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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Monday, February 10th, 2014

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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I sat on the sofa with my feet curled underneath me flipping through a magazine. I looked up when I heard Brian walk through the front door. He looked back at me and kept walking, heading into our bedroom. He closed the door behind him.


We were in a bad place. We didn’t even talk anymore. We were like strangers co-existing in a house that was no longer a home. I knew it was just a matter of time before he left me. Things had got really bad after my last interaction with Lloyd. When I made it home Brian looked at me as though he knew it. I didn’t make matters better…I behaved like a guilty woman. I went straight to the bathroom to shower. He came in when he heard the water running. I was in the middle of undressing when he grabbed me and smelled me.


I pushed him away and asked him what he was doing but he gave me the most intense look that sent chills up my spine. He grabbed me hard by my arms and began to sniff my neck. I stood paralyzed as his nose went down the length of my body. He stopped at my pussy and inhaled. I came to my senses and pushed his head away. He stood up, glared at me for a moment and then walked out the bathroom closing the door behind him.


After I showered and came out, he was lying on his side with his back towards me. I climbed in bed but was unable to sleep. My thoughts whirled. Since then our conversations have been short and to the point or non-existent. Worse of all, I hadn’t spoken to Lloyd either. I was so hurt by how he treated me that I wouldn’t call him…at least not first. I expected an apology by now but nothing. Not a text, not a phone call, not even a freakin’ email. My life was in shambles…


I put the magazine down on the coffee table and pulled out my cell phone. I went to Twitter and scrolled down my timeline. I saw tweets to Lloyd from his fans asking could they come, where their invitation was, and how delicious he looked. I looked at his timeline and he tweeted a picture of him in swim shorts with the caption, “I wave a few bottles then I watch em’ all flock. All the girls wanna play Baywatch. I got a pool full of liquor… #PoolParty”  In the background of his picture I saw a bunch of people in and near the pool. I got immediately pissed! That was his pool in the background. He was at home and hadn’t even called me.

I wanted to put it out my mind but I couldn’t. I loved him and I wanted him to stop behaving like he didn’t care about me. So I texted him…


“You’re in town and didn’t even call or text me? “


My iPhone showed that he read the text right away but he didn’t respond right away. It was over an hour later when he finally said, “U can come thru.”


I hesitated and then got up and went into the bedroom. Brian was propped up on the pillows watching TV. I opened my dresser and pulled out my bikini and grabbed some shorts and a t-shirt. I went in the bathroom and got dressed.


“My friend Maxine is having a pool party so me and Vesha are going,” I said to Brian.


“Mmhmm,” he said without ever looking at me.


I grabbed my purse and car keys from the dresser and walked out. I texted Vesha as I walked to my car that I was using her as my cover up.


I had to park almost two blocks away from Lloyd’s house. The streets were jammed with cars. I could hear the music a half a block away. People were hanging out in the front yard, all on the side, and inside the house. The front door was open so I went straight in. There were so many people there that I couldn’t spot Lloyd. I went out the patio doors towards the pool. People were dancing on the side while others played in the pool. I peeked through the crowd trying to locate him but nothing.


I went back inside and headed for his bedroom but he had a security guard sitting by the steps that wouldn’t let anyone up to the rooms. I asked him could he let Lloyd know that Samantha was here but all he said was that he’ll be down when he’s ready and you can let him know yourself.


I huffed and went back outside. I sat down on one of the lawn chairs and politely waited for him. I got caught up in the music and the fun everyone was having. They had a game of Marco Polo going on in the pool. I giggled at their play. Then a guy came and sat on the bottom of my lawn chair. I thought it was Lloyd until I looked up at his face. My heart gently broke.  He introduced himself and I shook his hand and introduced myself. I listened to him spit his game until suddenly Lloyd’s laughter caught my ear. I turned to look towards the sound and there he was hand-in-hand with some bitch laughing at whatever she whispered into his ear. He had a bottle of Patron in the other hand sipping in between words. I watched his hand loosen from her hand and go around her waist. It trailed from her hip and softly lain against her ass.


“Hel-loooo!” the guy said.


I looked back at him.


“You know Lloyd?” he asked, catching that my attention was on him.


“Yeah. I’ve been waiting for him. I have to go,” I said standing up.


“Wait,” he said grabbing my hand. “Can I have your number?”


“No, I’m sorry. I’m not single,” I said pulling my hand a loose.


My eyes went back over to Lloyd and he was staring back at me.


I crossed through the patio doors and out the front door, and down the two blocks back to my car.


The tears fell as soon as I was safely there. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to stay. I grabbed my phone and texted Lloyd, “Why are you doing this to me? This shit hurts. Are we over?”


It took about 20 minutes before he responded, “Where U at?”


“Down the street in my car.”


“I’m coming out.”


I started up my car and came around to the front of his house. He was walking out the front door and walked over to me. I thought he was going to speak to me through the window but he came over to the passenger side and climbed in. I drove off and parked back in my same parking spot.


The tears began to fall before I could form a sentence. When I turned to look at him he was staring out the front window not even looking at me.


