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Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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3 yrs later


“Baby do you have enough meat?”


“Yeah mumma, it’ll be plenty to go round for everybody.”


“When is your brother coming? I tried to call him, but he’s not answering.”


“Oh yeah mumma, I talked to Trey. They on their way now.”




Mumma watches Tierney as she’s playing wit all the other little kids at her party in the park.


“I look at Tierney, Trevor and can’t believe how much she’s grown. Look at the legs on her. She’s gonna have height just like you.”


“You can’t believe it? I still remember changin’ diapers and feedin’ her baby food. Now she eatin’ table food and usin’ the toilet.”


Mumma laughs.


“You’re doing a wonderful job with raising her son. I’m so proud of you.”


“Thank you mumma. You know it was rough there for a minute; times when I thought I wasn’t goin’ to be able to do it.”


“I know, but you’re doing it.”


“I couldn’t have done it without you and Ms. Sullivan…really everybody that’s been important in her life. Y’all have been there for her when I wasn’t. I’m grateful mumma.”


Then Tierney pulls on mumma out of nowhere.


“Grenma it’s my birthday!”


Mumma picks her up.


“I know baby!” She tickles her. Tierney laughs so loud as she wiggles in mumma’s arms. “You having fun?”


“Yes. I was on the slide with nana. Daddy’s gonna slide with me once he’s done he said.”


“Would you like for me to slide with you till he can?”




“Okay. Come on. Trevor, I’m going to take Tierney on the slide.”


“A’ight mumma…Aye Tier, save daddy some rides.”


“I will daddy.”


“Aye Trev, where the drinks at? The adult drinks,” asks Reese.


“Man this a kiddie party you ain’t drinkin’ here. Don’t worry doe. I gotchu later.”


“This dude always ready to sip on something,” says Jay. “You ain’t at the club nigga.”


“I’m just trying to enjoy myself just like these kids are,” says Reese. “Trev what you done gave these kids man? They hype as shit!”


“Nigga that’s three year olds for you.”


“They asses running all over the place. You put some gin there juice?” Trev and Jay starts laughing at Reese. “I want what they got…they turnt up!”


“Reese, you need to lay off the liquor man,” says Trev jokingly.


“You picked a good spot to have her party that’s for sure. They can entertain themselves. Look at that lil nigga over there. He think he superman right now running around flying n’shit.”


Trev had to get away from the grill to laugh. Jay was doubled over.


“Trev, man why you invite this dude man?” This nigga crazy! He don’t belong around no kids man.”


“Who did invite you?” Trev curiously, but playfully asks Reese.


“Tierney told me to come because she wanted a gift nigga.”


“You got her a gift?” Trev asks.


“Yeah, it’s right there wrapped up in that brown paper.”


Trev looks over at that particular gift.


“Man, is that a grocery bag?”


Jay was practically on the ground laughin’.


“Look man, I ain’t have no wrapping paper. That’s the best I could do. She ain’t gonna be worried about the paper anyway. Jay where ya gift at nigga you doing all that laughin’ n’shit?”


“She know I got her later.”


“What’s in it?” Trev asks.


“I got her a doll baby. She plays with dolls right?”


“Yeah.” Trev smiles. “I appreciate dat man. Now if it’s some crazy lookin’ shit she ain’t playin’ wit it…just lettin’ you know.”


They all laugh again.


“Can you believe she three already man?” asks Jay.


“Nah, I can’t.” Trev stares at Tierney while she’s playing wit mumma on the slide. “That’s my baby doe. We came a long way in these three years that’s fo’ sho’.”


Suddenly Jay and Reese notice some ladies headin’ in their direction.


“Yo! Who is that?” asks Reese.


Trev looks up real quick.


“Oh that’s Christina, Auburn and Dior. They work wit me at the airport.”


“It’s like dat Trev? You not even gonna tell me about these women?” says Jay.


They finally approach and all speak to Trev as he was on the grill. He hugs them all, but hugs and kisses Dior on the cheek.


“Where are we putting the gifts?” Dior asks.


“I been havin’ em put in my car since the table is full.”


Reese clears his throat. Then he coughs.


“Oh, Reese, Jay this is Christina, Auburn and Dior.”


They all speak to each other. Then Dior looks around.


“Trevor, where’s the birthday girl?”


“She’s over there wit mumma playin’ on the slide.”


“Where’s Trey?” She also asks.


“He’ll be here.”


We had finally arrived at the party. I decided to get on the grill and give Trev a break so he could spend some time with Tierney. He was pushing her on the swing.


“Daddy is…is mommy up there?” Tierney asks, pointing to the sky.


Trev stops pushing the swing. He stands in front of her.


“Tier, who told you that?”


“Nana said mommy was up there in hayven.”


“It’s heaven baby.”


“Is she going to come down to my party daddy?”


“I’m afraid not baby, but you know if she could, she would be right here in front of you just like I am.”


“She can only watch me right daddy?”


“Yeah baby.”


“I watch mommy too. Nana has pictures like…like you daddy.”


“I know. She has a lot of pictures. You look a lot like ya mommy you know that?”


“Yes. I wish mommy could swing with me too daddy.”


“So does mommy baby. You ready to swing some more or you wanna get off?”


“Can…can Ms. Dior swing with me daddy?”


“You want her to get on here too?”


“Yes. Than you can push me and her.”


Trev smiles.


“Okay. I’ll call her over here.”


Trev got Jay to get Dior’s attention and told him to have her come over to where they were. She stops in front of Tierney.


“Hi Tierney! Happy birthday!”


Tierney bashfully smiles.


“Tier say thank you.” Trev tells her.


