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All Night

All Night

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

A Lance Gross Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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“Slide through.”

“Be there within the hour,” she replied.


Shit. I been thinking about her all day. Kissing her…touching her…fucking her…

Her pussy had been running through my mind all day. Riding me, sucking me, clutching me. I wanted to fuck until the springs came out.


She was there within the hour. Clad in a spandex dress with vertical lines and a skinny belt across her waist. Bitch was bad. Yellow-bone, tall as fuck, and perky tits with pretty pink nipples.


She walked right in and over to me. I sat on the couch with my feet propped up on the sofa table sipping on some Goose. I loved the fact that she was never on no bullshit. She stepped up to me, took a sip of my drink, pushed my head back and let it trickle out her mouth and into mine. Then she sucked on my bottom lip, took a step back, and then licked her lips. Damn…


She turned around to walk away, but not before giving me that “come get this good shit” look as she dropped her belt to the floor. She was lifting her dress up over her head as she headed towards the bedroom. I gulped down the last of my drink and followed behind her.


In the distant and dark corner I saw nothing but her index finger and thumb as it twisted counterclockwise . The thunderous beat of the music came blaring across the speakers. She stepped closer becoming distinguishable. Climbing on the bed with nothing on but her stilettos and panties, she started to dance on the bed, gyrating and clapping her ass.


She pulled at the sides of her panties, working them down and then back up…teasing the fuck outta me. My dick was on hard engulfed in the show.


She cleverly balanced herself as she took off each heel and tossed it across the room. Like a stripper I watched her perform. She rolled her hips down low and brought it back up. Next she turned around and bent it over. Her hands grazed her ass and she plopped it up and down. She pulled her panties to the side…giving me a sneak peak as she bent it over again. Then she covered it up and kept dancing.


“Stop playing girl…been thinking ‘bout all the shit I’m gone do to you all day. We bout to fuck, all night.”


She giggled and as I grabbed her ankles and pulled her down on the bed. Then she gave me the most erotic look as she pulled me down on top of her. She had that good good shit that’ll make a nigga lose his fuckin mind. I wanted to be in her…rubbing, tapping, fucking her constantly.


She bit my neck…I pulled her hair…we fought for control.


I yanked her panties off, she ripped my t-shirt down the center, I slapped her ass…you it.


She smacked my face, pinched my nipples, and tongued me down. Got damnit…I love that shit.


I was ready to wear that pussy out.


I shoved my tongue in between her thighs…kissing her spot, licking her till she gushed out. She began to grind on my tongue, pulling on my ears…pushing my face in. Her legs began to shake, her eyes rolled back, her toes curled…I was tryna get her to tap out.


Fuck. She pushed me up and threw me down on the bed. She grabbed my dick and told me how she was gone go deep. I smirked…I was gone lock them jaws. She wet her lips and sucked me down. She gave me that throat…that good head. She bobbled to the beat of the music…blowing, licking, spitting, squeezing that meat. Shit. I was ready.


I wanted that puss…I wanted to retire it.


I pushed her up against the headboard and pulled that ass up into the air. I took a dive in and went deep. She was moist…hot…feenin’. Her pussy was the perfect fit…not too tight, just right. It swaddled me like a newborn baby while her ass gave me a round of applause.


I fucked her hard…making her scream…making the bed squeak.


She pulled away and turned on her back. She put me back in…watching me as I went in and back out. She begged for more…telling me to go deeper. We were fucking like pornstars.


Her pussy cried. She bit her lip, arched her back, and rolled her neck. I pulled at her thick hips as I hit the ocean floor. The bed rocked…our temperatures rose. Our bodies dripping wet. I pumped hard; making her head hit the bottom of the headboard…going in for a TKO.


She rolled me over and took charge. Putting her two fingers in my mouth as she plopped up and down on my dick. She moaned…scratching me up. Ahhhh…I needed the referee…TIME OUT.


She hunched her back over so she could watch me go in and out. We were huffing and puffing, breathing like we were in a marathon.


Then she looked at me…I looked at her…I was about to blow.


She was hot, dripping all on me and the sheets. I loved her on top. The way she popped, rolled, and rocked. She knew just how to get herself there. She let her body buss…


The spasms took over, had her galloping like she was riding a horse. It felt so good I wanted to cry…instead I tapped out. Volcano erupting…rivers flooding…earth shaking…FUCK!


Her body collapsed on top of me and she got comfortable.


I gave her a minute and then tapped her on the shoulder…“Un un baby…we fucking ALL NIGHT!”