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Friday, July 12th, 2013

An Usher Raymond IV Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Lemme get another round Larry.”


“One of those nights again?”


“Phew! Man, only if you knew.”


“I’m sorry to hear about you and Karen.”


“Thanks man.” Larry was cleaning out a glass as he was talking. Then he made my drink.


“It’s strange seeing the two of you in here, but not together.”


“She was in here recently?”


“Yeah, but I’m talking bout you being in here and her not with you.”


“Oh. Well, who was she in here with?”


“Um, Mikal and Robin. I don’t mean no harm, but she was in here looking just as pitiful as you are.” I gulped down my drink and got up. That was all I needed to hear. “You out man?”


“Yeah man. Catch you later.”


“Baw, you sure you straight to drive?” I pat the bar twice quickly.


“I’m good.”


I left out of there and stopped home real quick. I decided to freshen up before I went over Karen’s. I was going over there tonight! I ain’t care what she had to say about it. After I was all refreshed, once I got downstairs I called her.


“Come on pick up,”…paces the kitchen floor…hears…your call has been forwarded to an automated phone systemhangs up and dials the number again three more times. The fourth time she finally picks up.


“What!” She yells.


“Karen listen. I know it’s late, but I’m coming over.”


“No! I’m not falling for your games anymore Usher. You can’t keep playing with my heart like this. I can’t take it.”


“I’m on my way over there so we can talk about it, okay?” There was dead silence on the other end. “Okay,” I repeat. I hear her muffled pouts.


“I just wish things could’ve been different with us, but for some reason things were always happening. Do you really think that’s how loves supposed to be?”


“I tried my best Karen…just tell me what more could I had done?”


“Nothing more. You know why? Because we weren’t good for each other anymore Usher. I wish we were…I really do, but all we did was hurt each other…please just call it what it is…over.”


I held the phone quietly and heard her choking down tears. I knew in my heart that we been reached the end of this relationship, but just couldn’t let her go. I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I wanted to hold on to her for my own selfish reasons. I wasn’t even happy anymore after a while. I knew she wasn’t too, but six years is a long time to spend with someone then finally realize they’re not the one for you. I hated to admit that, but it was time to let her go. I just wasn’t ready for her to find happiness with someone else. I wasn’t even ready for it myself. I still needed her.


“Karen just let me see you so…” Then Sky walks in the kitchen, so I stop talking. I hurry up and hang up.


“Babe it’s late.” She turns on the light and pauses. “Did I just walk in on something?”


“Oh! Nah, I was done talking anyway.” She closes her robe and ties the belt.


“With?” I don’t say anything. Paranoia is all over her face. “Usher, who was it?” I still don’t respond right away. “That was Karen wasn’t it,” she grills.


“Sky, it‘s still some things that we need to iron out. That’s all I can say.”


She raises her voice out of frustration.


“Why can‘t you let her go!”


It turns into a yelling match.


“I have! You‘re here aren‘t you?”


She calms.


“But yet you still find a reason to talk to her.”


Truth be told I had no real answers for her.


“I need to go out real quick.” I grab my keys and start walking toward the door. Sky follows behind me.


“You just came in.”


“I know, but I’ll be back.”     


“Wait! I’m coming with you. Let me just go change my clothes.” I suddenly turn to face her. My look was stern and concentrated.


“You can either wait here or home, but I need to go out alone.” She glares at me and folds her arms.


“You’re going to see her aren’t you?”


Our eyes are both fixed in on each other’s. I try to remain calm.


“I’ll be back.”


I turn around and walk out the front door. I heard something slam up against it as I approached the car. I knew she was angry, but for some reason, tonight, I needed to see Karen. I knew it was late to be going over there, but I didn’t care. I just couldn’t let six years end like this. I know I was wrong for leaving Sky like that to come see Karen, but she knew what she was getting into. I didn’t make this a secret. She knew Karen was very special to me from the jump. She also knew I still had ties there, besides we were only dating.


I noticed when I got to her house there was an unfamiliar car in her driveway. My heart started racing even more.Who the fuck car is that, I wondered. I tried to keep my cool as I went to knock on the door. I knew I was just on the phone with her, so she couldn’t have had someone up in there while she was talking to me. That just didn’t seem like something she would do. I tried to put that thought out of my mind, but my patience was wearing thin as I waited for her to answer. I banged on the door again.


“Karen!” Instead of her answering, it was a dude. I was prepared for some fist action until I realized who it was. Luckily, it was her cousin Will. I made a slight frown at him. “Where’s Karen?”


“She up in her room sleep.”


He stood there trying to block me. I pushed past him and looked at him hoping he didn’t think he was trying to stop my flow.


“Usher man, won’t you just chill and talk to her in the morning. She upset right now.”


“Nigga I know. That’s why I’m here,” I said, and walked up the steps.


