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I Need a Girl

I Need A Girl – Conclusion

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Officer: Moresco!!!! Moresco can you hear me!?

Moresco: (opens eyes and coughs) Yeah…

The bright lights allowed him to see just enough to know he made it to the hospital. Every time he moved pain took over his body so he took a deep breath and forced himself to be still.

Officer: Hate to come to your bedside on official business but we have some questions…internal affairs…

Moresco: Did I kill him?

Lex smiled herself awake, finding herself wearing nothing but Trey’s shirt. Shaking and flipping her hair back before putting it in a ponytail she listened for his footsteps only to find a small handwritten note on the pillow next to her.

Lex: (Reading Aloud) Make yourself at home…I have something special planned for tonight. Love Trey.

Kicking her legs in the air she screamed with excitement before springing to her feet. Giving herself the grand tour she stopped at the mantle and smiled at the collage of pictures on the wall. Some were black and white, some vibrant and full of color…all memories of the people he loved. Hearing the twist of the front door knob she walked over and posed in the doorway to greet Trey but quickly jumped when she noticed Lauren instead.

Lauren: Lex what kind of shit are you into?!

Lex: What the fuck are you doing here? How you get in?

Lauren: Answer me!

Lex: I don’t know what the fuck you talkin about but I think you need to leave!

Lauren: Lex this isn’t about you and me…you see this man? (Pointing at a picture of Trey) The man who house you in right now…I love him!

Lex: I don’t know what the fuck you on but I will fuck you up!

Lauren: I covered for you last night or ya ass would be dead and Trey would have watched!

Lex: Wait…what?

Lauren: Im gonna ask you one more time…what are you into with AC?

Lex: Nothing!

Lauren: Bullshit…

Lex: It’s not bulllshit…I don’t know why AC won’t leave me alone…unless….

Lauren: Unless what?

Lex: Unless he knew all along…about DJ….oh shit I need to call Moresco before it’s too late!

Lauren: What about DJ? You are the one that told AC he was a cop…

Lex: No! I never outed him!

Lauren: Oh shit….

Lex: Wait…how did you know he was a cop?

Lauren: AC said you….HE USED ME!

Lex: So you flipped DJ!!! You bitch!!!

Lex lunged for Lauren, pushing her into the wall but before she could land a punch spotted Smoke out of the corner of her eye.

Lex: Bitch you set me up!!!

Lauren: (Pushing Lex Backward) No bitch I covered for you! But I can end your shit right now!

Lex: Fuck you mean you covered for me?

Lauren: I saw Smoke out here last night…waiting for the order to kill you…I deleted it when it came…

Lex: AC put a hit on me?

Lauren: It said you set him up.

Lex grabbed her phone and called Moresco’s cell.

Officer: Hello

Lex: I need to speak to Moresco.

Officer: He can’t talk but I’ve been waiting for your call…

Lex: Who is this?

Officer: I’m officer Kent Davis…Internal Affairs.

Lex: I really need detective Moresco.

Officer: Well he’s hurt pretty bad…

Lex: Did he get AC?

Officer: Ma’am….

Lex: Did he kill him? I need to know…my safety is at stake…he told me to call….

Officer: Don’t worry…You’re safe…we just need you to tell us everything you know about the sting operation from last night…Where are you?

Breathing a sigh of relief for a moment Lex finally felt like her nightmare was over. Just before she said too much she remembered Moresco’s strict orders to keep the assignment between them so she hung up quickly.

Lex: AC is dead….

Moresco: If I don’t get a straight answer there is going to be a problem….I’m having some amnesia….

Officer: We can’t talk about his status right now…we need your cooperation….

Moresco: You have him in custody? Give me something to go on!

Officer: I can’t….but we can take your badge and gun…6 officers were wounded on this operation…and new evidence shows that you may not be on our side after all…

Moresco: I almost died for my badge! My partner died for his and you come here to question me? Huh?

Officer: We have to make sense of what happened here…

Moresco: I’ll tell you whatever you want to know….just tell me if he’s dead.

Lauren: Dead? When?

Lex: I guess last night…finally….I’m free…

Lauren: Look…I’m gonna convince smoke to leave but you better have protection once he finds out…he better not ever hear you had something to do with this!

Lex: Im protected….

Lauren: I just want Trey happy…I did this for him. You make him happy, really happy. Just don’t make me regret it.

(Hours later)

Trey smiled as he watched Lex walk out to his ride. As soon as she slipped in beside him she kissed his lips and crossed her legs wearing a naughty grin. It was like she belonged there.

Trey: Something is very different about you…what is it?

Lex: I guess you can say I figured a few things out….

Grabbing her hand, locking her fingers into his he sped off and they rode silently to their destination.  When the car stopped Lex looked all around but all she could see is stars.

Lex: Where are we?

Trey: I drive up here when I want to be alone….but now…I want to share this place with you.

Lex: Why me?

Trey: Why not you? Come on.

Stepping outside he slipped his arms around her from behind and pressed his lips against her neck.

Lex: I feel…so good…right now…

Trey: I’ve been looking all over for you….

Lex: What you mean?

Trey: sometimes when I’m just out here living and working I feel all by myself…even when people are all around me. You make me feel like I make sense….

Lex: I can’t even speak…you took the words right out of my mouth…

Trey: Now that I got you….I just want to give you everything….

Lex: That’s funny…

Trey: Why?

Lex: (Turning to face him) Because out if everything…I just want you….

Wind blew into the sails as AC’s ship came closer to it’s destination in Puerto Rico. He grimaced while his business contact and close confidant, Lisa, bandaged his wound.

Lisa: Don’t flinch asshole….

AC: Why I gotta be all that?

Lisa: You so damn stupid that’s why!

AC: Did anybody see you grab me?

Lisa: No…I told you I have it under control. Nobody knows yet…not even Smoke.

AC: Good…keep it that way…

*Stay Tuned for another Trey and Lex Series coming soon!!!!!*