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In The Middle

In The Middle

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written By Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“This the last time I let y’all niggas handle sumthin’when Cici ain’t available. Where da fuck we at?” I snapped.


Cici looks out the window first.

“Trey calm down. I think I saw a sign that said Zion, Illinois. The driver is trying to find out now where he went wrong. You could’ve called me and I would’ve at least found you a familiar driver while I was away. I don’t know why you didn’t call.”

“Cause, I was lettin’ you handle ya business without disturbin’ you.”

“Well, since we’re waiting here, I want to run into that book store and see if they have something I been looking for.”

“You ain’t gone find no man in there Cici.” She rolls her eyes at me. “I’ll be back.”

“Yo! Don’t be long or yo’ ass gettin’ left. I have no patience right now.” I say.

“Mmkay…snaps fingers…that’s what it is. You ain’t had none lately.”

We both started laughin’. Cici got out the truck. I decided to go in there too, and see if they had a bathroom. I told Buggs I wanted to check, so he accompanied me inside. Cici saw me and thought the driver was ready, but I told her I was lookin’ for a bathroom. She looks around, then shrugs clueless. She saw this young lady sittin’ snug in a corner at a table readin’ a book. She took a chance and asked her if she knew where one was. When she looked up, delighted to assist, the second thing I noticed was her beautiful smile. Then she realized that I, along with Buggzi was standin’ off to the side there. I had my sexy face on as I stared at her.

“How you doin’ baby?”

“Trey! Oh my gosh! Can I have a hug?”

“Damn right you can.”


I gave her the tightest hug smotherin’ my face in her neck. Her sweet fragrance had me inhaling extra hard, savorin’ her pheromones. I think my nostrils tickled her neck from them flaring so much, because suddenly she tilted her head and wiggled her shoulder laughin’.She pulls away from me. Then she turns and really observes Cici.

“I thought that was you, but I didn’t want to say anything and been wrong. The bathrooms are over there in the back.”

“Thanks, but it’s ya boy here who needs it, at least I think he needs it.” She says, eyein’ me suspiciously.

“Oh! Where are my manners? I’m AJ.”

She happily extends her hand to Cici and then Buggzi. They both say hello.

“AJ, I’ma run to the bathroom real quick and I’ll be right back.” I say, checkin’ out her voluptuous frame.



Me and Buggs walk off while she went back to readin’ her book. When I was done Cici caught up to me and told me that the driver was ready. I told her to tell him, since he’s on my time, I’ll be there shortly. I went back to find AJ. She was still in the same spot. I noticed she had a cupcake in front of her wit a candle in it. I didn’t see that at first.

“Is it yo’ birthday or sumthin’?” She jumps, grabbin’ her chest. I guess my sudden approach startled her, since she was all into her book. “I’m sorry baby. Don’t be scared. It’s only me again.”

She’s still holdin’ her chest, shakin’ her head at me, tryna calm herself.

“It is my birthday, but you’re trying to make it my funeral scaring me like that.”

“Nah, I would never want that, but baby Happy Birthday.”


“So where the cupcake come from?”

“The owner was nice enough to get it for me. Why?”

“Because I’d like to give you a birthday kiss.”

“I’d love one.”

She was about to get up, but I told her she didn’t have to move. I bent over to meet her face and gave her a nice, slow peck on her full lips. They were so damn soft, I didn’t wanna pull away. Then to see her face afterwards was priceless. She clears her throat.

“You do that very well.”

“I can say the same. So baby why you here at this bookstore on ya birthday? You should be out celebratin’.” I look around. “This ya ideal place to have a nice time?”

“No! I have no intentions of spending my birthday here. I came here to donate some books and when I got surprised with a cupcake from the owner, I’d thought I’d stick around for a bit.”

“You must come here a lot, niggas knowin’ it’s ya birthday.”


Her face lights up.

“I do. I really like it here and I love to read.”

“I see. Is that book as interestin’ as you make it look to be?”

When she smiles it’s amazin’. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“It is. It’s a trilogy that I’ve been reading. This is the last book, Fifty Shades Freed.”

