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The Male Escort (Series II)

The Male Escort (Series II – Part 20)

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“SO SHE WAS CARRYING YOUR BABY?!” I felt so low as I sat there on the bed. I couldn’t even fully look at her while she stands in front of me cause I knew I hurt her. “UN-FUCKIN-BELIEVABLE!”

Her eyes scream at me just as loud as her voice while she stares at me. Ever since London got out the hospital she’s been stayin’ at her mummas house for a while. She was released once it was found that she was given a sedative and it didn’t leave any lingerin’ affects. For a while now she’s been pretty closed off and secluded. I could respect that after all she’s been through, so I waited some time before I decided to bring up the situation wit Heaven. I lift my head finally and hold her by the arms as I shamefully look at her.

“I know man, I know, and I’m so sorry to hafta to be tellin’ you this.”

Tears instantly drop from her eyes and trail down her face. Her voice has no reflection in it when she responds and her face expressionless.

“Not as sorry as I am to hear it… You wanted to hurt me too… well you just succeeded.”

I throw my arms around her waist leanin’ my face against it.

“No don’t say dat! Baby I never did this to hurt you! I never even intended on this shit happenin’.”

“But it did.” She yanks her body away. “And now you have a baby! A DAUGHTER TREMAINE!”



She walks away from me and stands over by the bedroom closet wit her back facin’ me.

“Look, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. I’m just havin’ a hard time acceptin’ all diss too. Baby the last thing I wanted to do was hafta come here to say diss to you …”

She turns her body around placin’ a hand on her hip lookin’ at me sharply wit her eyebrows raised.

“So what do you expect me to do? Huh? Forgive you?”

“Could you?”

She runs her hand through her hair in frustration and sighs.

“I don’t know… this is a lot to have to take in right now.”

As I’m sittin’ there my phone starts vibratin’. I didn’t answer it. A few seconds later it starts vibratin’ again. London looks at my pocket.

“Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

“Because what I’m doing right now witchu is more important.”

“That may have been true before you had a child, now she’s more important and it could be her mother calling you.”

“Well it ain’t ringin’ no more so…”

It starts vibratin’ no sooner than I said dat. I take my phone out to see who it is. She was right, it was Heaven.


Hey! I was calling to let you know that Serenity will be discharged from the hospital today. I just got the news.

“Oh yeah…”

YES! I’m so happy! Anyway, I just wanted you to know, so we’ll be home if you’re up to taking a ride.

“Ar’ight… I’ll call you back.”


London stands there watchin’ me talk the whole time.

“That was her wasn’t it?”


She just stands there starin’ at me wit her head shakin. I guess it really hit her cause the next thing I know she’s fallin’ to pieces.

“THIS ISN’T FAIR! SHE SHOULDN’T BE THE ONE WITH YOUR BAYBEEE! IT SHOULD BE ME…,” she cries. I go over to her tryna comfort her when she starts hysterically beatin’ on my chest. “YOU SAID YOU LOVED MEEE…  YOU KNEW… YOU KNEW THAT BABY COULD’VE BEEN YOURS AND DIDN’T TELL ME! YOU NEVER SAID SHIT!”

I finally get a grip on her arms as she’s swingin’ ‘em into me.

“I DIDN’T KNOW…” I defend … “LONDON… BABY…!” She was still movin’ pushin’ at me. “I THOUGHT SHE WAS LYIN’ … I SWEAR I DID!!!”

She sobs in my arms overtaken by hurt.

“You gotta baebeheheee…” she whines.

“Baby I’m sorry. I mean it…”

I hold her tight saturatin’ her face wit kisses. She forcefully pushes me away.’


“London, I do love you! And if I could go back and do things differently I’d do it over in a heartbeat.”

She gets spiteful.

“Well now you know what it feels like to want to take something back so bad, or not have the one that you love forgive you for it.” She goes to lay on the bed curled up still sobbin’. “GOD! Why is being with you so harrrd?”

I go and sit beside her.

“It doesn’t hafta be. Baby I know I fucked up and I’m sorry. Woman I’m here because of my love for you. London I’m ready for us to move forward together and I wanted everything to be out in the open. Baby I know you been through a lot lately and what I just told you doesn’t help shit, but I’m here London. Baby I’m here, and I wantchu back.”

“You can’t come here and expect me to be okay with everything that I’ve heard just because now you’re ready to have me back.”

“Why not? Why can’t we get through this together?”

“I don’t know how I feel about this yet Tremaine. You are responsible for a whole nother life now. This changes everything not only for me, but for you too.”