“Thank you.”


“I don’t know why you actin’ all shy. You wanted her to come over here.”


“Don’t you look pretty! I love your hair. Can I have your long ponytails?” She smiles, but shakes her head no. “So, you wanted me Tierney?”




“What is it sweetie?”


Tierney just smiles without saying anything.


“Tell her.” Trev says.


“I…I wanted you to swing with me.”


“I’d love too!”


Dior gets on the swing and Trev starts pushing the both of them.


“Wee!” screams Dior.


“Weeeee!” Tierney repeats.


“I’ll swing with you anytime, okay?”


“Are you going to be my new mommy?”


Trev and Dior both look at each other. Dior lets her swing slow down since Trev stopped pushin’ her after that question. He wasn’t rushing into anything, but besides Myah, Dior was someone that he’s been spending a lot of time with. Trev was finally startin’ to open up to the possibilities of love again. Dior’s been around Tierney quite a bit these past three years so she was familiar with her. She looks at Tierney.


“Sweetie your dad and I are just friends. You know how you are friends with the kids here at your party?” She shakes her head yes. “Well, I’m his friend and I’m your friend too, okay?”


“Okay. Daddy I need to use the bathroom.”


“I knew that would be comin’ sooner or later…all the juice you been drinkin’.” Trev picks her up from the swing. “Come on. Let’s go to the bathroom.”


Dior walks with him.


“Do you want me to take her in there?”




“Yay!” shouts Tierney.


Trev waits outside of the pavilion for the both of them to come out. There was a railing on the side that faced a wooded area with nothing but trees. Trev leans on the rail lookin’ towards the sky and talks to Chante.


“Another milestone baby. We got a three year old now. I hope you approve of the way she’s growin’ up. She’s very intelligent for her age doe. She askin’ more and more questions every day, but I make sure she knows all about you. She misses you…so do I. I just want you to know that no matter who else I may have in my life, I’ll always love you. Till we meet again.”


Shortly after, Dior comes out of the bathroom with Tierney. Trev turns around. She runs back over to him all excited.


“Now I want to get on the bouncy thing, daddy.”


“Baby don’t you want to eat? I think you should eat first.”


“Oh kay,” she whines.


They all walk over to where the tables were and Trev starts to gather the parents with their kids so they can eat. While he was fixing her plate I was playin’ with her. She likes when I let her sit on my shoulders and bounce around wit her. She has the cutest giggle. I love it.


“Do it again uncle Trey!”


“I think ya dad has ya plate ready.” I try to sit Tierney down at the table, but she doesn’t want to let me go. “I promise I’ll do it again once you get done eatin’ okay?”


“Okay.” She finally lets me sit her down. Then she grabs my left hand. “Can I play with that too?”


She tries to twist my ring while it’s on my finger.


“I don’t think ya Aunt Michelle would like that too much. Look, you see all that stuff over there?”




“That’s plenty for you to play with, as soon as ya dad says you can open them, okay?”


“Yay! Okay uncle Trey.”


“Now go head and eat.”


Then Michelle calls me over. She was sittin’ at the table too, but down on the end.


“You ready to eat baby?” I ask.


“You mind?”


“Of course not. You relax.”


“Trey where’s Jordan’s burping cloth?” Mumma asks.


“It should be in the bag.”


Michelle heard mumma ask me for it.


“It’s in the carrier.”


Mumma notices the carrier on the bench. She takes the cloth and put it on her shoulder. Then she puts Jordan on it to burp him.


“He is so alert. He’s just looking at everything,” she says.


“He is alert,” agrees Michelle. “He stays up for a while, but he’s a good baby though.”


“Yeah, most two month olds sleep all the time,” says mumma. “At least Tierney did this young.”


“He’s been up since we left to come here. He should be falling back to sleep soon.”


“So how have you been feeling…mommy?”


“I’ve been great. To be able to walk around again and not be on bed rest anymore, I’m wonderful.”


“Baby here’s ya plate.”


Michelle kisses me.


“Thank you baby. You gonna sit down and eat with me?”


“I was gonna go over there with Trev and the fellas for a bit.”




I go over to mumma and look at Jordan. He was all wide eyed lookin’ around wit his head bobbin’. His little hand was balled up on mummas shoulder. I gave him a pound.


“That’s daddy’s little legend…huh Jordan.”


I was so happy and proud to be a husband and a father. Jordan was definitely a miracle baby. His full name is Jordan Tremaine Neverson. My lil JT, but Michelle wants me to call him Jordan, so he’ll know what his first name is. She had to stay on bed rest for the whole pregnancy. I’m so thankful that Myah was here. She was a huge help. She took over for her at the bakery and then checked on her at home afterwards. Me and Michelle now live at her house and Myah stays in the duplex where I stayed. She couldn’t make it to Tierney’s party because she had planned a trip and was away. She did give her a present before she left doe, but she’s always given her somethin’. She spoils her, even more now since she lives right above them. I kissed my lil man and then joined my brother.


Me and the fellas got to talkin’ for a bit and then it was time to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl. Michelle was now sitting on my lap. Trev was behind Tierney with Dior standing beside her, and mumma was still holdin’ Jordon, standing on the other side of Tierney as she blew out her candles. This family has been through a lot. Endured a lot of struggles and been tested like never before, but the one thing that’s never changed and has remained constant has been God. He’s given us faith, love, and the ability to know that we can’t run our lives by ourselves, which is why we humble ourselves and give him all the glory today. Life ain’t always gonna be easy, but in the words of my mother-in-law we know that GODS GOT IT in his hands. You just gotta believe.


The End