“Mmhmm. That’s dat nasty shit. I don’t really do a whole lotta readin’, but I heard of those books. Standin’ here watchin’ you read makes me wanna have story time.”

“Well, maybe one day when you have the time, look me up. I can read one to you.”

“I prefer bedtime.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“How bout I take you out for ya birthday and afterwards you can read me a bedtime story?”

“Is that your way of trying to get into my panties, Trey?”

“I’m tryna get where ever you let me.”

“And why would I let you do that?”

“I think you like me. I also think you would have a nice time if you let me do sumthin’ special for you; have a real celebration, preferably with me.”

That made her blush.

“You just met me. Why do you want to do anything for me? And why should I go anywhere with you?”

“Whatchu scared?”

“You’d have to present a threat in order for me to be scared.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Let me think about it.”

“I prefer you didn’t. It’s ya birthday. Just say yes.”

“You have a lot of preferences I see. I have a few of my own, but we won’t get into that.”

“Why not?”

Then more people started comin’ in the store. I guess word got out that I was in there. Buggzi wanted to get me back in the truck before it got too bad, so he interrupted me about us leavin’.

“A’ight Ms. AJ, I gotta go, so you gone roll wit me later or what?”

“Sure, why not. What do I have to lose?”

“Don’t say that shit to me,” I say confidently. She laughs. “Gimme ya number?” I tell her.

“You can have my number, but don’t think for one second that I don’t have yours.”

That made me laugh. I liked that. She wrote it down and gave it to me. I look it over.

“Nice penmanship.”

“It is, isn’t it,” she says proudly.

“Don’t think I’m not gonna call you.”

“Well if you do I’ll answer, and if you don’t I’m still gonna enjoy my birthday.”

I called her once I got in the truck. I wanted to check the number.

“AJ speaking.”

“Oh, you better had gave me the right number.”

“I’m sorry, who’s this?”

She covers her mouth laughin’ quietly.

“You know damn well who this is.”

“See, you’re about to meet ‘click’, cussin’ in my ear.”

Chuckles “I’m sorry sweetheart. I just feel like I know you well enough that we can talk to each other like that. See, you got me feelin’ comfortable around you already.”

“You think it’s going to be that easy for you to get ass from me Trey?”

“Now my feelings hurt. Didn’t you hear what I just said to you?”

“Okay, I’m sorry. I misjudged you, so if it’s not ass you want, than really, what is it?”

“I just wanna take you to a place that you ain’t never been before. Oh, and that bedtime story. You said you’d read one to me, right?”

She agrees.

“I did.”

“So when I’m gone get it?”

“When do you want it?”

“Shid! I want it tonight if possible.”

“So what type of bedtime story do you want me to read to you?”

“I’ll let you pick. I like ya taste in literature already.”


I could tell I had her smilin’.

“And where am I reading you this bedtime story?”

“I still needa see what’s goin on. I gotta new driver right now and he ain’t all that bright I’m noticin’. Can’t even follow GPS directions n’shit, but when I find out the move I’ll be in touch.”


“Now, when I tell you when and where to come tonight, you gone show up, right?”

“First of all, if I’m going anywhere I better be gettin’ picked up.”

“I guess that’s one of your preferences, huh?”

“And that one ain’t shit.”

“Look who’s cussin’ now.”

She giggles.

“I just feel like I know you well enough that we can talk to each other like that.”

“Ha! Hahhh! Okay, usin’ my shit…biter.”

“Who says that anymore?”

“Aw, now you clownin’ me. Dat’s fucked up.”

This girl was crazy, but I really liked her personality doe. She seemed so cool and down to earth. She treated me like I was just another nigga that approached her. Not so much taken aback by who I am. I gotta admit when I first saw her, I wanted to bang that. What can I say, I saw her from behind and her ass was wavin’ at me. It was the first thing I noticed sayin’ hello. Then when she turned around and smiled, I got to see how beautiful she is. I had to take a chance. Lucky for me it paid off.


