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Power Trip

Power Trip

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

A Lance Gross Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)


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Didn’t think it was possible to be in love with pussy.  At least not just one…but I was in-love like a muthafucka.  I couldn’t shake it.  I craved it. My mouth watered for it. My dick twitched for it. I often had sleepless nights buggin’ over it.

It was attached to the baddest bitch in the game but she was scarce like a muthafucka with it. Rationing it out like it was a fuckin’ famine.  She claimed she was busy since she was in college n’ all, but I think she loved the power she had over me.

I knew I was open after my third sleepless night. It didn’t matter what I was doing…I’d drop it just to feel her walls close around me. Her pussy was like a drug and I was addicted. Shit…I was overdosing on it.

She’d text me with some slick shit like, “You got a screw driver?” And when I’d tell her yeah and ask her what needs fixing, she’d say something like her pussy need loosening.

Shit like that just fucked a nigga up. Had me wanting to wife her n’ shit.

When we’d go out to the clubs I couldn’t see nobody but her. Girls be tryna holla but I was frozen wishing somebody would press play. My boys laughing at me calling me whipped. I knew it was bad but they don’t know how good it was.

On the dance floor she moved the same way she fucked…grinding and slow winding on my dick. Rocking back and forth, lifting her leg, and backing it up on me.  She was sexy as fuck.

And when I’d get her to the crib she’d buss that thang wide open. She was limber… bussing splits and spreading them legs from one end of the room to the next. Bald, pretty pink ass pussy. It always tasted like strawberries. I could never just hit it. I needed to smell it, touch it, taste it, commit it to memory…

And when I’d get up in it…it was no better feeling. It swaddled me like a newborn baby. Warm and snug.

She was a screamer and a squirter.  Cussing me out in Spanish.

She always gave it right back to me. She was rough, slapping the shit outta me and scratching up my chest. When it would get too good, sometimes she’d even bite me.

I loved how I could toss her around the bed like a ragdoll, hitting it from the front, side, and back.

She was tight like she hadn’t been with many dudes. Her pussy would get so red the way I’d beat it up. That’s when she’d take me out and suck on it. She was my type of freak.

The last time I saw her was for my birthday. She texted me happy birthday and told me she had a present for me. I told her I’d pick it up before I go out with my boys. She told me to come afterwards. I got to her dorm at 3 something in the morning and she came out and climbed in the car.

She didn’t have shit in her hands so I asked her where was my gift. She lifted the fitted tee she had on over her head. On her right titty it said “Happy”, on the left it said “Birthday”, and above her navel it said Lance. Then she pulled off these tiny ass shorts and on her pussy mound was a red bow. I laughed.

She smiled but she was serious as hell. She pushed my seat back and unbuckled my pants. I was drunk as shit so all my senses were heightened. I was hard before she could even pull out my dick.

She twirled her tongue around the head and then sucked it all down. She gave the best head, bobbing and weaving on it. She popped her lips on it…pulling out and smacking it against her face. She wasn’t scared to slob and spit on it. While she kept it a slippery slope, I let my fingers roam inside. Shit she made my fingers wanna nut. From her pussy to my mouth, mmm…taste the rainbow.

She straddled me, pushing my dick deep inside. I had to close my eyes and lay back to accept that tight space.  She fucked me to the beat of the song playing on the radio. The tempo was crazy—the verses were fast, the chorus slow, and the bridge a medium pace. I couldn’t help but to notice how she danced on my dick. Each time she sped up I’d be about to buss, but then she’d slow it down and slow me down. FUCK!!! The way she teased me fucked me up!

Her hands ran through her hair as she swiveled her pelvis. Titties rocking, bouncing, and swaying.  Finally I got slick and rewinded the verse to keep it fast. She laughed but she didn’t lose a beat. When I did nut, I gripped her hips to keep it in. Thoughts of getting her pregnant and keeping her all to myself came to mind. I just wanted her…or at least I wanted that pussy.

That was the last time we fucked. She graduated and moved back home. I came into her city once to hit, but she told me she got a nigga now. I told her I was in-love with her but she laughed at me. She said she wasn’t buying it because so much time had passed, but damn I swear this is the longest crush ever. I wish she would believe me. I want her. Got me singing love songs n’ shit.  She got me…