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Valentines Day Massacre

Valentines Day Massacre

Monday, February 10th, 2014

A Trey Songz Story

Written By Lex (@LexingtonAve_)

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Valentine’s Day

“Meet me after the show…”

Her red suede open toe heels clicked loudly as she walked the tiled corridors of the Foxwoods Casino. Biting her lip she waited for the elevator pick her up from the lobby, her nerves went into overload. Hearing the elevator doors open, she slowly walked into the elevator by herself. Sighing, as the doors closed she pressed the button that said ‘15’. Leaving her two best friends behind wasn’t something she was proud of but he gave strict orders to meet him…alone.

“Suite 1528… right after the show.” He leaned closer to her ear as he whispered heavily. “Don’t be late Alexandria.”

Just thinking of his breath tickling her ear cause a puddle to form in between her thick thighs. Closing her eyes she replayed all their previous encounters together…it was always basic. Nothing, more. Nothing, less. Their communication had always been very short, sweet and rare. For that reason being, she couldn’t understand why he wanted to see her tonight…February 14th…of all nights.

The metal doors opened showcasing a table and a mirror with a sign that said ‘15th Floor’. Stepping out onto the hallway she eyed herself in the mirror, she was beyond nervous. Running her hands through her 30inch weave, she tried fixing it to her liking. With it flowing down her 5’2 frame it wasn’t much she could do as the hair when past her round ass. Tugging on her mid-length cheetah print dress she sighed loudly becoming frustrated. The dress just wouldn’t stay down, every time she stood up her hips pulled the dress back up. She applied some more of her Pure Red Matte Lipstick from NYX Cosmetics and smile, she was ready. Glancing at her iPhone the time said, ’11:00pm’.

“At least he didn’t say a specific time.” She said to herself as she slowly made her way to his suite.

Standing in front of his door, she knocked lightly….


Knocking again a little harder….


Waiting for a minute, she began to feel foolish. She knew better, he was Trey Songz and she just a close fan. Her conscious started to pick at her saying ‘You should’ve just responded with a smart comment and stayed with your friends.’. With the way she was feeling at the moment her conscious couldn’t be more right.

Turning on her heels, the oxygen stopped flowing through her body when she heard his thick Virginia based accent, “Well if it isn’t my thunder thighs…”

Turning slowly she smiled, “Hey…”

Smirking, he opened the door wider, “Come in….”

She slowly strutted pass him, walking deeper into his suite she began to feel out of place. To her left was the living room like area with a couch, love seat and a table. On the table sat fresh chocolate covered strawberries with the label Godiva plastered on a note. A bottle of Moët sat next to the strawberries along with two pre-filled wine glasses. If she wasn’t confused before, she definitely was now.

Not paying attention, his big soft hands rubbed along her right arm as he stood firmly behind her causing her to jump.

“Trey, What’s all this for?” She asked pointing to the table with the delicious treats on them.

Grabbing her hand and guiding her to the couch, he looked at her intensively. “Sit.”

Sitting her clutch next to her she sat across from him on the couch, turning her body to him she asked again…. “Trey, What’s all this for?”

He chuckled as he eyed her, “I wanted to do something nice for you.”

“For me? Not being rude…. but why me?” She asked.

Biting his thick bottom lip, his eyes swept over her attire. “Don’t play dumb Lex…”

“I’m really not.” She said in all honesty. “My confusion levels are so high right now.”

Reaching towards the table, he passed her one of the filled wine glasses, “You already know I want you…and wanted you for a long ass time now.”

Sipping the wine lightly, she replied. “I had no idea Trey.”

“Really? I see the slick shit you say…. you know I’m always watching baby.” He said seductively as he licked his lips looking into her brown hazed eyes.

Matching his eye contact she shifted on the couch and placed her glass on the table. “That doesn’t mean anything. I’m just me.” She said laughing, “I’m not even your type.”

Raising his brow, he asked. “What’s my type then?”

“Model bitches. Usually light skin complexion with lavish lifestyles and always in someone’s VIP area. A bitch that’s looking for a quick come up.” She didn’t care how she came off, everything she said was nothing but the truth well to her knowledge it was.

A sly smile appeared on his face, “Wow.” In a mocking tone, he asked. “You think so?”

She shrugged, “It’s just what I see…”

He leaned back as he continued to stare at her. “Okay, Okay… so what exactly are you?”