I needa talk to this driver. Figure out how far off track we are, so I’ll know how long I can be here and also plan for tonight. We were on our way to Chicago. I just got finish doin’ a show in Milwaukee. I was tryna get an early jump on bein’ there, so I could chill for a minute. At least that was the plan. I don’t know where this dude got us goin’, but now it’s lookin’ like the chill spot might be somewhere here tonight. At least his fuck up wasn’t too bad. I just got to meet a beautiful woman, and on her birthday at that. Shit, it’s turnin’ out to be a good day.


When she arrived I was lookin’ at a vision of love. She was my Lady in Red. She knew that was my favorite color and it really complimented her light complexion. I’m startin’ to think I’m the one that needs to watch out for her. She knew exactly what she was doin’ to me.

“Ms. Lady AJ,” I say, captivated. “You look beautiful baby.”

“Thank you, but why are you looking casual? I thought we were going out…not that you don’t look nice too, or anything.”

“Yeah, about dat. I had a hard time tryna find some decent spots that wasn’t so far out da way, but things still gone be cool doe. I gotchu covered.”

She finally walks all the way in my room. She runs her fingers along different pieces of the furniture as she explores it. I told her to make herself comfortable. The bedroom was separated by a clear screen partition. In there was where I had a surprise waitin’ for her. I told her I’d be right back. I came out serenadin’ her slow and soulfully wit a bouquet of Star Gazer Lily’s in one hand and a gift in the other.

“Hap-pee birrrth-day tooo youuu…Hap-pee birrrth-day to ooo yew-ooo…Hap-pee BIRRR…THDAY Ladeee…a-eeee…Jay…HAPPEE BIRRRTHDAY to-ooo-ooo…uooooo.”

She had her hands on her face; mouth wide open. The reaction I was hopin’ for. I sat the flowers down and gave her the gift, so she could open it. She was emotional. Her eyes had tears in ’em. I definitely surprised her.

“First, let me say, I loved the song. Thank you! The flowers are absolutely beautiful Trey. I love them!”

She takes the gift, but was so busy lookin’ at the flowers she wasn’t even thinkin’ bout what was in the box. Then she looks at me wearin’ a big grin. She kisses me tenderly. That was the last thing I needed. I had already been tryna undress her wit my eyes, since she got here. That kiss really had me feelin’ some type a way.

“Now open ya gift.”

She takes the small box that was professionally wrapped and tears the paper off. When she opened it, inside held a pair of Ruby diamond encased rain-drop earrings.

“What the fuck,” she shouts. She quickly covers her mouth, observin’ ‘em for a minute. Then she looks at me. “How’d you know that I would love both of these things?”

“I do my homework too. Go head, try them on.”

She takes her current pair off and puts the Rubies on.

“How do they look,” she asks grinnin’.

She models them movin’ her head back and forth.

“You make them look stunnin’ baby.”

“Okay, enough of the smooth talk. Your bedtime story is guaranteed,” she says, as she wraps her arms around my neck lookin’ me in my eyes. I put my arms around her waist and innocently laugh as I gaze back at her.

“What? I don’t know whatchu talkin’ bout.”

She gets serious.

“Thank you for the gifts. Those flowers are my favorites and I love the fact that you got the earrings in my birthstone color. You really are making this day more special than I could have imagined.”

“You’re welcome baby. You ready to eat? I got room service comin’ soon.”

She continues to look at me passionately.

“I’m ready to read you a bedtime story,” she tells me in a sultry tone.

I take my right hand and caress her cheek.

“And I’m ready to hear it.”

I lift her chin to my lips and they touch again. I suck greedily on her bottom lip. I was ready. My shit was fiendin’ for her. I couldn’t wait to get a taste. We didn’t even make it to the bed. Our clothes flew off right where we stood. The farthest we made it to, was the couch; her fallin’ back on it, and me on top.

Breathin’ heavily I ask, “Where my story at?” I continued to kiss and nibble on her fragrant skin near her collarbone, waitin’ for her reply. She grips the back of my head kissin’ on my neck. She faintly responds.