“Lloyd I don’t know what is happening with us. I’ve missed you so much. We talk every day and for the last month nothing. Why?”


“You have my number just like I got yours. I didn’t get any calls from you either.”


“Why would I call you after the way you treated me? You fucked me and then put me out like I was some type of whore.”


“Well are you?”


I gasped and then folded my arms across my chest as I pushed back against my chair. The tears began to flow even faster. I looked out my driver side window trying to compose myself.


“I didn’t mean that,” he finally said.


I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked at him. He was looking down as he fiddled with his fingers before finally making eye contact with me.


“Sorry,” Lloyd reiterated.


“How can I fix things between us? I miss you like crazy.”


“Samantha we good. I know where I stand now. When you wanna fuck, hit me up and I’ll do the same. No more of that other shit.”


“What other shit?”


“Catching feelings, telling me you love me, telling me you miss me n’ shit. Nah…time out for that. Let’s call this what it is…a fuck…leftovers. I’m cool with leftovers…they be good too, but don’t be coming at me like you a fresh meal. You ain’t. Now…if you wanna fuck we can do that otherwise we ain’t really got nothing to discuss.”


I looked at him with tears in my eyes…torn. “Let’s go to your room,” I whispered. I needed something…anything…even if it was just a fuck.


As we walked to his house, he walked a few paces in front of me as though we weren’t together.


“Gone up to my room,” he said in a low, monochrome tone.  “I’ll be there in a bit.” Then he signaled to his bodyguard to let me up.


When I got to his room the bed was disheveled. I wondered if he had fucked that other chick up in there. I sat down in the chair on the side of the bed and put my head down. I no longer knew what I was doing. I fought the tears backs and swallowed deeply.


Lloyd walked in and looked directly into my eyes. I wanted to pierce him with the hurt I felt but he turned his attention to the bed.


“I slept in late…didn’t get a chance to make the bed,” he volunteered as he fumbled with the cover and sheets. “Anyway, you ready?”


I held my head down and looked away.


“Yes? No? Which is it?”


“Yes,” I murmured.


Lloyd pulled his wife beater over his head and pulled a condom out his nightstand and threw it on the bed. He lifted my arms up over my head and pulled off my t-shirt. I let my arms fall to my sides as I looked at his face. His eyes were on my chest. He pulled me up to my feet and unbuttoned my shorts. They immediately fell to the floor. His left hand held my waist while the other untied both the neck and back ties of my bikini. He gripped my titty with his hand and squeezed while simultaneously sucking my nipple in. I missed his touch. My eyes closed and I let my head fall back.


He gave both breasts the much needed attention they had missed. His lips trailed down my belly, lavishing my navel before continuing their descent. He pulled off my bikini bottoms and sucked in my clit. I propped one thigh up on his shoulder and grabbed a handful of his hair. His palms grasped my ass as he dug his tongue into my pussy. My hot lava flowed and I was on the verge of erupting. It had been too long. With another sweep of his tongue, my body began to quake and I started to lose my balance. His grip kept me from hitting the floor.


He nudged my leg off his shoulder, making sure I had caught my balance before letting me go. Then he reached down and removed his swim trunks. I just looked at his hard dick for a moment. It seemed like it had been an eternity since the last time I saw it. He grabbed my right hand and put it on it. That was the first time we really made eye contact.


I lowered to my knees and took it in. It smelled and tasted like chlorine from the pool. I sucked it aggressively, using his hips to brace me. Usually I’d hold the shaft to keep from taking too much in but this time I let the back of my throat be the brakes. I wanted to give him the best head I could. I wanted to stir something inside him. I wanted to make him remember…


I could feel him fighting to hold it in. I could even hear him trying to muffle his love noises. I wanted to break him…


He pulled away and took me by the hand, pulling me up to my feet. He turned me around and pushed me onto the bed. His hand went underneath my ass as he grabbed the condom from beneath me.


I watched him put it on and then he lifted my legs up and plunged in. I closed my eyes and let my love surround him. He hit my walls hard, beating them to submission. My back arched and I grabbed the sheets with both hands. I let out a heavy sigh and then squealed as I peaked. Lloyd continued to go strong, banging in and out of me. I grabbed his wrists that held my hips and squeezed. I could feel each vain protrude as he held me with all his might. I slowly opened my eyes and could see beads of sweat on his forehead. His mouth was partially open as he clinched his teeth. I huffed and puffed and gasped at how good he felt but my heart hurt knowing that our usual connection was missing. Over the last 8 ½ months, I had learned his body well. I wasn’t the only one anymore. He finally came but not as intensely as he usually did. He rested inside me for a couple minutes before pulling out and lying beside me.


My legs felt like Jell-O so I stayed in position for a moment longer. I felt emotional again but refused to let him see my cry for a second time. I got up and put on my clothes. When I turned to look at him he still lay in the same place with his legs still dangling off the bed. His arm was swung over his eyes. This was the first time we made love and never kissed. It was in that moment I realized it was because he didn’t love me. I really was just a fuck.


“Thank you,” I said before opening and closing the door behind me.