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Love You Gently

Love You Gently

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

An Usher Raymond Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)


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Hmm…I wonder what he’s holding. “Usher it’s your turn.”


“I know. Lemme get comfortable real quick.”


He takes his beater off that he’s wearing, but leaves his basketball shorts on.


He knows I love his chest. He thinks he’s going to distract me. “Can you hurry up?”


“A’ight! I’m ready.” I notice he has four cards left and I still have all seven of mine. He drops three. “Uno!”


“Ooo you sneak! Okay…so the color is yellow? Well how you like this?!”


I drop a blue eight over his yellow eight. I have nothing. Can’t make him draw two or four. All my hope is on this being the game changer and keeping him in it. I anxiously watch his hand as he prepares to either pluck or go out of the game. He knows I’m eager to see.


“Damn man!” He plucks.


“Yes!” I get excited as I sit Indian style across from him on his bed. I almost mess up the deck.


“Will you just go.” He demands with a smile. I pluck.


“Do I detect some animosity?” I shake my shoulders and do my little happy dance glad he didn’t go out. I put down a blue two. Usher didn’t pluck again. He put down a wild card.


“Uno! The color is yellow.” I throw my cards down since I knew I lost. “What’d you do that for?”


“Your last card is yellow. I don’t have anything to stop you so it’s over.”


“It didn’t have to be.”


I look at him confused. He shows me his card. He has a draw four in his hand which meant he never had to pluck in the first place. This game should of been over, but he was extending it. I jump up and dive on him making him fall back.


“Aw you were playing so I could win?”


“No. I just wanted to punish you a little longer. Make you sweat.”


He’s going to get it for that. We get to wrestling on the bed. I’m trying to get him in a choke hold since I’m on top of him, but he flips me over.


“You can‘t see me, so don‘t even try.” I lay here breathing all hard and out of breath.


“Usher why is it so hot in here?”


“Leena I thought I told you before you got here that they just starting having problems with the air?”


“You probably did and I forgot.”


“The hotel’s supposed to have somebody looking in to it now. You wanna go over to your place instead?”


“We can tough it out for the night I guess.”


“I’ll make sure to keep you nice and cool.”


“By doing?”


“Take ya clothes off.”


“How bout you take my clothes off.”


“You ain’t said nothing. Let me do a few things that’ll help with reducing the temperature in this room first, but you know I can’t speak for yours. You bout to have a fever.”


“I already do. It’s Usher fever. I‘ve had it for some time now.”


He smiles and gets off the bed. He turns on some music and lowers the volume. It was a mix of artist, but the first one on the CD was Sade. The lighting was dim, but he turns it off. He made sure the curtains were pulled so the night time ambiance could spill in. He puts his shirt and sports slippers back on then walks out of the room. I’m laying here arms and legs spread because I’m hot and I want my clothes off, but I want him to remove them. He comes back with a cooler filled with ice, additional bottles of water and a pint of ice cream with a miniature scooper. He sits it down on the nightstand and removes his shirt again.


“I like the way you’re thinking.”


“Cause daddy knows just what you like.”


“Daddy can you pass me one of the water bottles please?”




He throws it and of course I don’t catch it, but it still lands on the bed. Usher hands it to me. I start taking a few gulps and then I sit it back on the nightstand on my side. Usher starts removing the cards off the bed since we had them scattered everywhere. Some of them I was sitting on. His eyes stroll to my ass; my queue to lift up. I lean over to the side so he could grab the ones I was on. I should’ve sat there and let his hand feel it’s way to find them. Once he got them all, he put them up. From that moment on his focus is solely on me.


“Lay back.” He commands.


I do. He takes his time and inches my shorts off.


“You feeling alright?” I bite on the tip of my nail as I watch him and shake my head yes. “Just lay back and relax okay?”


“That’s not going to be easy.” Now he’s massaging my right foot. “It’s been a long time.”


“Don’t worry baby I got you. Now how that feel?”


