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Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

A Keri Hilson Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Where are the cute guys tonight? I see no one.”


“Keri we just got here. Give it a chance.”


“Monica you have a wonderful man waiting for you at home. I don’t even know why you’re here.”


“I know right. We’re the ones that’s available.” said Brooklyn.


“Oh! So I can’t still want to hang out with my girls? Are you afraid the men are going to flock to me instead of you two ladies?”


Me and Brooklyn screamed with laughter. Monica was laughing too. I had to comment on that.


“I don’t have a problem with pulling men. It’s just that it’s not much catching my eyes tonight.”


“I’ve seen a few that weren’t too bad. They look good enough to buy me a few drinks I know that much.” said Brooklyn.


“Well neither one of you are going to get anyone sitting here at this table.” said Monica.


“That’s why I’m about to walk around and see if maybe I’m missing out on something before I decide to call it a night.”


“Really Keri? Already?” Monica questioned.


“Yes! It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to enjoy a night out and if it’s going to be like this than I’m better off going home.” Brooklyn looks at Monica.


“She’s brutal on guys.”


“And she wonders why she’s still single.”


“Forget both of y’all. I’m going to freshen up my make-up, take one quick walk around and if the mens aren’t a calling then Keri is out! MUAH!”


As soon as I got up my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. My mouth was stuck wide open and I couldn’t move. Monica noticed my reaction.


“Keri!” Then they both start looking around to see what I’m looking at. “I think I spotted the culprit.” she said.


“Well show me then.”


I’m taking deep breaths trying to settle my emotions. Instead of Monica showing Brooklyn she comes over to me.


“Girlfriend I think you need to sit down. You seem to be going through something right about now.” She sat me down.


“Oh my Gosh! Do you see him?” I said. Brooklyn still was lost.


“Who are the two of you looking at?” I tried to explain.


“Black shirt he’s tall about 5’9, dark skin, pretty smile…Oh my gosh…I can’t…I can’t breathe.”


“Damn! We should be recording this!” Monica said with excitement. “She’s really tripping over this guy.”


“OOO I see him!” said Brooklyn. “Aw Keri he is fine girl…but…wait…you better catch your breath quick and get over there because those females are all over that beefy meat.”


“I’m stuck. I can’t feel my legs to move. I don’t know what’s going on.”


“I do.” said Monica. “In the words of Usher Raymond “You got it bad.”


“He’s so handsome. I…I can’t stop looking at him.” Monica took another look.


“Well the view I’m sure would be much nicer if you went over and talked to him.”


“I mean what do I say? I’m…I’m losing my mind right now and I can barely speak with out hyperventilating.” I took Monica’s hand. “Feel this.” I put it over my heart.


“Okay this girl is in need of some serious medical attention. Let me go get doctor love over there.” Then she laughs.


“Monica this is serious. I need him in my life right now…my bed would suffice too.” She pulls me up since I was leaned back.


“Go over there and talk to him before he walks out of here with someone else.”


“Yes like me.” Brooklyn added. I folded my arms and stared her down. “I’m only kidding geeze. I wouldn’t do you like that girl.”


Monica pushes me forward making my body rock since it was limp.


“Come on Keri get up.”


“Okay I’ll go, but I’m going in the ladies room first. I gotta get myself together…woo! This feeling is so crazy!”


I went in the bathroom. I fluffed my hair a bit, did a touch up on my lipstick, made sure my outfit was fixed in all the right places and then headed out to get my prescription filled. When I walked back towards the dance floor I saw him. My heart started skipping as I watched him. He was standing talking to a female, but from the look on his face he didn’t seem too interested. I figured I’d rescue him so he could return the favor. Gosh I hope I can do this…okay here it goes.


taps shoulder “Excuse me…hi…” He smiles and looks me over.


“Keri Hilson…what‘s up beautiful!” That’s a good start I thought. “Oh let me introduce you to Sheryl.”


“Hi Keri.” I wiggle my fingers giving her a hand waive.


“Hello Sheryl. I didn’t mean to interrupt you two, but is your car parked outside?” I asked looking back at him.


“Yeah. Why? Is something wrong?”


Yes! Game on! “Well I was on my way out and was asked to tell you that you left your car lights on. I just wanted to make sure I was talking to the right person.” He looks puzzled.


“I did?”




“I guess I better go turn them off. Thanks!”


“Sure no problem.”


“Well Sheryl I better get out to my car. It was nice talking to you…enjoy the rest of your night.” I was walking away when I heard him giving her the brush off. Then he calls me. “Hey Keri! How bout I walk out with you?” I smiled.




I was losing my mind. Didn’t even know where I was going. I mean what was I doing? I didn’t know if I was coming or going ever since this man stepped foot in the club.


“So you’re leaving already?”


“Yeah I was going to head home and have a quiet night for the rest of my evening.”


“Sounds good. I’m Tyrell by the way.”