Karen was lying on the bed with tissue to her eyes drying them. I stood in the archway for a moment watching her. All that went through my mind at that moment is what happened with the two of us. Six long years and yet it’s like we never truly meant anything to each other. Suddenly she pops her head up and looks in my direction.


“Go home Usher.” I shut and locked the door before I walked over and sat beside her on the bed.


“I don’t wanna go home. I think I need to be here.” She sits up.


“Why? When is this cat and mouse game gonna end? I’m tired of it.” I look at her sincerely.


“I miss you.” She gives me a stare like she’s heard this all before. She shakes her head with her eyes focused in another direction.


“I miss you too, but we never had a real relationship. All we did was argue and end up hurting each other. We didn’t trust each other.” She looks back at me. “I’m really tired of being unhappy. Aren’t you?”


“Do you still love me?” She cups my face.


“I’ll always love you. Letting go of you is the hardest thing for me to do right now. That’s why I didn’t want you to come over here.” She takes her hands away and looks down.




“I knew you would do this. Make me want you. It hurts to feel this way when we both know how it’s gonna end up.” She lifts her head to face me again. “Go back home Usher.” She begs. “Please?”


I heard her plea, but for some reason something in her eyes didn’t match up. She goes to lay back down, but I grab her by the arm pulling her close to my face. Our chemistry no doubt was our best asset in that relationship. We both watch the other closely, hungry for what we did best. Without no more hesitations I kiss her knowing she wants me too. Our lips connect, our tongues immediately intertwine, tussling as we partake in each other. Both of us twisting our heads pressing fervently, getting the most out of one another.


Her body melts back into the bed and I follow her lead. The heat between us is one that can’t be contained. Whatever else may have failed in our six year relationship this was the one thing that we could always count on. Great adulterated sex. We peel each other’s clothes away not wanting our lips to disconnect, but we knew that was inevitable in order to remove our tops.

I took my sneaks off, so she could pull off my pants and boxers. She already was practically naked since she was in her night gown before I removed it. All that was left to be taken off was her panties. She eloquently slipped out of those and seconds later she was straddling me in her bed. This is what I missed. Her feel. I loved the way she rode me. I liked how her pussy hugged my dick smothering it with all her goodness. The way she worked her hips on it, and how she would press her hands in the middle of my abs lifting that ass toying with it, and grinding on it. Aw damn, I felt a purge coming on. She’s bout to make me buss.


“Cum to mama daddy…mmm…yeah daddy…you like that…huh…you like it?”


Her voice alone when we have sex turns me on. She knew it too. I didn’t want to cum yet. Suddenly she got up. That really fucked my head up. That was like pulling the plug on a game winning touchdown. I lost my juice. Instead she started jerking my dick with her hand before she put it in her mouth. She knows what her tongue does to me. The way it swivels on my head and laps up my shaft. This girl had my body feeling electrifying. The energy was empowering. It was circulating again. She had me sweating profusely. I was hoping I didn’t short-out and blow my fuse in her mouth just yet. All I could do was grab her head and push my dickhead into her mouth even farther. It felt incredible. Then she stopped again.


I knew she was ready for her turn, so we traded places. She laid on her back and I got on top. She likes to put her legs on my shoulders and get fucked that way. I touched her pussy first with my fingers teasing her hole for a minute. Then I dipped down and gave her a clit a good teasing with my tongue before I eased my dick in her. I was dealing with high-voltage after that, a sexual danger zone. I pulled on her hips and stroked her nice and slow, jolts in low doses so she wouldn’t blow her fuse. She already had me too close to my peak and I wasn’t ready to fall over, nor ready for her too. Her moans were getting louder and louder. My pace was getting faster and faster. Her legs drop down to my sides. I leaned in forward with my chest to hers careful not to put too much of my weight on her body. She puts her arms around me and we kiss until I hear the sound of her sweet voice, faintly.


“I’m cumin’ baby…Ahhh…Ahhh…Ah yes….”


In that moment we climaxed together. I couldn’t help but to put my weight on her for a minute after that. She lovingly put her hand on my head and started rubbing it. There was that dead silence again, but this time it was for a better reason. Then her voice interrupts the moment.


“You know this doesn’t change anything right?”


My mood instantly changed.


“Why you gotta ruin the moment by saying that?” I move off of her, lying beside her a bit irritated.


“Because Usher, you need to understand that I’m serious this time. I think we’ll be better off loving each other separately.”


Who was I kidding? I knew in my head, the one that I should’ve been thinkin’ with all along, that we both needed to say goodbye. It was my heart that took a lot longer to convince. 


“Can you at least give me tonight? I just need you one more time.”


She leans in and kisses my temple. Then she smiles.


“We gave each other six years of our lives. I guess one final night isn’t gonna hurt.”


She gets back on top of me ready for an encore. Karen and I shared a spectacular night. My morning on the other hand scratches head…well, it wasn’t so great once I got home. Sky was actually still there waiting for me. She never left. Man when I saw her face, I knew she had reached a Climax too. Oh. My. God.