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Inhale – Part 1

Monday, February 10th, 2014
An August Alsina Story
Written by Lex (@LexingtonAve_)

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“Ms. Ford, Mr. Alsina is here to see you.” Looking up from her laptop, she smiled at her assistant of two years.

“Send him in Zoey.”

Today marked her two year anniversary of working here at Phaedra’s Law Offices  in Atlanta, Ga. Being only 21 years of age she had accomplished more than other women have in their lifetime. If you asked her, she would tell you it wasn’t easy. Growing up in Akron, Ohio was hell on earth. Akron is a small city near Cleveland but very few opportunities were available, everybody knew if you wanted to make it…you would have to leave.

So right after she graduated Magma Cum Laude from Kenmore High School, she was on a coach flight to Atlanta, Ga with a full scholarship to Clark University. Never did she imagine graduating a year early with her Bachelors Degree in Paralegal Studies with a job two days later.

With all of her success, came loneliness. No man, no kids, and very few friends. Her mother called her a ‘work-aholic’ but in her defense she’s just trying to secure her future. Don’t get her wrong, she would love to come home to a man and cuddle but these niggas down south didn’t have standards. Plus, after all of her hard work… she REFUSED to settle.


She pressed out her black matte pencil skirt, making sure she pulled it down to her knees.

“Come In…” She called out as she stood in front of her desk. Crossing her right leg in front of her left she smiled as the door opened showcasing Zoey again.

“Ms. Ford, This is Mr. August Alsina…” Her eyes were too hooked on his appearance. Of course, She knew who he was… he was the hottest new thing on the R&B scene. Not only did he have an voice of a angel but he also was very professional, like her in a sense. Which made her think this would go a lot easier than she thought. . .

Boy was she wrong.

“Ahem!” Zoey said breaking her assumptions.

She extended her hand, “Hello, Mr. Alsina. I’m Brittany Jones.”

He smiled, “Please, just call me August.” His New Orleans accent complimented him well.

She smiled at him, “Thanks Zoey, I got it from here.” And with that Zoey left Brittany alone with August to seal the deal.

Taking a seat in her black chair she crossed her left leg over her right thigh and smiled, “Well, August. What’s the reason you’re here today?”

“I need a dope lawyer. You know I’m a entertainer so I need someone who has my back when it comes business contracts and things.” He said simply.

Her tongue slithered across her candy coated red bottom lip, “Alright, well Phaedra is one of the top entertainment lawyers in Atlanta. You’ll be in good hands.”

A frown displayed on his bronzed face, he asked. “Wait, you won’t be my lawyer?”

A chuckle slightly escaped from her mouth, “No, I’m just a paralegal.”

Bitting his bottom lip, his hand traveled slowly across his chin. “But what if I request for you to work directly for me?”

“Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. Anything else we need to discuss or should I email everything to your manager?” She asked. Feeling the wetness form between her thighs she knew she had to get him out of her office quick.

“You can email my manager.”

“Alright, the secretary at the front desk will give you a appointment card. You will need it when you come back to meet with Ms. Phaedra.” Brittany said as as pushed her chair back to stand up.

Joining her he asked, “Alright, Brittany right?”

“Yes?” She answered.

He stepped a little closer , “I would be a fool to leave your office without saying this but… you’re so beautiful.”

A small smiled displayed on her face, “Thank you Mr. Alsina.”

Grabbing her hand and rubbing it with his thumb, he looked into her eyes. “I told you call me August…”

Feeling her panties becoming moist she gently removed her hand from his grip and showed him to the door. “Okay, Well August I hope your future experience with us will be a great one.”

Reaching her office door, he turned around and bit his lip. “With you around, trust me it will be.”

“Yo, nigga she was beautiful as shit. Like she has to be foreign or some shit.” I said as I inhaled the weed from the blunt.

Trey, his older brother figure/friend laughed. “Nigga, relax. From what you told me though, shawty didn’t seem to interested in you.”

Passing the blunt to Trey, “Nigga who wouldn’t be interested in me?”

“I’m just saying. . .” Trey said shrugging his shoulders.

“Hopefully I’ll see her again when I go back in two weeks to see my lawyer.”

“Whatever nigga. She’s probably already wifed up.” Trey said. August knew a girl like her couldn’t have been single. Her aura was too beautiful to not be shared with someone special.

“That doesn’t has shit to do with me.” August knew his affect on woman.

He knew Brittany would be no different. Yeah, she played the professional role well but he saw the way she crossed her legs, the way she licked her lips at him… he knew she wanted him. Everything inside of him wanted to lay her across her desk and fuck her senselessly. He knew he would have to approach her differently then how he would approach other girls. No matter how long it took… he was determined to get her high.