He puts his hand out for me to shake. It was so big and his hand shake was nice and firm. I felt myself starting to sweat. My mind had all kinds of dirty little thoughts going through it.


“Nice big hands…I mean name…nice name.”


“Thanks! Although I’ll take the hand compliment too.” I smile. “You mind walking me to my car?”


“I don’t know, I mean we just met and…”


“You’re right and I completely understand. Then can you please wait right here till I go and turn my lights off? It’s just that I’d really like to talk to you a bit more before you go.”


“I guess I can wait in that case.” He smiles and it’s so gorgeous. He’s still talking to me as he’s walking to his car.


“Okay I’ll be right back. Don’t go nowhere. My cars not that far.”


I yell, “I’ll be waiting right here.” Wait till he gets to his car and realizes his lights were never left on. God I’m so bad…but oh so good at it. Monica comes out of the club and sees I’m right there on the steps.


“I know you weren’t going to leave and not tell us.” I’m all smiles from my thoughts as I’m shaking my head no. “So…how’d it go? I saw you talking to him. Did he leave?”


“He’s thinks he’s left his car lights on.”


“HA! No you didn’t! You went there on him? The old headlights on trick?”


“It gets them every time.”


“The unsuspecting puppies.” She makes me laugh. “I guess you really do plan on leaving now and not alone.”


“Yes, so get out of here before he gets back.”


“Gimme some!” We slide hands. “Well make sure he straps up that Nutty Buddy of his.”


“Oh you know I don’t roll any other way.”


“Call me tomorrow then.”


“I will.” Monica goes back inside. Shortly after I see Tyrell walking back over to me. He finally reaches me.


“That’s strange. They must have mistaken somebody else’s car for mine. Who told you that, Reggie?” I’m thinking who’s Reggie, but he answered my thought. “The bouncer? He the only one that knows my car here.”


“Um, I‘m not sure if he gave me his name…if so I don’t remember it. He just asked me if I could tell you and pointed you out.”


“Oh well…it’s all good. So do you have to leave right now?”


“I don’t have to, but I was kind of looking forward to winding down for the night.”


“Would you like some company?” God I thought you’d never ask.


“I’m suppose to allow you in my house alone?”


“I know you’ve only known me for about 10 minutes or so, but I promise to be on my best behavior.”


“You promise?”


“I promise. I just want to get to know you and look at that pretty face for as long as I can.”


“What’s your license number?”


“You wanna know my license number?”


“Yes! A girl has to have some type of security.”


“Where’re ya bodyguards at?”


“They’re around too. So are you going to give it to me?”


He took his wallet out and showed me his license number. I committed it to memory so I could text it to Monica. He may have me tripping, but all my senses weren’t lost.


“Now I need to see yours.” I start laughing.




“Hey it works both ways. You could be on some crazy type of time for all I know.” I lean into him looking him closely in the eyes.


“What are you going to do with it if I give it to you?”


“Damn girl! Are we still having the same conversation? Because the way you said that sounded like you were talking about something else and I’m here to tell you the one thing I know what to do with is some pussy…if that was the underlined question.”


That was it. I needed to bring him home.





Me and Tyrell were sitting in my living room talking away. I never smiled so much especially when he would talk. I watched his face and couldn’t help but to stare at his lips as they moved and showed his pretty white teeth. He was a chocolate dream with the deepest dimples. I just got lost in them. It was like his mouth was steady moving, but I couldn’t hear a sound. I was so caught up in him that what he was saying didn’t matter. He might have promised to be on his best behavior, but I sure didn’t. Right while he was talking I kissed him. I know it took him by surprise. I saw his face afterwards.


“You know if you want to do that again feel free. Or anything else that might come to mind.”


“So if I wanted to have my way with you I could?”


“Girl you can have me whatever way you want.”


Tyrell got me in my bedroom and rocked my world. I wasn’t ready for the type of loving that this man put on me. He had my body tingling in places that I never knew had feeling in it. I felt like I was being loved by octoman. Yes, I know it may sound crazy, but with strong arms and hands like his it seemed like they were constantly everywhere. He made sure no spot on my body went untouched. I was rubbed on, kissed on and my favorite licked on and not once did I feel his hands not massaging me somewhere. And when he gave me his “Nutty Buddy” as Monica called it, oh my gosh, I was ready to have a Heart Attack. I thought before I couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was dying a slow, but thrilling and very fulfilling death. Mmm he does know what to do with the pussy and he did it…well! He’s not here right now and my body is still having complications. I still can’t breathe right and I’m having palpitations in my chest. I’m left dripping wet, sweaty and weak in the knees. I don’t know how he did it…I don’t know…I can’t explain it, but I think I need to dial 911. I need to speak to the police….holds chest…he…he stole my heart and that has to be a crime. I can’t let him get away with it…I just…I just can’t…grabs phone and dials number.


“911 what’s your emergency?”


breathless “Hello…”