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Zoe Saldana

5 Senses

Monday, February 10th, 2014

A Zoe Saldana Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)


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I love the way that he loves me. It’s like a rainbow after a storm, a total lunar eclipse, a shooting star…it’s something of a phenomenon, rare and one of a kind. It’s a love that supersedes all sorrow, fear, and regret. A love that I never realized I needed or even missed for that matter. I didn’t look for it. Never even wanted it, but now that’s it’s here I am forever changed and could no longer live without it.  I’m not sure how I ever functioned without it. I can feel it from head to toe. I can even feel it in my bones. It’s the greatest love of all time.


Have you ever had a love that you could see, smell, taste, hear, and even touch? It’s so overwhelming that it infiltrates and digs deep to your core. That’s exactly what I have…a love that penetrates all 5 senses…



I forgot to close the blinds the night before. I squinted, adjusting my eyes to the piercing sun rays. He lay facing me still sleep with his back towards the window. He slept on top of his praying hands and the brightening room seemed not to faze him. I smiled, listening to his heavy breathing. He slept so peacefully. His thick eyelashes reminded me of the bristles in a hairbrush.


I didn’t feel like getting out the warmth of our bed to shut the blinds so I snuggled a little closer and allowed his body to block the direct rays of the sun. I laid my head onto his pillow and pulled the white down comforter up to our necks. He shuffled his feet, let out a heavy sigh, and then continued his serene slumber.


I leaned in and placed a soft kiss over each eyelid, and then I used my thumb to straighten out his eyebrows. His right eye twitched and his nose wiggled. I pulled my hand back, moving it to my chest and relaxing my head on his pillow. I watched him sleep. His eyes began to shift underneath the closed lids and then they slowly opened. His light brown eyes smiled good morning to me.


His mouth replicated his smiling eyes and he groggily spoke, “Good Morning Baby.”


I returned his smile and then placed a slow, long peck on his lips.

When our eyes met again, his eyes were low and sensual.


I grinned in anticipation. I knew exactly what that look meant…morning love…



“Zoe!” he called out.


“Coming!” I replied.


I came from out my art studio with a paintbrush still in my hand. Once I turned the corner, I saw him turning up the volume on the stereo. He walked over to me and took the paintbrush out my hand and stuck it in an empty vase.


“Come dance with me,” he said as he extended his hands.


“I’m a mess…I hav…”

“You are stunning,” he interrupted as he put his right arm around my waist, lifted my hand up to his left shoulder, and rocked us back and forth.


I put my chin on his shoulder and allowed him to sweep me away. The song coming through the speakers was orgasmic. I felt my body getting weak in his embrace. Jeremih sang:


Tonight I’ll be your waiter

Tonight I’ll be your waiter

Tonight I’ll be your waiter.

Let me, let me serve you all night.

I assume you know what to say.

Tell me baby girl what’s your craze.

Tell me baby girl what’s your name.

Lord. It don’t even matter I’ll still serve you up a platter.

Baby, tell me what you like from the side.

Tell me something that’s caught your eye.

I’mma make sure it’s right on time.

Aw! You’ll have no more stressing,

If you simply sit and let me be your waiter.

Let me fill your cup, till you’ve had enough.

I can be your waiter.

On or off the clock

You know you can have whatever you want to.

I’ll do whatever you want to.


He nudged my head from his shoulder, making me look up at him. In a deep, sensual tone he said, “Let me serve you all night.” Music to my ears.



He left me standing in the center of the floor. I watched him walk back over to the stereo and turn the volume up slightly. Then he took me by my hand and placed a soft kiss on top. He led me to the bedroom. My stomach began to knot up with eagerness. It was something about his touch that made my body yearn for more.


He began to unfasten the few buttons on his dress shirt that I managed to secure. The shirt flung open and he took a step back to take my body in. I had on nothing underneath except some black lace panties. He made me blush as he cocked a half smile while tilting his head to the side in admiration. I chuckled and grabbed him closer. He put both his hands on my collar bones and moved them up to my shoulder making the shirt fall off my arms. His hands came down the length of my arms and I shivered. His touch made chills come up my spine.


