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Mr. Steal Your Girl Is Back…

Mr. Steal Your Girl Is Back….

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Mr Steal Your Girl Is Back…

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Aye! Everything ar’ight?”

“Yeah, everything is fine,” she says.

“You barely touched ya food. Somethin’ wrong wit it?”

“Baby no. Dinner was amazing. I’m just not as hungry as I thought I was.”

“In that case c’mere,” he sweetly says, reaching out to her. Melanie gets up out of Trey’s dining room chair to go sit on his lap while at the table. Her arm rests around his neck as she sits on him with her legs crossed. Trey pokes his lips out, so Melanie puckers and leans in to meet them.

“Mmm girl… you taste so fuckin’ good.”

She giggles. “That’s because your greedy ass tasting what I ate.”

Trey chuckles. “Shit, its all one in the same to me… both edible.” They really start laughing together. Trey tries to feed her some dessert. Melanie doesn’t let him, and blocks the fork from entering her mouth. “I wantchu to taste it.”

“Mm uuum,” she hums through sealed lips.

“Just a little taste… open up for me.”

“Tre…” As soon as Melanie says his name he puts a forkful of red velvet cheesecake in her mouth. She chews it complaining. “Trey, I told you I didn’t want any!”

“Its good doe, ain’t it?”

“You’re right, it is good,” she says happily, grabbing a chunk in her hand and smashing it against his lips and the bottom of his nose.

While he’s cracking up laughing Melanie tries to make a run for it. He catches her by the bottom of her fitted dress. It lifts up exposing her thong and her shapely ass. Trey wraps his free arm around her waist making her plop back down in his lap.

“You think dat shits funny?” She turns to look at him and laughs even harder, leaning forward a little, holding her stomach after seeing the smashed cake still all over his mouth. “Now you gotta eat it off,” he tells her pulling her in closer.

“No! I’m not hungry.” She continues to giggle. He grabs his tequila and tilts it near her cleavage. She looks him in the eyes, squinting. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

She starts reaching for the bottle, so Trey moves it.

“Wait,” she tells him.

“Fo’ what?”

“Can I???”

She takes the bottle and puts it down. Then takes her finger and brushes it across Trey’s upper lip to gather the remnants left behind. She sticks it in her mouth, but pulls it out slowly.

Trey distorts his face loving how she’s playing with her finger. Then she starts to eat the rest of what is smeared on his face, from his face, licking it up.

Melanie twists her body so she’s straddled across Trey’s legs to eat it off better. They kiss. Trey slides Melanie’s dress right over her body.

She scoots back so Trey can unbutton his jeans. He didn’t get nothing past his knees before Melanie was sliding her thong to the side to start riding him.

Trey breaks the elastic material on her hips, then pulls the whole thing off tossing it. He removes her bra to release her supple breast. He sucks vigorously on them, unable to contain his emotions.

Melanie leans forward wanting to kiss him again. She wraps her arms around his neck as she grinds on him, swallowing him up, while still trying to engage his lips. Trey grips her ass pushing it into him feeling deeper inside of her.

Melanie whispers, “I’mma cum baby.”

Trey holds her tighter.

“Hold on baby… just… just, hold on for me…”

She mutters, “Trey…”

“Trey… TREY…” He’s startled and jumps removing his arm from lounging over his forehead at the same time. He sits up.

“What?! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I wish I could say the same for you though. I was about to go get our food. You need anything else while I’m out?”

“Uh nah… can’t think of nothin’ at the moment.”

Ava kisses his lips.

“Mmm… I’ll be right back. If anything comes to mind call me.”

After she leaves he pulls out his phone and looks up Melanie’s number. He stares at it thinking… I just can’t seem to let you go.

A year later

God his music is killing me! “Meka can you turn the radio down please?”

“Look Mel, I know this isn’t easy for you to hear, but you do know I still love Trey right,” she says as she’s looking over to Melanie and then back at the road.

So the fuck do I, which is why I can’t hear this shit! Ugh! That first night outside was amazing though… She bites her bottom lip in thought. I’ll never forget it. She looks out the car window as she’s being reminded. What is wrong with meee? It’s been a year and yet… UGH! His body… I’m about to be wet all over again. “FUCK,” she yells.

“What is wrong with you, besides the obvious?”

