby you still mad….I got a surprise for you…let me in.

Sasha cracked the door open and walked over to the bed placing her hands on her packed and zipped suitcase. She wanted Pooch to know that this was it. It was over. She was done. Turning to face him she tried not to be fazed by the beautiful red rose in his hand or the warm look in his eyes.

Pooch: I know you are mad…and baby I know what it looks like…but I didn’t forget.

Sasha: I’m done fighting….

Pooch: Ok…we’re done fighting (moving in close) let’s just make up…

Sasha: No..I’m done…I’m…

Placing the rose on top of her suitcase Pooch pulled Sasha into his arms and kissed her lips, softly at first, growing deeper as she returned his affections.

Pooch: (Forcing her to look up at him) Can I show you that I didn’t forget? If you want to leave anyway…I’ll understand

Sasha: But I’m…

Pooch: Just let me show you…come on…follow me….

Allowing Pooch to take her hand, Sasha followed and her eyes widened with surprise when she saw the set up he had for the two of them.

Sasha: How did you…

Pooch: I never forgot your birthday….I planned to spend the whole night celebrating your birthday…kissing on your birthday…touching on your birthday

Sasha: (Smiling) You didn’t forget….

Pooch: I’m sorry for what I said….

Sasha: I’m sorry too…

Pooch: I know we haven’t had much time but I still need you….and I need you right now….for real….

Pulling her in close Pooch gently undressed Sasha from head to toe, loving every soft curve of her frame. Taking a moment to look her over he smiled as he undressed himself slowly.

Pooch: You sho got a nice birthday….

Sasha: Well hurry up so I can see yours! (Running to the bedroom)

Pooch raced behind Sasha, throwing her suitcase from the bed before pinning her against it.

Pooch: Don’t run…

Sasha: Who said I was running? Huh?

Flipping Pooch onto his back Sasha climbed on top of him and placed her hands inside of his, grinding against his hardness wearing a naughty grin.

Sasha: You know…it’s my birthday and I’ll ride if I want to…