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Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

A Chris Brown Fiction Story

Written by Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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“Robyn”, I said softly. Pushing her hair away from her face I watched her sleep, pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. My first and only love was right next to me where she belonged. Where we belonged. I sat up and remembered the way she looked a few hours earlier. She switched her hips and walked toward me slowly before grabbing my face, pulling me in close.

“Ok…I’ll stay the night. But I don’t want no games Chris!”

“You look so sexy when you’re serious” I said with a smile before stealing her lips.

I could tell she missed me. Everything was  like a first date. I could feel her nerves, her fear, she was so vulnerable….just like me.

“I’m serious Chris.”

“Robyn, I love you…that’s all we ever needed.”

“Love fucked us up.”

“We were young…and I’ll keep apologizing if that’s what you need to hear…even though I’m sick of it! Everybody in your ear calling me a mistake…”

“If you are a mistake…you are my mistake to make.”

Her thick accent got me excited. Once she spotted my arousal she grabbed a hold to my dick and smiled.
Everything about her turned me on and she knew it. We stripped eachother down and stared for a minute breathing heavily until she pushed me onto the bed. She crawled up my body like a cat and I couldn’t wait to make her purr. She paused and hovered over my dick, flipping her hair forward, covering it while she took me in slowly.

My eyes rolled back and her full lips gripped while her tongue massaged my dick. I felt her nipples brush against my thigh while she rocked against, still sucking, grinding against me. Lifting up slightly she removed the clingy black dress I loved, revealing the matching lacy panty and bra set I bought her earlier in the week.

“Thought you might like to see it on,” she said before winking at me.

My dick was rock hard. She turned around and rocked her lower half in slow motion and while I watched her ass pop and wiggle I grunted and gave her a rude slap to let her know I was ready to find my way inside of her. I slid my hands up her back and unsnapped her bra. Once she turned to fave me again I pulled her down and took her sweet nipples into my mouth. Slipping a condom on I eased her down onto my dick and let her ride me, working my hips to get deeper with a fistful of her hair in my hand. She growled when she said my name and I loved the way the juice from her sweet pussy spilled onto me. I wanted to get even deeper so I flipped her onto her back. Her pussy was so pretty and I missed it so much that I buried my head between her legs. She arched her back while I flicked my tongue over her bean, lapping everything she had to offer up. I let her nudges and body language guide me to all of her spots until she screamed out in ecstasy.

Placing her legs on my shoulders I punched in deep and took complete control. Position after position we made love and I dug her out until her eyes closed.

Now I’m watching her sleep. Knowing that no one can be what she is to me. We are each other’s habit. Addicted.

Memories of the fought hard and loved harder flashed before my eyes.
Even as she stirs she reaches out for me and if she can’t feel the warmth of my skin it shakes her awake until she finds the comfort of my embrace.  She opens her beautiful eyes slowly and turns to face me wearing a smile.

“You put me to sleep…”

“You put me out of my misery.”

“For how long?”

“Forever Robyn…this time it’s going to be right as long as it’s between me and you we can face anything.”

“Ain’t nobody’s business but mine and my baby,” she sang before giggling.