My eyes are closed enjoying his touch. I don’t even want to respond. I just want him to see my face to know. He puts that foot down and works on the other one. His hands were making me feel like putty. Once he’s done with that one he climbs up to me and takes me out of my short sleeve shirt. My bra is already unhooked from earlier since I was hot. I needed these girls to breathe. He nicely slides the straps off my arms and tosses the bra.


“Lay on your stomach.”


Without hesitation I turn over and have my head resting on my arms. Usher gets off the bed for a minute and grabs something out of the cooler. The next thing I feel is drops of cold water. I squirm from the sudden cool shock and unexpectedly I shout.




He notices my reaction. I feel it on my neck and now my back bones, next the trail is going down my spine.


“This will take the edge off.”


His warm tongue licks each spot where the droplets of water landed. It travels gently down my spine and sops up the water that is on my moistened skin. The long lick makes my toes curl. My body jerks causing my ass to poke out. Next his deep sultry voice whispers in my ear.


“You like that baby?”


“Mmm I do.”


He plants a kiss on my lips. Now he’s pulling my panties off.


“Turn over.” I gladly change positions again. Usher grabs for the ice cream. “You ready for this?”


softy responds “I’m ready.”


He has the miniature scooper that was sitting in the cooler. He dips some out and firstly feeds it to me. It was Vanilla. Then he tastes the remnants from my lips. My man is sweating up a storm as he hovers over me. I decide to take a few pieces of ice out of the cooler and rub it on his chest. I start with each nipple. His body gets chills from the cold sensation. I take some more and slowly glide them down his broad shoulders and muscular arms. I see he’s feeling good. I put a piece of ice in my mouth and attempt to roll it all over his face with my teeth. It gets too cold and I drop it on myself. We both smile. Then Usher eats it. He was ready to put the attention back on me. He kisses my belly. Now his tongue licks my navel. “Mmm…” I moan. He doesn’t stop. His lips is still traveling down my body. I grab his head to release my sexual tension. He licks my parted lips. “Ahhh…” Now I’m ready to explode. He kisses them. My legs tremble. He stops. With the ice cream scooper still in hand he fills it with more of the ice cream and drops a dollop on each nipple along with my pussy. You talk about pleasure and pain. I scream as my body cringes.




He devours his dessert in all three places. I continuously rub my foot down his leg as he gently consumes me. My pussy is so wet from him…for him too. My skin may have felt cooled, but I was in heat. After that Usher pulls down his shorts and boxers and puts a condom on. He uses his knees to spread my legs wider. He enters me nice and slow. I tug on the sheets. He leans into me and shifts on his side and takes my right leg and wraps it over him. He palms my ass bringing me into him as he strokes me. He loves me gently as I take him all in. We grind…and grind…and grind. We kiss and I let my hands run all through his hair. I pull away and bite my bottom lip because he is putting this pussy to bed…nighty night! Our bodies generate so much heat. We’re sweaty on the outside, but cool as ice in our own world on the inside. Even still I’m melting away. His tongue massages my nipples again giving my body even more tingles. I can’t take it. This feels so good.


“ah! aH! AH!” Is all I can get out. Each pitch sounds higher than before.


“Go head and buss baby…come on…cum to daddy.”


I’m cumming to daddy. Daddy is about to get a special delivery sooner than I would like. “AHHH YES! YES!! YEH ESSSSS!!!” I scream.


That’s it. The sound of monumental bliss. No longer could I hold on. In my mind although it felt sooo good I’m mad as hell I came so soon. I guess it’s because it’s been some time or it could be because his dick is just that damn good. I lay here looking at the ceiling. I just want my body to settle down so we can do it again and maybe this time I’ll last. Usher puts his arm under my head and pushes me over on his chest. I lay there rubbing it gently.


“Do you still feel hot?” He asks.


“One spot does.”


“Can I take care of it?”


“Oh you will baby…you will and soon.” I’m still rubbing my hand across his chest massaging his nipples. He shuts his eyes.


“Mmm…that feels good.”


“You know what else feels good? You.” I get up to grab another cold water bottle. I sit on top of him. “Now it’s your turn to relax and allow me to Love You Gently.”