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Ordinary – Part 13 (Conclusion)

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

 A Trey Songz Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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I walked in his lavish office with mixed emotions. Happy ones, sad ones and even feeling indifferent. I’ve had too much time on my hands to think and reflect. I knew I had to pull it together and focus on the current moment as hard as it was to do. It was show time. He directs me to a chair.


“Ms. Lamarre, please have a seat.”


“Thank you.”


“I just want you to know you’ve come highly recommended and I trust that you’ll hold valuable to me in the absence of Isabel. I’m excited about working with you.”


“Thank you Mr. Maxwell.”


“I trust you’ve been briefed by my secretary, and brought in all the paperwork I’ve requested.”


“Yes, I have it all right here,” I say taking them out of my leather work bag.


“Just hold on to that for now. A few things I want to reiterate. Your work schedule is 8:00 am to 6:00 pm with 24/7 Blackberry. Your salary will be $100,000.00 with a potential to make more based on your performance and how long you’re with me in Isabel’s absence. And you’re comfortable with all the responsibilities that I’ll expect you to take care of correct?”




“Yes sir.”


“Great! Did you have any questions for me?”


“I was told to ask you what company car you wanted me to drive. Your secretary wasn’t sure which keys to give me.”


“Ah! Yes! We had a few of them taken to get detailed, but I’ll make sure you have the keys and a Blackberry before you go. Might as well start getting comfortable with that.” My cheeks curved showing an inkling of a smile, but for some reason I was finding it hard to get it together for this joyous occasion. I was handed this great opportunity and all I could manage was mixed emotions. “By the way how has your stay been this week? I’m sorry I had you waiting to meet with me for so long, but I got held up in Denver staying longer than planned.”


“Oh Mr. Maxwell, everything has been more than what I expected. The Four Seasons is amazing. You’ve been very accommodating in the meantime. Thank you.”


“It’s the least I could do. Well, if you’ll follow me I’ll get Viola to give you what you need. She can take your paperwork too.”


He took Viola aside and spoke to her privately. Then he came back over to me.


“Ms. Lamarre, enjoy the rest of your time back in Las Vegas while you’re tying up loose ends, and come back ready to work. I’ll see you in a week.”


He shakes my hand and goes on his way. Viola gave me a Blackberry and the keys to a SRX Crossover by Cadillac, then showed me where the company cars were parked. The keys went to a silver beauty. That moment was the first that day that made things really sink in. This was about to become my new home. I really was feeling alone. When I got back to my hotel room I called Sia.




“Come on girl! Get excited! You’re in New York City; THE BIG APPLE!”


“I know.”


“Okay! Don’t make me get on a plane and come there to beat your ass. WHAT’S WRONG NOW?”


“I don’t know. I guess I’m just lonely.”


“Well, how did your meeting go?”


“I got a company car, well given the keys for it, and meeting Mr. Maxwell finally was good.”


“Is he cute?”


“Yes and very married with children. The opposite of my life.”


“I’m gonna need you to be more enthused about what’s going on in your life Blanca.”


“I am excited Sia. Maybe once I start this new job my mind will be so occupied that I won’t have time to think about him.”


“You need to just give me his number. I’ll be nice… at first.”


“Girl no! Where’s Lee?”


“He’s right here sleep. It’s naptime for him. I’m surprised you can’t hear him snoring, but he’s so cute.”


I laughed. It made me think about Tremaine’s body lying beside me some nights. I quickly put that out of my mind.


“Well I’ll be coming back there in a day or two to finish packing up my bedroom and the garage. I have this room for the week so I may just stay until Sunday.”


“I think you should. Go out and have some me time in the city. You probably been in that room all week. You know what I say, get a new love to get over an old one.”


I smiled and shook my head.


“I’m done with you girl. I’ll call you when I’m back in town. Goodbye!”








“Shorty over there in the black and white striped bikini lookin’ right,” says Jay.


“Yeah, it’s a lot of ‘em I could say dat about.”


But in my mind right now, I only had eyes for one and it’s been damn near a week and still no word from her or Ms. Betty.


“Trey, put that drink down and come get in the pool with me?”


That voice broke my train of thought. I looked around to see if it was who I thought it was and I was right… Anita. I guess she wasn’t mad at me no mo’. She was bouncin’ around in the water waitin’ for me. I’m surprised I didn’t see her sooner. Jay says somethin’.


“It’s a trap man.”


Then he goes to finish minglin’. I finished my drink first and then ran and jumped in the pool makin’ a big splash by her. She thinks it’s funny and starts splashin’ me back, so I did it back to her. The next thing you know the ladies in the pool started gangin’ up on me so a few of my boys jumped in and started dunkin’ some of dey asses. That’s when it got mad crazy in there. Suddenly I’m smellin’ this fragrance on somebody that Blanca wears. I tried to follow it just to see who it was. I knew it wasn’t her, but I still needed to know who had it on. It lingered compellin’ me, so much it came to a point where I was goin up to women that I thought had it on and would lightly sniff near their neck. Some of ‘em laughed and others thought I was trippin’. Finally I found her. She was on her way to the grill so I followed her.