“It doesn’t change our love for each other… isn’t that all that matters?”

“I used to think that, but it wasn’t enough for you now was it,” she says stern.

She wasn’t lettin’ up.

“But you showed me different.”

She twists her neck pausin’ in my direction then rolls her eyes at me.

“And you showed me that trust mattered more!”

“Which is why I didn’t wanna say anything to you until I knew for sure.”

She lifts her head to talk to me again.

“You didn’t even tell me when she first came to you about the baby possibly being yours Trey. Whether we were together or not. You should’ve thought enough of our relationship to say something then.”

“It wasn’t that I couldn’t tell you London, it was a lot goin’ on at that time. I figured now would be the appropriate time for you to know.”

She sits up on the bed. Her eyes unforgivingly look at me.

“We don’t trust each other anymore Trey. You being afraid of how I may react or feel towards something so you find a way around it to avoid telling me. My being able to regain your trust and faith in me again without you looking at me remembering the mistake… I just don’t know about us anymore…”

“But I have forgiven you.”

She darts her eyes at me.

“Well I haven’t forgiven you!”

“Will you at some point?”

“I don’t know. But since we’re getting things out in the open… tell me Trey, are you ready to give up being an Escort completely this time now that you’re a father? Especially since you never really did it for me.”

“So you just gone keep throwin’ shit back in my face huh?”

“You don’t like what I have to say then leave.”

“Nah… say whatchu feelin’… go head.”

“You said it yourself. If you wouldn’t have taken the escorting job we would’ve had more time together and Rob wouldn’t have had the chance to interfere. And I’m not saying that to place all the blame on you. We both know who’s responsible for what, but do you realize that job has been a constant destroyer of our relationship? What type of impact do you think it will have for you and your daughters’ relationship?”

I get off the bed and walk to look out the window. Wit everything happenin’ I never gave anymore thought to my escortin’ being at the root. But she was right. That was the constant cause of things fallin’ apart, since the beginnin’ and I did need to make some changes in my life because I’m a father now.

“Lemme ask you somethin’.” I turn in her direction. “If it hadn’t been Rob, do you think you would’ve still cheated on me, or felt like you were missin’ out on experiencin’ someone else?”

“Honestly… I probably would still have that same feeling, but I can’t say whether or not it would’ve made me cheat.” I turn back towards the window quietly starin’ out of it for a moment. “What about the baby London? Did that just destroy any chance of us havin’ a relationship again?” London gets off the bed and stands beside me. I turn and face her. “Trey, I know we both have made mistakes, and I’m glad you told me about the baby. But with everything that’s been happening with us I think we need… I think I need some time to regroup, and figure things out. That’s all I can say right now.”

On that note it was no more to be said… just done.


Months later – The Wedding

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception right now is incredible. As I stand here and watch the one and only Brian McKnight sing to Regina and Raymond while they take their first dance as a married couple I’m filled wit nostalgia. Lookin’ at how happy they are together makes me miss havin’ that feelin’ in my life. It’s been difficult not being wit London anymore when I know now she’s all I want. She wanted her space so I been givin’ it to her.

I been in touch wit her mumma doe. She’s told me London’s been strugglin’ wit our separation as well, whether she’ll admit it or not. She said she tries to mask it, but she knows her baby inside and out and knows she’s hurtin’. I hated hearin’ that, especially when all I wanna do is be there for her… take all her pain away, but I can’t until she allows me to.

Word got around about what happened to her wit Rob, so her first day back to school her classroom was filled wit flowers and cards. He was fired and brought up on charges, so she won’t hafta worry about seein’ him there no more. I’m real happy about dat shit. I know she is too. Her mumma says all she does is work and volunteer for more work, which isn’t too unusual for her. She loves teachin’ there, and I’d hate for another part of her life to be interrupted because of him, so I’m glad his ass ain’t there.

But I hafta admit when you look at her now you’d never know that she’d been through somethin’ so traumatic just a few months ago. She walked in the church so poise and radiant, lookin’ stunnin’ in her outfit wit the most beautiful smile on her face, and a greetin’ for everyone. Ever since I laid eyes on her I can’t stop starin’ at her. My view of her was crystal clear too when I stood in front of the room beside Raymond. Watchin’ him hold hands wit Regina sayin’ his vows and her tearin’ up from hearin’ ‘em only confirmed what I already knew to be true in my own heart. I did get to speak to London after the ceremony, but it was brief.

