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10 Best Sex Tips

10 Best Sex Tips

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


Who can ever get enough of sex? Certainly not me.   

Let’s face it. We live in a world consumed by sex and it’s not going any where. Steamy sessions in the closet on your favorite primetime television show…*coughs Scandal*…SEX! Every other song on the radio…SEX! Reading fiction stories on sites other than Celeb LuvGasms…predictable, uninteresting, mediocre SEX. Stop doing that. You know where the spot to be is at!

Now I’m a strict believer in being the best in whatever you do. Often times those in relationships become too comfortable. BIG…HUGE NO NO! Be better than usual. Give your man/woman the unusual! If you don’t, you’ll find him/her getting the “UNUSUAL” from someone else. Watch the new movie “Temptation” starring Lance Gross if you doubt what I’m saying.

Tip #1

The best sex is always safe sex. Ladies don’t ever be ashamed to carry condoms. It’s not just the man’s responsibility to carry them. Its your body too, so go pick up a box of Trojans. For both men & women, don’t be afraid to use mouth guards before giving oral sex or refuse oral sex altogether until you genuinely feel comfortable. And certainly don’t be afraid to ask your partner to get tested for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. It makes you look responsible and in my opinion, someone worth sleeping with. Insist on tests and make sure you get tested too.


Tip # 2

Build anticipation. Don’t go straight for the gusto. Whisper in each others’ ears. Talk dirty. Flirt.  And when you do begin, describe everything you’re doing while you’re doing it. Tell her what you gone do.  Tell him how you gone take it.


Tip #3

Touching is the best foreplay. Don’t get right to business, take your time and soothe each other. This is especially good for first time lovers. This will help you both relax and learn each others’ turn-ons. Slowly and tenderly begin at the top and work your way down, stopping in the middle and massaging all the good parts.


Tip  #4

Listening is the best tale-tale sign on if your partner is enjoying them self or not. If all you hear is yourself breathing, you may want to look up and see if you’re causing pain or if they’ve fallen asleep. And never, ever, EVER stop doing what you’re doing if your partner is on the verge of having the big “O”. It’s nothing worse than getting there and it coming to a screeching halt. This is the 99.8% cause of domestic violence. Okay…well maybe not, but it sounded good.


Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they like. It’s better to get it right than to not care that you’re getting it wrong. Ask your partner how they like to be kissed, where they want to be touched, and if they’re satisfied. It should be everybody’s mission to completely satisfy their partner.


Tip #6

You don’t always have to “make love” to your partner. Let me explain. When I think of “making love”, I think of something so spiritual and so romantic that you get the sense that doves are circling above and an angel with a harp is playing a melody before you. Sex doesn’t have to always be sweet and romantic, or even full of fourplay. Those times when you feel a ravenous thirst for your mate, throw them down or up or wherever you want them and just have your way with them. ATTACK! Men appreciate that raw sex.


Tip #7

Keep things exciting. Act out your fantasies. Add a new position, sex toys, foods, games, etc. Have a quickie in an isolated spot.  Introduce a third partner if you’re into that type of thing. Watch a flick and act out the scenes. Records yourselves (advised only for married couples or couples in a monogamous, trusting relationship). Whatever you do, just remember to continuously spruce up things.


Tip #8

Ladies, men thrive on praise. Tell him how sexy he looks. Tell him how attracted you are. And when you’re making love, encourage him with your love sounds. He needs to know that he’s making you feel good and the only way that is possible is for you to give him an earful. Let it be natural and honest. Praise him verbally before, during, and after sex. This type of motivation will only make it better for you.


Tip #9

Perfect your oral skills. The tongue is a powerful tool!

Ladies, men are quite used to you licking the head and slowly inching the penis inside. Impress him by taking it all (or as much as possible) in with one swift swallow. He won’t be expecting that. If you can’t take it all in without gagging, use your hand to cover the base. Remember to pump simultaneously while sucking/licking. Additionally, often times the testicles are ignored. There are a lot of erogenous sensations in the testicles. Lubricate them as well. And remember to cover your teeth with your lips. Most men don’t like the feel of teeth on their genitals. And who says you have to swallow? After he ejaculates, you can spit it back out right on him. The choice is yours.

Fellas, women like to be licked and kissed all over down there. Take your time to wet her completely up. Push your tongue inside of her and fuck her with your tongue. Find her g-spot (a bean usually 2-inches inside the front wall of the vagina) and stroke it. When you lick her clitoris, maintain your rhythm. This is a great time to follow her queues. If her love noises are getting throatier and she’s breathing heavier, you’re getting her closer. You can speed up your pace but make sure you can maintain it.


Tip #10

Men, you may not be aware of this but a good majority of women do not reach an orgasm on intercourse alone. Don’t be offended by this. Women can still enjoy sex just as much as you from the friction and intimacy of intercourse alone. Now that’s not to say that they don’t want to orgasm, that just means that it still can be enjoyable without fully getting there. Ladies, feel free to touch yourself while your partner is inside you. Make yourself orgasm with his aid. Change positions to help you get there. Don’t be afraid of your sexuality or what he will think. All he wants is for you to get there too, so go for it!


Now go and have some GREAT SEX!

Author: Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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