“Can I just stand close to you for a minute?”


She thought I was flirtin’ wit her.


“You can stand by me anytime Trey.”


“You smell good girl.” I take a closer whiff. “Mmm…”


“Thanks! It’s…”


“I know what it is.”


“How you know what it…” Then she stops in mid-sentence and turns to face me. “I forgot I was talking to Mr. Panty Wetter.”


“Nah, but I like dat fragrance on… I just think it compliments certain women’s natural scent and heightens it. Like on you.”


“I have it on my body other places besides my neck, if you want to smell there as well.”


“Oh you made sure to cover all basis huh? Tryna get niggas caught up n’shit.”


She giggles while tryna defend herself.


“No… But if it happens then…”


“I ain’t fuckin’ round. I’m finna get away from yo’ ass right now.”


I walked away from her at a fast pace jokingly, but really kept it movin’ and bumped into Anita again.


“Damn Trey, pay attention.”


“My bad baby.”


“Anyway why you leave me? I wasn’t done with you yet,” she says cozying up to me. I pull her arms off me.


“Come on now, chill wit all dat.”


“That’s all you seem to say to me nowadays. What’s wrong with you? You’re no fun anymore.”


“How’s dat when I was just playin’ witchu in the pool?”


“Something’s going on with you Trey, and I wanna know what it is,” she says puttin’ her hand on her hip.


“Girl I ain’t tryna hear dat shit right now.”


I threw dat ass right in the pool. Tell me I ain’t no fun. Then I walked inside the house and sat down on a metal chair since my shorts was wet. A bunch of people was in there chillin’ havin’ drinks. I got up, grabbed myself another bottle and relaxed. The young boy Keenan that recommended Andre’s to me saw me and sat down. We did the hand shake; showin’ each other some love and then he started talkin’ to me about Blanca.


“Yo man, did you like that joint I told you to check out?”


“Yeah, it was ar’IGHT. My girl had a nice time too; my date I mean.”


“Yeah, I go dare like when I’m wit somebody that I want some ass from. That spots a sure thing.” Dude had me crackin’ up. He nudges my elbow wit his. “Shit nigga you can’t tell me after takin’ a girl to a place like dat you can’t get lucky. I know you did that night, didn’t you?”


“Man, I ain’t tellin’ you my business.”


“That’s a yes. I saw dat girl too that you was out wit.”


“What girl?”


“Nigga I know you got broads, but damn! The one we was just talkin’ bout. The fine one that look like Halle Berry. Now that’s a bad bitch.”


“When you see her?”


“This was a while back at a party. Her and some girl was together. Y’all still talk?”




“Nigga you crazy. Ain’t no way in the world I would let a girl like dat get away.”


“Shit happens man.”


“Not wit her it wouldn’t. I’d do whatever she wanted me to do as fine as she is.”


My phone started buzzin’. When I answered it, it was Ms. Betty. She told me Blanca was back…








I came across my keepsake box of gifts from Tremaine that I stored away in my garage. I had put them there some time ago because it was just too painful to see them and reminisce. The funny thing is as soon as I saw it I started looking through it, and the pain hit me as if I walked away from him yesterday. Being back in this house and looking at his gifts just reminded me of how much more he was missed. They made me think about how he surprised me with each and every one of them, but they’re cherished memories now. Ones I’ll never forget. I started thinking about the last time I spoke to him and how hard it was to hang up on him. I wanted to return his call so many times, but I thought it would be pointless. In hindsight I wish I had retuned his call. I’m always left wondering what he had to say. What I wouldn’t give to have that moment back.


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with these reminders of Tremaine. It still hurt to hold on to them, but was even tougher to let them go. It’s been really hard to put him out of my mind. Something always finds a way to remind me that he was in my life. I never told him this, but Sia was right. I did fall in love with him, and since he’s been gone I have yet to move on. My heart is still so full of love for him, even though I fight with myself for it not to be. I try my hardest to act as if we never met. Like I can go on like before, but it’s no use. I can’t. I see him on my Twitter page at times. He’s there on my Instagram and the T.V. Pressing delete and changing the channel won’t make him go away. It doesn’t erase the way I feel and take away this emptiness he’s left behind in my heart.