“Tell me a story,” I say to her, before my hands and tongue start massagin’ and suckin’ on her breast. She gasps, searchin’ for air.

“Right now,” she asks, confused.

I whisper.

“I don’t hear you,” still indulgin’ in her body. I wanted to hear her sexy voice. She started talkin’ as my tongue went to handle business in the middle of her love. I wasted no time gettin’ there. I French kissed her pussy lettin’ my tongue glide all over her clit. I whisper again, while I lightly rub my face on the top of her pussy. “Talk to me baby.”

She barely finds the words.

“Oh! Ohkay…Mmmthere…wha…uz…uhhh…uhhh…mmm…”

She started moanin’ enjoyin’ how I had my way wit her. I knew it was gone be hard for her to talk, but her body was speakin’ to me loud and clear. She was squeezin’ the shit outta my shoulders, but still tryna talk.


She was so wet, suddenly a puddle came oozin’ my way. I put my lips tightly to her love and suckled it down. I had her feelin’ so good she couldn’t get past “who” to finish the story. I thought a damn owl was in the room.

“Whooo…whooo…ooo…,” she murmurs.

She could barely talk. She had her legs crossed so tight around my neck, I knew she was about to cum. Her body vibrated as she screamed releasing her pool of nectar to me. I still didn’t stop. Every time my tongue probed every crevice and openin’ that could be prodded she had her thighs closin’ in on my face. I loved hittin’ her spot. It drove her wild. I could tell, not only from her smashin’ my face, but she also had her hands placed on top of my head. Every time I would hit it, she would constantly rub on it, diggin’ in my scalp n’shit, showin’ me her satisfaction. She’d tell me to keep it right there. I gladly obliged. I decided to fuck wit her and question her about the story…see if she could multitask.

“Girl, who what baby…tell me…did she wanna cum again?”

I tried to peek at her face between feastin’. She had her eyes closed. She was so in the zone, I could tell she didn’t really wanna say shit. She mumbles.


That was all I got. I stop fuck’n wit her. I put a condom on real quick, ready to let my dick get a taste of her middle. That first penetration sent me to ecstasy. I had her legs shakin’ and my knees nearly buckled. I was slow with my stroke for a minute, because of the way she had me feelin’. I was like putty. But she took over, movin’ her hips, workin’ her pussy in cirles all around my shit. Damn if she wasn’t moldin’ me. I knew it was a reason why I wanted to be in the middle so bad. There was a knock on the door.


I was too busy to say shit. Between her swallowin’my dick deep inside her love and grazin’ my face delicately wit kisses as I hovered over her, I was mute. They knock again.


AJ finally responds to them.


The aggression in her voice was like an Aphrodisiac. I was regainin’ my control. My stroke was now lookin’ like a Tiger Woods stroke, so pretty, like a hole in one. An Ace. Since I was a few strokes into it, I was about to get my eagle on. I had her one leg in the air as I got my rhythm. She was squeezin’ on my ass pushin’ me farther inside her. Things were really startin’ to heat up. No sooner than I put my stroke in full swing AJ was hummin’ like a little birdy again and spilled over. I kept it movin’. Her shit had me feelin’ invincible. I wanted to stay inside her forever. She might’ve been my Wonder Woman, but right now I was no longer feelin’ like Superman.


After more time went by, my body was startin’ to go out on me. Moments later, I had reached my peak and couldn’t hold on no more. The bomb went off and I exploded. Fuck’n boom! I was done. We lied there glued to each other. Her leg hangin’ damn near over the back of the couch, while I’m right smack In The Middle of her; head planted right on top her breast. I know my head was heavy, layin’ on them titties, but I was happy she didn’t tell me to move. Dem shits give new meanin’ to the word Snuggle. Both heads were thankin’ me right about now. Once again I’ve made everyone happy. What can I say, I know I’m the shit. I slowly look up at her.

“So um, whatever happened to the girl in the story…laughs a lil…you never finished tellin’me.”

She opens her eyes and starts laughin’ a lil too.

“She had a bomb ass birthday. THEE FUCK’N END!!!