Raymond suddenly dips Regina makin’ the guest buzz wit praise from his move and her reaction to it. I hada laugh too, which brought me outta my own thoughts. “Dat’s how you do it Ray,” I yell through my hand. He smiles back. He’s a good dude doe. I’m really happy for both of ‘em. They didn’t do too bad wit this yacht either. Thing is dope! Three levels. Huge dance floor on the current level we on; which is the second, and another one outside before the pool and additional bar area.

As I was watchin’ ‘em dance they called for the weddin’ party to join in. I scooped my partner up and hit the floor wit the others. Once that was over I decided to walk out to the outer bar to get a drink and some fresh air since it was a gorgeous evenin’ out here on the Chesapeake. The scenery man… breathtakin’. Matched up perfectly wit the day. Had a few of Regina’s friends comin’ over askin’ me if I was okay since I wasn’t inside wit majority of the others. Some too just wanted to make small talk. I ain’t wanna be rude so I chopped it up a bit wit ‘em before I excused myself.

As I was on my way to the bathroom I saw London smilin’ and laughin’ while talkin’ to some dude. It was good to see the light in her eyes again… and to hear her laugh. That really did somethin’ to me. I didn’t like the fact that it was takin’ place in the presence of someone else, but to see her smilin’ again was all that mattered.

I went and handled my business only to come back and see another dude had joined their conversation. Talk about an attitude change. Mine turned sour real quick. I walked back on the outer deck to get more to drink. Swallowed that back in seconds then picked up another. My chest felt tight all of a sudden like it was closin’ in on me.

“Can I have this dance?”

I turn around and it was like a weight had been lifted and I could breathe again. London standin’ there just gave me butterflies. All I did was smile at first. Then I sat my drink down and took her by the hand out to the dance floor. She straightens my tie before we start.

“You look very handsome tonight.”

I get my GQ pose on.

“You know how I do. Hada show out being the best man n’shit.” She laughs and clasps my hands to dance. “Nah, but thanks.” I give her a twirl closely examinin’ her. “You come up in here lookin’ sinful bringin’ out the devil in niggas.”

She giggles.

“I think I’ve had my fair share of devils for a lifetime.”

I cup her back as we dance.

“I’m sorry. Dat was a bad choice of a word.”

“Tremaine, it’s okay. I know you didn’t mean anything more by it.”

“I’m just glad to see you here lookin’ unscathed… you look beautiful baby.”

“Thanks! Although it has been rough,” she says wit a slight nod and bulged eyes. “Rob has taken enough away from me. I wasn’t gonna let him take anything else. I had to come. But enough of that… YOU… I was starting to wonder if you were avoiding me.”

“I could never do dat. It’s just been a lot of activity tonight… you seemed to be enjoyin’ yaself as well, and I ain’t wanna interrupt quite yet.”

“Oh so you were planning on interrupting my night at some point.”

“Most definitely. So you havin’ a nice time?”

“I’m having a great time.” We both get silent for a moment. As are faces are cheek to cheek I couldn’t help but to smell the scent of her hair and lingerin’ perfume. I wanted to kiss her so bad. I missed holdin’ her; being close like this and havin’ her in my arms.

“This yacht is amazing,” she says givin’ it a quick stroll wit her eyes. “Have you had a tour of this thing?”

“I’ve seen some of it. They have rooms for the weddin’ party and some of their family members if they wanna stay till the mornin’. So my things are up in the room I’ll be sleepin’ in.”

“Nice! Can you believe they had Brian McKnight singing to them? I would’ve been crying the whole time. Make-up would’ve been trashed.”

“Yeah, he real good friends wit Raymond’s family and you know he’s also Regina’s favorite singer too so…”

“That was a beautiful moment. But really this whole wedding has been remarkable.”

Without sayin’ a word I caress London’s face.

“As remarkable as this weddin’ has been nothin’ to me is more remarkable than you.”

As soon as I said that one of London’s bridesmaids Vivian comes and interrupts us.

“Tremaine, the photographer wants to get a few more pictures of the wedding party.”

“Ar’ight I’ll be right there.”

“NO! Go now! Don’t let me hold you up. Regina’s not gonna kill me,” London says hastily.

“Don’t think we done. I’ll be back.”

I walk off to go take the photos. London gets a drink and then leans on the rail gazin’ at the nighttime sky as she sips.

“You two look so happy together. I could tell he didn’t even wanna leave your side.”

London turns to see who’s talkin’ to her and notices it’s a woman she had a brief encounter wit when Brian McKnight was singin’.