“Nothing,” except the fact that my insides are reminded of how we use to make love every time I hear his fucking songs!

Melanie starts frantically searching for her earphones in her purse.

“What are you looking for?”

“My earphones.”

“Really Melanie? It’s only a song.”

Melanie stares at Meka briefly while her eyes were still on the road.

Easy for you to say. She finally finds her earphones and puts them in. “You can listen to your music and I can play mine.”

“I can’t believe you.”

Melanie starts jamming to the fast pace song that was playing in her ears. Dancing, lip syncing and snapping her fingers.

Meka yells.

“THE SONG IS OVER, BABY,” she teases.

Melanie yanks each earphone out with an attitude.

“Meka, do you know how hard walking away was for me,” she says pointing to her chest. “If I wouldn’t of, I could’ve ruined my marriage.”

“You’re delusional to even think that your marriage isn’t ruined already.”

RADIO ANNOUNCER “You’re listening to a Trey Songz double play (double play)”

Melanie takes offense to Meka’s remark. “Excuse me?”

“NEWSFLASH MELANIE! You can’t even listen to a song by Trey without it affecting you, why? And more importantly how come you cheated on your husband with Trey for five years if your marriage is so great?”

Melanie suddenly realizes what the announcer said and starts hearing Trey again. “WHAT THE FUCK?! I CAN’T GET A BREAK HERE!”

“Have you heard this song though,” asks Meka while turning the volume up.

“No! Don’t try to change the subject after what you just said to me.”

“I’m not! But seriously Mel, you need to listen. I really think he wrote this one about you.”

“I’m sure Trey has been with plenty of women since I stopped seeing him. It doesn’t mean he’s talking about me. It could be anyone.”

“Are you really listening here? You’re the one who called it quits. You’re the one who stopped meeting up with him and taking his calls. And definitely the one who use to call when her man wasn’t around, until you started ignoring him.”

“I’m well aware of how I handled things.”

“I swear he misses you. This has you written all over it!”

“No it doesn’t, okay! And he’s not the only one that writes on his albums miss know it all. He collaborates too, you know.”

“Why are you in denial? You two should be with one another.”

“I’m married Meka!”

“Tuh! Only on paper!”

“Will you hurry up and get me home? Next time I’ll call for a driver, or even my mom to get me from the airport,” she says with an eye roll. “At least I won’t have to hear her chastise me, and she has every right! I don’t need this abuse from you!”

“I’m only speaking the truth.”

“I don’t care! It’s about my marriage. One I would never have if I wait on Trey!”

The car was quiet for a bit until Meka started singing along. Melanie acts like she’s all into her phone when really she was listening to the lyrics.

No… it can’t be… is he talking about us? Pshhh, no… Meka’s only thinking this way because she knows I’m done with all the sneaking around and dishonesty. Things were getting too complicated and risky… I had to. “I had to,” she repeats at a whisper looking down at her phone. Meka hears her not knowing what was said, but notices her expression.

“Look at you Mel. You’re still in love with him. You haven’t forgotten him at all since you’ve walked away. Why don’t you just admit it?”

She looks at Meka with one tear falling down her face.

“Because Desean will hate me.”

“I think you will hate yourself even more if you continue to try to ignore your feelings.”

She wipes the wetness from her face.

“This is foolish! I’m not going to continue to sit up here and get myself all worked up over a song that may or may not be about me.”

“How Could You Forget is definitely directed to you, which is why he made a point to add, and I quote, ‘so when you hear this on the radio, it’s about you,’ end quote.”

“He didn’t say my name.”

“Why would he? You guys were a secret. Plus we’re talking about Trey Songz here. His fans would probably be suspicious and hate on anybody named Melanie.”

They both laugh.

Then Meka starts singing more of the lyrics eyeing Melanie, then the road.

“’How soon we forget… It can’t be over… You hear that Mel… He gone ask who taught you dat… Ha HAH!’”

“Will you please stop? This isn’t funny!”

“Admit it. You miss him and are in love with him, more than your own husband.”

“I honestly don’t think Trey will forgive me. What if he wasn’t talking about me and there really is someone else? I have no right to say anything.”

“And what if its not, and everything that he’s singing about is his way of trying to get to you?”

“If you’re right, what am I suppose to do now?”

“You need to have a talk with him to see if he wants anything more at this point. Then have a talk with Desean.”

