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Amnesia – Part 17

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Lex (@LexingtonAve_)

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Chapter 17: the aftermath.


The events of yesterday and last night played in Lex’s head as she fixed herself some hot tea for her hangover. No ounce of guilt was in her veins as she thought about her actions with August. She knew August & Trey didn’t see eye to eye but didn’t know exactly why. She had never thought to ask Trey about the beef but now she was curious.

She was due to pick up Sanai in a little while from Mama April’s house. Last night was the first time Lex had been out clubbing and drinking since Sanai had been born. She thought she was over that whole nightlife but honestly she missed being able to throw a drink back and be careless for a couple of hours. Now her life consisted of play-dates, homework, and tea parties but she couldn’t complain. Sanai was truly the ying to her yang.

Lex saw the flooding text messages Trey kept leaving on her phone but she ignored them because since he didn’t bring his ass home last night…it was nothing they needed to talk about. She sat the island in the kitchen sipping on her tea as the front door opened.

He walked in the house looking like the aftermath of last night. Lex didn’t want to make assumptions but he was at the club with Lauren so she figured that’s where he was last night. He walked into the kitchen and stood next to Lex and tried to kiss her cheek but she moved.

“The fuck is your problem?” he asked.

She looked at him, “You..I swear you crack me up.”

He frowned his face up, “What you talking about?”

“Nothing… I’m tired of talking to you.” Lex got off the stool and walked to the sink but Trey grabbed her arm. He pushed her to the island and stood in front of her.

“Don’t you ever walk away from me when I’m talking to you.” He said in a stern voice that gave her body chills.

“Get off of me.”

He continued to hold on to her, “No. Now tell me what you meant, cause last time I checked I wasn’t a fucking comedian.”

“You! Sending text messages to my phone but couldn’t even bring your ass home last night. Then you walk in here trying to kiss me…I don’t know where your lips been.”

He stepped away from her, “You really trying to be smart.”

Lex shook her head, “No. I’m dead ass. I don’t know how you expect me to marry you…I really don’t.”

He released her arms and stepped back a little, “Fuck you mean expect you to marry me? It’s not an option anymore.”

She shook her and sighed, “In a relationship you make sacrifices…I can’t even count how many I’ve made. But you on the other hand only sacrifices you made was your time and thats it.”

“That’s not true.”

“Trey… just listen do a fucking second before you speak. You know how I feel about Lauren as a person but yet you still continue to not only talk to her but you still spend time with her too. Every time I turn around you two are together in the media and it’s driving me crazy. Like really Trey?” She folded her arms trying to hold back her frustration.

“But I’m not cheating.”

“I never said you was! But how would you feel if I was spending time with Najja or August? What if you logged on the internet one day or turned a page in a magazine and saw me with August… How would you feel? Especially after you expressed to me how you felt about him.”

He released a light laugh, “This is irrelevant. It wouldn’t happen because I wouldn’t let it.”

“Trey, I’m not Sanai. You have no control over what I do.”

He stared at her with serious eyes, “How much you want to bet?”

Lex truly didn’t want to answer his question right now so she remained silent.

Trey hopped on the counter, “Oh yeah, and the next time you embarrass me in public like you did last night… it’s going to be a problem.”

Lex frowned her face up, “Embarrass you? The hell you mean embarrass you. My actions don’t reflect you, and vice versa.”

“You’re the mother of my child and my fiancè…EVERYTHING you do reflects me.”

“See… you may be right but last night…in the eyes of the public, we had no ties to each other. Now I could see if the world knew I was your’s but they don’t so if anything I was helping you out last night. I helped you portray that I’m just your baby-mama and that’s it.”

Trey looked at her, “I never said you were just my baby-mama.”

“But you never defended me either. Trey I may not have a big spotlight shinning on me like you do but I’m still an individual. I still have a job as a mother, fiancé, and model to maintain.”

“Is this what all of this is about? Me not defending you when it comes to the blogs and shit?” He asked.

“Oh my God. No! What I’m saying is… DON’T ASK FOR SHIT THAT YOU CAN’T HANDLE. You see when you came in the house I didn’t even question your where-abouts. You wanted to keep our love a secret so don’t chastise me about what I do in public. I’m simply giving you what you asked for.”

He hopped off the counter, “Whatever Lex, You heard what I said though… Don’t let it happen again.”

Lex shook her head as he walked away from her. She tried to think of ways that she could make him see what he was doing to their relationship. Not only was he draining the love that was present, he was also testing the little bit of trust she had left.