“Oh we’re not together.” Her cheerful expression fades. “At least not anymore…”

“You sure had me fooled. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have been being nosy, but I just love, love. And seeing you two dance together and the way you looked at each other it’s no way you shouldn’t still be together.”

“He is a great guy,” she lovingly admits. “He’s one of the best.”

“I’m sure he thinks you’re something pretty special too, but I’m going to get out of ya business and back in my lane. I just know real love when I see it and I saw it in you two.”

“I see you’re married. Is your husband around?”

“He was at the ceremony, but he had a meeting to perform via webcam so he’s back at our hotel. I’ll be calling him once I’m ready to go.”

“I’m sorry he couldn’t be with you.”

“Me too, but a few hours apart from each other ain’t gone hurt much. I got him for a lifetime…” She notices I’m on my way back wit London in full eyes view. “But it was nice chatting with you. I’m gonna go head inside cause it looks like someone wants there place back.”

London turns around and sees me coming up. Whoever she was talkin’ to spoke to me in passin’. I politely speak before focusin’ my attention back to London.

“So where were we,” I say takin’ her glass out her hand settin’ it down. “Oh yeah dat’s right. I was sayin’ how remarkable you are.”

I go back to claspin’ her hands slow dancin’.

“Stop gassing my head up,” she says tryna be modest. “You have a knack for that.”

“I’m serious. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you all night. I can’t stop thinkin’ bout you either.”

She looks at me sincere.

“I can’t stop thinking about you too.”

To hear her actually say it back took me by surprise, but I was relieved to hear it. For some reason it calmed my nerves and gave me a good feelin’ about what I was gonna say to her.

“You know… ever since we’ve been apart I’ve been doing a lot of thinkin’…”

“Me too…”

“And I’ve come to the conclusion that I ain’t the same man without you London… and really how could I be when a part of me is missin’…” She gets emotional and stops movin’ to listen more intently. “You asked me if I was ready to give up escortin’ completely this time for my daughter. I am, and I have. Not only for her, but for the sake of all of us. I need you baby. Not a job, money, not even my daughter can take the place of what it is YOU do for me.”

“What about my feelings Trey? Will they get dismissed when a new opportunity arrives, or a decision concerning your daughter comes up? Or will you take how I feel into consideration.”

“I’ll always consider how you feel. Always! I can’t promise that we’ll agree all the time on certain things, but baby I promise to include you. I love you and all I care about and want in my life is you. I’ve lost you one too many times London and I won’t do it again,” I say as I produce a 4 carat Lucida cut diamond ring. London’s mouth drops along wit her tears as she stares at the ring perched between my fingers. “Baby I wanna spend the rest of my life witchu. Being there to love you, honor, cherish and take care of you… if you let me. I wantchu as my wife… London marry me.”

After the initial shock wears off she starts boo-hooin’ instantly. My heart starts beatin’ fast. I didn’t know if her tears was a yes or a cry of rejection until she finally manages to get her words out.

“I would love nothing more than to marry you Tremaine…”

“So that’s a yes,” I ask uncertain.

“Yes… it’s a yes,” she says noddin’ and cryin’.

I was so happy to hear that word I kissed her before I even put her ring on. When I finally did it fit perfectly. Then we were back at it again kissin’. Had an audience too, so there were a few claps after she said yes.

“You made me trash my make-up anyway,” she says pattin’ under her eyes.

“You’ll always be beautiful to me wit or without it on.”

Then she spreads her fingers admirin’ the ring and its sparkle.

“Tremaine it’s so gorgeous… everything I’d hoped it would be. Baby I love it!”

“I knew you would.”

“Did you also know that I would say yes?”

“No, but I had hoped, and wouldn’t have given up if you would’ve said no.”

“This is something I’ve wanted with you for a long time. I’d be a fool to say no.”

“Now if you could admit to some others things that easily we’d really be straight.”

She cuts her eyes at me and pokes out her lips not amused.

“Don’t even go there that’s all I’m sayin’.”

I lift her up off her feet.

“Or what?”


She kisses me while I have her raised in the air.

“Mmm… see I’mma hafta put yo’ ass down. You bouta make my legs buckle and I mean that in a good way.” I slide her down me, lockin’ her in at my waist. “You feel dat?”

“Yes! Down boy.”

I whisper near her ear.

“Tell him dat. He missed you too.”

“Well he’ll get handled later. Trust me! Right now there’s another pressing issue.”

“What? What I said about the baby?”