Chuckling, she smiled. “Me?” She asked. “I’m just a educated young woman who rather do something my life and time than to follow you.”

Rubbing his thumb and index finger across his chin, he grinned. “Hmmm… so basically playing hard.”

“Nobody is playing…” Her words were cut short as he forcefully placed his lips onto hers.

Deepening the kiss Trey allowed his tongue to explore hers. Tracing her thick thighs with his fingertips he moved them up slowly until he found himself tugging at her panties. It was on and the heat between them boiled. She pulled back a little, trying to regain control but Trey had other plans. He wanted her to submit to him in every way. Pulling her panties down just under her ass he moved in close before pulling some more, moving his lips to her neck. She giggled before allowing a soft moan to escape her lips. With her panties at her knees he backed away and pulled them completely off, licking his lips, thinking about tasting her. Lex sighed with anticipation and threw her head back, closing her eyes tightly as his hands returned to her thighs. This time he was pulling her dress up, he wanted full access. Lex fought the urge to cover herself. She wanted to hide everything that made her feel vulnerable. She couldn’t see her body competing with the women Trey were used to. Noticing her insecurity, Trey posed her hands above her head and stood over her, with his eyes examining her frame.

“Don’t move. Let me look at yo beautiful ass.” Lust leaked from his mouth with every word he said.

Lex was frozen. She felt her breaths begin to quicken as he took a couple steps back, without breaking his stare. Grabbing a chocolate covered strawberry he started toward her offering her a taste. Lex reached her hand out only to get it swatted away.

He smirked, “No hands baby.”

Seductively taking the fruit into her mouth she sucked the chocolate off before biting into the strawberry juices, driving him insane.

“Fuck.” He groaned, as he watched her lick her lips.

Lex loved to watch his reaction. Biting her lip she started to cross her legs, only to have them forced open.

“Trey, I can’t cross my legs now?” She giggled.

“No…I wanna see her.”

Lex felt electricity surge through her body. Her legs began to shake as he moved in close and her lips trembled as he covered her lips with his again. This time he didn’t stay long before he moved his way down, unsnapping her bra. Her titties popped out and he quickly took them one by one, tantalizing her nipple rings before rubbing her clit with his free hand.

Looking into her eyes, he mumbled. “Sexy mufucka. I’m gon make that kitty purr.”

“Oh shit.” She moaned as she felt herself becoming wetter. With his voice and his touch, she was sure to be dripping soon.

Kissing down her belly slowly licking in circles, Trey moved to Lex’s inner thighs before kissing her clit softly. Rolling his tongue over it he french kissed her bottom lip and sucked softly, enjoying her sexy sounds that fill the room. Sipping from her body he savor in her flavor, tonguing her pussy, dipping his fingers in and out while she screamed.

“Sweet as fuck.” He mumbled onto her soaked pussy.

Lex desperately tried to catch her breath. Trey lifted himself up and smacked his dick against her pussy.

“Let me beat that shit up.”

Lex moved forward and dramatically took him into her mouth. Twirling her tongue on the head of his dick, she shook him to the core and loved every bit of taking her power back. Trey took the pleasure until it became too great and forced Lex to her feet.

“That’s it I’m fucking you!” He yelled at her sexually.

Bending her over Trey slipped inside of Lex and slapped her ass until he found himself deep while her walls hugged him tightly. Teasing her he pulled out and pushed back in until he was ready to break her down. Banging into her from behind he swiveled his hips and watched her cream all over him.

“Treeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!! Yasssss!!!!”

“Fuck!!!” He said, noticing how tight and warm her pussy was.

Pulling himself out he sat on the couch and pulled Lex on top gripping her ass cheeks while she rode him like a thorough bred. Sucking her nipples he groaned while Lex worked her hips on him. Looking into her eyes he kissed her lips before biting his in ecstasy.

“I’m cummmmmmiinnnngggg Treeeyyy!!!” She sung into the sex filled room. Feeling herself squirting onto his dick and stomach she screamed, “Fuuuuccckkk!!”

Feeling her grip him tighter as she reached a high, Trey lifted beneath her and banged into her hard until he let go and she collapsed onto his chest, dripping with sweat. Moving her hair from her face he forced her to look him in the eyes.

“You say you not what I’m used to, but maybe you just what I need.”