“And if he still doesn’t want anything more?”

“Then you still need to have a talk with your husband. You know it’s not fair to him if you really don’t love him.”

“But I do!”

“But you’re not in love with him anymore Melanie. C’mon!”

“Okay! You’re right. Things have been different between us for awhile now… and it’s because of me… it’s all my fault.”

Meka finally pulls up to Melanie’s house. Melanie stares at it and sighs. Home sweet home. She gathers her luggage and gets out the car.

“Oh,” says Meka. “In case you didn’t know, Trey is in town and he’s coming to see you.”

“WHAT? You spoke to him?”

“Yup! And in about,” she looks at her watch, “ten minutes he’ll be here… byeeee!”

Meka slowly starts pulling off.


She pops her head out the window and yells.


Melanie stood there for a minute watching the car leave while in thought.

She’s lying. He’s not coming here.

She takes her things in and no sooner than she walks back down the stairs something tells her to look out the window. Trey was really at their door about to ring the bell. She panics and leans against it.

“Oh shit! He’s really here!” DING DONG! Calm down Melanie. She takes deep breaths to try to relax some. Okay. She turns around and opens it with a fake unexpected expression.

“Trey! Wh-What are you doing here?”

“We needa talk.” She stands there at a loss for words, staring. “You gone invite me in?”

“Um, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Aren’t you alone?”

“Yeah… sorta, but Desean could call… he’ll be here… I’m just getting here myself from being out of town and…”

He interrupts.

“This won’t take long.” He pushes his way in, so Melanie closes and locks the door behind him. He notices how she doesn’t look at him while standing stiffly in front of the door.

“What do you uh, want to talk to me about?”

He slowly walks to stand in front of her. He guides her chin with his finger so her face was even with his. Her eyes reluctantly make contact with him. They both study each others face, since they’ve been missed. Melanie starts taking deep breaths as she sees him closing the space between them, sealing it with a long sensual kiss. Her body yearns for his touch forcing her to wrap her arms around him in hopes he’ll do the same. He holds her back. She’s instantly filled with tingles between her thighs and a familiar uncontrollable longing in her heart. Emotions were running high, but then Treys’ lips slowly detach along with his arms.

He smiles.

“You did miss me.”

She smiles as well with her lips pressed together.

“Yes, I did miss you.” Her smile fades. “More than you know,” she says sounding regretful.

She then lets him go. Trey gets serious.

“So why you do me like dat?”

“You know why.”

“Tell me again.”

She twirls the rings on her finger.

“Did you forget I was married?”

“Did you?”


“Exactly! That ring don’t mean shit to you, and neither does he.”

“He does!”

“Seriously Melanie,” he questions.  Trey hovers over her. “So he means more to you than I do?” She doesn’t answer. He speaks softly near her ear brushing it with his lips. “I bet you still be thinkin’ bout me while he fuckin’ you… don’t you?” She closes her eyes not wanting to admit the truth. “He can’t give you what I got here right now, can he Melanie?” She bites her lip and turns her head away from him. “Stop fakin’ like you love this nigga. You know damn well you want me to be the one makin’ love to you.” She stands there, hands hugging the door frame, silently listening, but still looking away. He continues to taunt her. “I’ll tell you what, next time he leaves you all alone call me. I don’t have much time right now, but soon,” he makes her look at him. “I’mma watch you get naked.” The air catches in her throat. “Then I’mma tell you to take it,” he says grabbing his crotch. Her eyes trail following his hand, “right in ya bed,” he adds knowingly, to her face.  She gasps. Then he locks his lips onto hers, before she could gather herself. Slipping his tongue inside, devouring her one more time. Once he’s done she’s left standing there trembling and breathless.

Huh… huh… huh… Why’d you stop?

“You know what’s bouta happen right? So you might wanna let ya man know that mister steal your girl is back. I’ll call you later… answer ya phone too.”

He leaves. Melanie places a hand on her chest. Her heart is racing fast as she catches her breath.

“What the fuck just happened?”

She puts her quivering hand over her lips reliving the kiss and every moment after.

“I’ll be damned. Did he say let ya man know that Mr. Steal Your Girl Is Back???” Yeah, like that’s happening. “God help me, cause fooling with two men I’m going to hell. STRAIGHT to hell.”

The End