“No… I’m good as far as the baby and us parenting together. I’m hurt she’s not our first, but she’s yours, and I will love her like I love her father and be there for the both of you.”

“You’re one incredible woman London. I can’t wait to make you my wife.”

“What are you going to do about work? That’s what I wanna know.”

“I got it all planned out… don’t even worry bout dat.”

I lean in to delicately kiss her lips, but she pulls her face away.”

“Not so fast. I need to hear this plan now,” she asserts.

“Ar’ight… here’s the deal. Me and Chris been lookin’ into some property to open up a nightclub.”

“A nightclub Tremaine?!”

“Baby I promise I won’t let it interfere wit our marriage… that’s if we do this.”

“How can you promise that when you’ll be part owner?”

“You let me worry bout dat, just trust me when I say I’m not gonna let nothin’ come between us again… I swear. You better not either,” I say pointin’ at her playfully. “Cause once I make you my wife I’mma have a legal right to whip dat ass,” I say smackin’ it. She cracks up laughin’ then gives my butt a smack back.

“That whippen goes both ways sir.”

Then Regina and Raymond come walkin’ up to us as we grabbin’ on each other talkin’ shit.

“There you two are. Trey I haven’t had my dance with you yet.” London flashes her the ring. “HOLY SHIT!” Regina looks at me. “You did it!” She excitedly hugs me. “OH MY GOSH! HONEY DO YOU SEE THIS?”

Raymond slaps my hand.

“Congratulations man. I’d be honored to return the favor.”

We both have a laugh.

“Thanks man.”

“This ring is ridiculously fabulous… babe look at this rock!”

“You act like ya husband the only one who got good taste,” I annoyingly say.

Raymond crosses his arms around Regina’s neck. Her hands latch on to ‘em releasin’ London’s hand. She gazes at him from the side and smiles.

“My huzband,” she mocks. “I love it!” Then she looks at me frownin’. “Shut up! But I came out here to get my dance in with you. Honey take his fiancée off his hands for a moment while we talk.”

“You heard her… come on London. Let’s dance!”

She’s goes wit Ray and Regina pulls me back on the inside to dance.

“I’m glad to see you’ve finally grown up.”

“Fuck you talkin’ bout? You just showin’ off cause you married now… that’s what that is.”

She laughs.

“Hahaha! No! But you deserve to be happy too Trey. I’m glad you two were able to work things out and London, obviously, is accepting with your new role as a daddy.”

“Yeah I know. She’s amazin’.”

“Which is why I am so happy for you guys. You both are amazing!”

“Ar’ight! Enough about us. This is ya day.”

“Yes it is and I feel like I’ve been dreaming for most of it. Am I dreaming?”

“Wit all this expensive shit!”

She laughs.

“I know right, but it feels like a dream. It really does.”

“Well look, I’mma hand you back over to ya husband so you can finish livin’ ya dream.” I give her a kiss. “Congratulations again doe.” Then we start walkin’ over to Ray and London. “You cut the cake yet,” I ask on the way.

“No, and don’t you two disappear and miss it. I know how you do.”

“Hurry yo ass up den! I’m ready for some dessert.”

Regina interrupts Ray and London’s dance.

“Come on babe, let’s go cut the cake for all the greedy folks,” she says eyeballin’ me.

“Thanks for the dance Raymond,” says London.

“The pleasure was all mine.”

They walk off. London and I hold hands again as we stand in front of each other till she brushes her thumbs over my eyebrows smoothin’ ‘em.

“I missed dat shit man… all the little things you’d do…”

“Only for my boo… I love you.”

“And don’t you ever forget it. Now let’s go eat some of this cake… then I’ll get to yours later,” I say in her ear.

“In that case let’s share one and get to your room a lot faster.”


She eagerly grabs my hand and pulls me in the direction of the dessert table. On the way I’m reminded of how hard it seemed to give up being a male escort. But nothin’ could compare to havin’ to give her up. I love this woman more than I thought I ever could, and wit her back by my side the possibilities for us; after this, are endless. Just like our love. So from me and mines to you and yours be happy wit ya life. One thing it’s taught me is you may not get whatchu want, but you get whatchu need. She’s exactly what I need wit everything that I want, and right now it’s TIME TO GET THIS CAKE… Goodnight!

The End


***Never expected this story to be this long, but I enjoyed writing it. Hope you all enjoyed reading what you picked to be continued as much as I did sharing it with you. I’ll have to do this again. As always thanks for reading and supporting Celebluvgasms. Your time is never taken for granted.***