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August Alsina

I Love This Shit

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

A August Alsina, Trey Songz, & Chris Brown Story

Wirtten By AJ  ( LadyAJ03)

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A cloud of smoke was released from my lips while I leaned back and watched her walk past me with her nose turned up. Faded. She had two handfuls up top and fat round thang in the back with the smoothest brown skin I’ve ever seen. With a drink in one hand she let her body flow to the beat. She must have felt my eyes because she turned and met my stare. I looked away and inhaled some more of that good shit, choking a little before exhaling in her direction. Her long curly hair bounced as she came closer. I though she was coming over to me but she spotted two of her girlfriends and walked right by me like I wasn’t there. I stood slowly trying to catch my balance and let the light hit off my ice just right. You woulda thought my shit was shining like the bat signal the way they came running. I smiled and kept the liquor flowin and just like I thought that thick thoroughbred came close enough to smell my breath.

“August right?”

“That’s me.”

“Chyna. Came to support your performance earlier. You killed it! Didn’t know you would be here.”

“Is that right?”

I looked her up and down before taking her by the hand, pulling her in close enough to whisper in her ear.

“Let’s leave.”

She but her lip and looked off like she needed time to think. I knew better. The look in her eyes gave me my answer long before we spoke. I leaned into her again, grippin a handful of that ass.

“I bet I can kill that too.”

“Don’t talk shit you can’t back up.”

“Like I said…let’s leave.”

I don’t remember saying much after that. When we got to the hotel she started strippin her clothes off in the doorway. I made her stop and do it slow so I could watch. Her body was the truth. She danced real slow and I just leaned back and unbuttoned my pants before pulling off my shirt. She climbed on top of me and tried to kiss my lips but I went for her neck instead.

She smelled so good. She didn’t waste anytime moving down my body, taking me into her mouth.
I held her head while she got my dick super wet before climbing on top of me. Starting off slow she worked her hips and them pretty titties bounced in my face. I sat up and held her close, attacking her neck while she bounced faster and faster. Her moans were so sexy.


I loved how she sang my name. Loved the way she rotated her hips even more. She got me so well and felt so good in my arms. Flipping her onto her back I put her legs on my shoulders, digging deep into her cream. Her mouth was gaped open and her eyes widened every time I pushed myself inside. “Fuck!” “August!!!” and “Don’t stop” mixed with her sexy ass moans drove me crazy. I was so fucked up I could barely keep my balance but I dug her out until she tapped out.


I walked up behind Chasity and grabbed her by the neck, forcing her to stare up at me. She was a nice fuck I always ran through when I found myself in Atlanta. The look of terror on her face excited me. I loosened my grip and she snatched away from me crossing her arms.

“Fuck Trey! You scared the shit outta me!”

“You said you missed me…”

“You said you were in L.A., liar…”

“I was….and now I’m not.”

I walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. No makeup on and she looked perfect. Wearing nothing but a t-shirt it was like she was ready just for me. I pulled her in close and put my hands between her legs. Just as I leaned in to taste her lips her phone rang.

“I gotta take that.”

She turned and bent over to find her phone and I watched her perfect ass call out for me.

“I’m not doing anything baby…when are you coming home?” I heard her say.

It was her nigga. Just disrespectful. Gripping her hips I plunged into her from the back slowly and every time she went to speak I hit that pussy hard.

“I…..gotta a……oooohhh….go…”

“Yeah…tell that nigga you gotta go!”

She thought she hung up but I saw the call was still active and decided to give that nigga a show. I grabbed the back of her neck and hit it even harder.

“You my bitch?!”


“Who pussy is this?”

“Yours Trey!!!!!”

“You luh this shit!????”

“Yesssssss!! Godddaaaammmiiittt!!!”

She arched her back and I slipped in even deeper. She was hugging my dick so tight I could barely stand and handle all that thick ass. And I was only halfway in. She started pushing back on me and talking shit so I decided to make her take it all. She tried to run then.

“He don’t get this deep do he? Don’t run!! Take this dick!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Trey!!!!!”

I made sure I slayyed that pussy before I pulled out. But I wasn’t done.

“Come show daddy you miss him.”

She turned around slowly, dramatically dropping into a squat before pulling my dick out. Wrapping her full lips around me sucked me in halfway before twirling her tongue.

“Don’t play with it…suck that shit…”

She was being too cute so I wrapped her silky locks around my hand and pushed my way down her throat. She took me good, slobbing all down my shit.

“That’s it baby…don’t stop.”

I made my way deeper, fuckin her pretty ass face. She tried to stop but I wasn’t ready for it to end.

“Yes! Like that…that’s a good girl..”

She new I was getting close so she turned up the nasty, and I found myself unable to hold back anymore. I came all in her mouth and she swallowed me down, sipping on the tip milking out every last drop.


“I can’t Chris. Stop.”

That’s what her mouth said but she didn’t push my body away as my lips moved from her neck to her breasts.
Years of keeping me as the friend left me with a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to feel Keiko every since the day we met All Star weekend a couple years back. Looking up into her eyes I stopped briefly just to take in her gorgeous face. Those same Asian and black mixed features that drove me crazy then made me want to take all of her now. A night out for drinks turned into this so I knew it was now or never. My attention went back to her full, mouthwatering lips. Devouring them with my own, I watched her continue to protest.

“Chris…shit. Stop.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her uneven breaths and torn clothing from where I stripped her.

“This isn’t fair to Tony….what about us? We can’t….I can’t.”

“I can.”

“You can what?”

“I can make you forget him.”

Before she could speak Again I kissed around her breasts before moving to her her belly ring. Making my way south I tugged at the last article of clothing that formed a barrier between us. Pulling her panties off with my teeth I kissed her kitty quick before looking back up at her face. Her expression went straight to excitement even as she fought to maintain composure. Flicking my tongue across her clit slowly I covered her with my mouth and sucked softly. She tried pushing my head away and even tried closing her legs, but as soon as I started making figure eights with my tongue she started rubbing my head and spreading her legs wider.

“Still want me to stop? Huh?”

She couldn’t speak. Could barely breathe. She was almost there. Almost right where I wanted her. She screamed and tightened her legs, gripping my face. I let my tongue sing to her like “la la la la la…” until she reached pure ecstasy. Then I kept going until she started running from me. She curled her body into the fetal position and I came up behind her slipping in from the side. She was so tight. Biting down on my lip I slow stroked her whispering in her ear. Sucking her neck in her favorite spot.

“Do he make you feel like this? Huh?”


“You love this dick? Tell me.”

“Yes!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!”

I let out a throaty grown when I felt her spilling all over me. As her sex sounds changed so did mine, like the perfect melody. Something about her innocence made me wanna punish her. Bending her up I hit harder until I couldn’t take her anymore. We made love until we were drenched in eachother’s sweat and once I finished I slipped out of her and held her close.

“Did you forget him?”

“Forget who?”