It’s so hard for me to act as if we never met, because my life won’t change back to the way it was before we met. I use to think Ordinary was boring. What I wouldn’t give to not know any different. I sometimes wonder if this is my punishment for hurting Darryl. He came to me with his heart in his hand and I just sat on it. Crushed it like he was nothing to me, and here I sit feeling like I was nothing to Tremaine, since he wasn’t willing to give me what I wanted either. I can’t stop asking myself why to so many different questions. Things that I wish I had answers to, but I guess I won’t get, and may never know. It makes me mad, but unfortunately, not mad enough to let go. “I’m so pathetic,” I say as I seal my keepsake box back up. I needed a mental break. I walk in the house to use the bathroom. As soon as I come out I’m startled by a knock on my door. I get the shock of my life when I open it. I can’t believe it. It’s him. He’s here.








“Tremaine! Wha…What are you doing here?”


She backs away from the door watchin’ me as I just walk-in, movin’ her with me away from the door talkin.


“I know you weren’t expectin’ me, but you gave me no choice. Well lemme rephrase dat. Actually, I did have a choice and I chose to come here for you. I mean I always had a choice I just wasn’t sure…”


“Tremaine slow down…”


“I know. I can’t believe I’m up here ramblin’ like this too…”


“How’d you know I was even here right now?”


“I had Ms. Betty watchin’ ya house for me.” I look around it and notice its damn near empty. “Baby where’s all ya stuff at?”


“Well if you must know, I’m leaving. I’m moving to the East coast.”


“Damn! Looks like I got here just in time.”


“Just in time for what?”


I wrap my arms around her waist. She just lets her arms hang to her sides.


“To see ya face… I don’t care how far you try to move away from me Blanca, or not physically be in my presence, it won’t stop you from thinkin’ bout me, just like I know it doesn’t stop me from thinkin’ about you.”


“And it also doesn’t change the reality of the situation.”


“Says who? You?”


“No! You did! Remember? All or nothing!”


“I don’t feel that way no more.”


“So what exactly are you telling me?”


“… I’m sayin’ I don’t wanna miss you no more. I know it’s only you that I want. Blanca, I’ve been miserable without you here.” She looks away from me puttin’ her head down. “Baby look at me.” She gives me a sideways stare. “You’ve become so much a part of my life that I couldn’t see it until I couldn’t talk to you no more. I know you probably not gone wanna here this, but when I would talk to other women it was your face that I couldn’t stop seein’, no matter how hard I tried.”


“You’re right, I don’t want to hear that.”


“But that’s because it was so many things about you that I was missin’. Like the way you make me feel when you enter a room and I see that sexy walk that only you possess. Baby nobody else gives me that feelin’. Or the way ya body feels when we touch and how well you fit in my arms. I could never replace dat. I miss the crazy sex we use to have.” I stroke her face and smile. “How ya body language always seems to tell on you. Like right now, in ya mind I know you have ya doubts about me and what I’m sayin’ to you.” She smiles back. “I miss seein’ this beautiful smile appear; how gentle and delicate ya heart is and how I’m ready to take care of it. I just hope it still has room left in it for me to be the one to do it.”


“Awww Tremaine. It has a whole lot of room left. Baby I’ve never stopped missing you and wanting you with me. You’re all I seem to think about. Besides, it’s hard to not miss someone who use to fill a space that’s been left empty… till now.” She puts her hands on my face intently lookin’ in my eyes. “And baby the only man that could fill this space, would be you.”


I hugged her so tight holdin’ on to her. I knew all I had to do was see her to know if it was too late or not. Luckily, it wasn’t. Intimately we kiss then gaze back at each other.


“I love you.”


Hey eyes widen wit surprise and her smile grows even bigger.


“I love you too.”


“Liar. You on’t love me.”


She laughs lookin’ at me all crazy.




“I’m playin’ man. So you gone be livin’ on the East coast now huh? Just gone put even more distance between us.”


“Well, yes and no. I will be moving to New York City since I’ve accepted a position as a Personal Assistant to Mr. Maxwell the CEO at a financial company there…”


“But the East coast? I mean that’s good… don’t get me wrong. I know you work hard at whatchu do and great at it. I’m just surprised you pickin’ up leavin’ the West coast… so uh, what’s the no part?”


“It’s only temporary. My plan is to move back once Mr. Maxwell’s regular assistance returns from her leave of absence. It just won’t be here.”


I had got the biggest grin on my face.


“Why you play me like dat?”


She smiles.


“I wanted to see you sweat.”


“Paybacks a mufucker you know dat right? Now I’m bouta make you sweat.”


“You gotta catch me first.”


She takes off runnin’ like I can’t catch her ass. When she knew good and well she wasn’t runnin’ nowhere fast. She know she ain’t dealin’ wit no #ORDINARY nigga. I’ma beast #TRIGGA… a #SERIALKILLER. Finna give her somethin’ she’s been missin’… bouta have dat pussy wet, sprung, mad drippin’. Lips wide open noise far from a hum. I holler.



The End


Whoop! Don’t you hate a Ordinary nigga, I do!


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