His piercing gaze left me motionless. All I could do was stand there and take his lavish traces. His hands went to my hips and up my back. He pulled me in close, bending to lay his head on my breast as he squeezed me. He took my breath away with that embrace. I wrapped my arms around him and twisted my fingers in his hair. I gave him a sweet kiss on the top of his head just to be swiftly lifted and laid on the bed. His lips and hands simultaneously moved up and down my body. When he got to my panties, he stood up and slid them off. I lay looking at him looking at me looking at him.


He flashed me that million dollar smile again and then began to undress. When he had finished undressing, his eyes went straight to my yoni…



“It looks so good that I have to taste it,” he half grinned.

I opened my legs and fingered for him to come hither, “It’s yours.”

He fell in between my thighs and began to lap me up. His long, thick tongue took deep, lengthy strokes. He made my yoni weep.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned.

He lifted my thighs into the air and went faster. Using his lips he pulled my folds apart and licked every crease. He pushed my legs further back slightly lifting my ass from the bed as he pressed his tongue inside my love. I gripped the sheets as he invaded my senses. In and out his tongue went, making me lose control.

“Sh…sh…shhhhh-it!” I screamed as I came.

My body twisted. I grabbed handfuls of his hair and he quickly removed them while mumbling something I couldn’t make out.

He didn’t let up, but instead he changed positions. He pushed his index and middle fingers inside me and rotated while his tongue worked my clit to oblivion. My body kept bursting and he kept tasting. I felt my body getting faint. Every time I tried to grab his hair, he would move my hands. He wouldn’t let me stop him like I usually would. Each orgasm was more intense than the last. Finally, I blacked out…



I swallowed and then wiggled my nose before blinking my eyes open. I smelled the sweetest aroma. Earth. I heard a spray of water before piecing all the clues together. He was in the shower using the Kyoku body wash with the Earth scent that I bought him. It was a rugged smell for my rugged man. He worked in construction and was good with his hands…in more ways than one. His smell was the reason I loved to wear his clothes. His smell was the reason I could hardly get out of bed in the morning.

I stretched my hands to the ceiling and then poked my feet from underneath the covers. I climbed out of bed and entered the bathroom where he was. He was rubbing his hands through his hair as he washed it. The smell of shampoo complimented the rustic smell of his body wash.

He had a tight ass, one to be admired. His entire body was well sculpted, made out of pure perfection. I stood watching him as he rinsed the soap out his hair. Suddenly he turned around and spotted me instantly. I covered my grin with my hands. He smiled back and then opened up the glass shower door. With an outstretched hand he signaled for me to join him.

I walked over and stepped in. He ran his hands through my hair and tucked it behind my ears. With his arms around my shoulders I placed my head on his chest and pressed my body close to his. His moist flesh made my stomach fill with butterflies. And when I inhaled, all inhibitions were lost.

I bent to my knees and took his shaft in my hand. I stuffed it between my lips, puckering and sucking on it.

“Mmmm,” he groaned as his dick began to enlarge.

Earth raided my nose as I slurped up every inch of him. Sucking, sucking, sucking on that lollipop. He pulled my hair and fucked my mouth. I sped up and massaged his balls. He moaned louder. I hummed louder. His body leaned to counter the effects. I stretched further to give him the full affect. The water was now hitting my face head on. I held my breath as it blocked my airway. He was still fucking me hard and like a bobble head I performed. Tit for tat…he was losing.

I sucked him in one more time until my jaws collapsed, suffocating his dick. He squeezed and pulled my hair hard as he squirted and slid to the bottom of the shower.

I wiped my mouth and then sat in between his legs with my back facing him. He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my nose in his armpit.

“I love the way you smell,” I whispered.

“Mmm, I love the way you smell too…and taste…and look…and feel.”

“Mmhmm, but do you like the sound of my voice?”

“It’s the sweetest melody.”

I smiled as I dug my face back into his arm. He loved me with all his 5 senses…the same as I loved him.