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Trey & Alyssa Series 5: Flatline (Story Line B)

Flatline – Part 4 (Story Line B)

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

A Trey Songz Story

Written By AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Joselyn: D….You haven’t been giving me the whole story.

Damon: I told you what you need to know! This is for Britt…your best friend!

Damon shook his head and walked over to his easy chair and sat as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Looking at Alyssa he felt the anger rise inside of him as he thought about how she shot down his plan. It was as if she knew something he didn’t and he couldn’t stand it.

Joselyn: But you didn’t tell me who she really was or that she had kids! This isn’t right!

Damon: You in or out!? I can get another you in five minutes!

Joselyn: I’m in! I said I was in!

Damon: Then just do what I tell you.

Joselyn: How did Britt even get involved in this? This isn’t like her…she always had it together…why would she get mixed up in this mess?

Damon: Are we talking about the same Britt?

Joselyn: And how did this girl pull off this magic trick of faking her death?

Damon: When she wakes up I’ll let her tell it….I can’t without laughing.

Joselyn: This is funny!? Huh? This is a joke!?

Damon: Just that part….

Joselyn walked away and slammed the door to her temporary bedroom. She couldn’t let Damon get away with something so vile but she didn’t want to betray her best friend Britt, who stuck by her side through it all.

Natalie grabbed Trey’s arm with both hands as his private jet took off, burying her face into his shoulder. Trey couldn’t help but laugh at her helplessness and ran his fingers through her hair for comfort. Looking out of the window his mind wandered back to how close they came to to falling into each other’s arms like old times. The guilt he felt weighed a thousand pounds. He couldn’t move on just like that…not when he had given his whole heart to the one he lost, the one he felt was still with him.

Trey: I can’t believe you are still afraid to fly.

Joselyn: I’m not afraid to fly I’m afraid to fall.

Trey: I know that’s true….

Natalie: What is that supposed to mean?

Trey: Nothing…

Natalie: Trey…Thanks for doing this with me…

Trey: Something tells me Alyssa didn’t say it but she wanted it this way.

Natalie: This address….it’s familiar….I just can’t remember….

Trey: Before she….Alyssa was doing alot of research.

Natalie: Im sorry I pulled you into this and you can still barely say she….hell I can’t even say it.

Trey: I can’t say it because….well….I don’t believe it sometimes. I still feel her energy…it’s like she’s close but I just can’t see her. Got me all fucked up…

Natalie: It’s like that when you really love someone…

Trey: You know what’s funny? She never got cold. I was laying there, holding her, and she never got cold…it was like she just fell asleep.

Natalie: At least it was peaceful. No pain.

Trey: (removing his seatbelt) I need a drink…

Natalie: No more drinking Trey (Standing to her feet)

Natalie followed him toward the back of the plane shaking with fear as she took each step. Trey stopped pouring his drink and laughed before taking a sip.

Trey: Just sit down if you’re scared.

Natalie continued toward him until she could smell the alcohol on his cool breath. Taking his glass she tossed back his drink and sat his cup down with authority, crossing her arms. Trey poured another and guided her body down to a seat, placing it in her hand before walking off carrying the bottle.

Natalie: Trey….that’s bad for you.

(Hours later)

Joselyn had tears streaming from her face after hearing Alyssa’s story. She couldn’t believe what she had gotten herself into or what Brittany was up to for so many years.

Joselyn: I can’t believe…my best friend…tortured you like that!

Alyssa: I forgave her a long time ago. She needed help.

Joselyn: You got three babies at home that need you…I still don’t get why you did this.

Alyssa: I already told you enough. You have been really kind but as far as I know you work for him and I can’t take any chances talking to you….

Joselyn: I understand….but I want to help you. You have to trust me.

Alyssa: No I don’t….and I won’t trust you….

Joselyn: I got you something….(Handing her a phone) here….

Alyssa: But…

Joselyn: It’s mine…take it and call him!

Alyssa didn’t waste anytime calling the beach house but there was no answer. Calling the main house gave her the same result so she tried his cell as a last resort only to hear her son on the other end.

TJ: Hello…Daddy?

Alyssa: No…it’s not…where is he?

TJ: Mommy? Uncle Buggz!! Uncle Buggz!!! It’s mommy!!!

(Buggz in the background: Give me the phone…it must be your auntie Natalie)

Buggz: Hello? Hello??? Did you hang up?

Alyssa hung up and stared at the ceiling with tears rolling down her cheeks wearing a smile.

Alyssa: My boy…he remembers my voice….

Joselyn: Why didn’t you say it was you….they can send help… Get you outta here!

Alyssa: If it was that easy I would have never left them…I need Trey to fix this…and he’s off with my sister moving on.

Joselyn: He thinks you are dead!

Alyssa: It doesn’t matter!!! You saw them….

Joselyn: You can keep the phone…in case you come to your senses…just keep it hidden and turned off.

Natalie stepped out of the hotel room shower and spotted Trey laying across one of the beds, shirtless with his face buried in a pillow. He looked up at her just long enough for her to see the tears streaming from his eyes. Rushing over to him she forced him to sit up and face her.

Natalie: Go take a shower…IN YOUR ROOM…it will make you feel better.

Trey: Shit…I thought I was in my room.

Natalie: Trey…you gotta get up…

Reaching for his hands Natalie’s towel dropped and she quickly cupped her breasts. Trey stared at her frame and looked up at the pouty lips he kissed the night before and felt his body betray him again. Looking away he slowly stood to his feet before allowing his eyes to meet hers again, only this time all he could see was Alyssa’s face.

Trey: I love you….I missed you…

Natalie backed away but was stopped by the wall before he lifted her, pressing her nakedness against it with his chest. Lifting her chin he kissed her deeply and looked into her eyes, searching her for his soul.

Natalie: Trey…Im not her…you miss her…

Trey backed away and the tears returned. He let them fall while his eyes continued to watch Natalie’s.

Natalie: Let me get dressed…I’ll walk you to your room.

Trey: I don’t want to go spend another night without her…I can’t…

Natalie: Shit Trey! I hate seeing you like this!

Trey: I know she’s not gone…I just can’t find her!!! I just…can’t…find her…

Natalie grabbed a long t-shirt and covered her body before forcing Trey into the bed, climbing in next to him. Resting her head on his chest she wiped away his tears along with her own.

Trey: She’s coming back….I need her too bad…