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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Waiter – “Have you decided on your choice of drink?” Then he’s interrupted by a fellow colleague that whispers him a message. He returns his focus to me. “It seems the gentleman at the bar on the end has requested to pay for your expenses this evening.”

I answer with a hint of surprise.

“Oh really?”

My first thought was my husband playing with me even though his ass wasn’t supposed to be in town. I decide to play along. When I curiously look to see who this gentleman is I couldn’t help but to blush when I realize it’s the one and only Trey Songz.

He spots me looking and raises his glass with a smile. Not the distraction I needed tonight, amongst others from him. Nonetheless, I’ll take it. I look to my waiter.

“Would you mind thanking him for me, and also telling him I’ll make sure to make it worth it.” I could tell my response made my waiter feel a bit uncomfortable. “On second thought…” I write my response down. “Can you hand this to him for me instead please?”

Waiter – “As you wish.”

Trey reads it and his face shows he’s very pleased. My waiter comes back to take my drink order. He recommends their Poinsetta made with Cointreau, Cavit Prosecco and Cranberry juice.

He said it pares well with the seafood, which was on my radar. He comes back with it and a napkin with writing on it. I read it.

I already know it’ll be well spent 🙂

He was right about that. Desean has had me under lock and key lately making me wonder if he has suspicions. So I haven’t been able to get away. Between my secret phone conversations with Trey; when I can, and being with my husband I’m so confused.

I love them both. I came here tonight to try not to think of this mess. But get here, and instead of the thoughtful gentleman being my hubby, I see my baby. I was going to make the most of this moment.

I was suddenly feeling frisky so I start out with the fried oyster appetizer. It’s accompanied with Trey. As it was being placed in front of me I was asked a question by him.

“Do you mind if I sit here to make sure that first bite is to ya liking?”

The waiter directs his eyes to mine curiously looking as to what I was going to say back.

“Can you give us a moment? I’ll be ready to finish ordering soon.”

“Sure! I’ll be back over shortly.”

I finally respond to Trey.

“What are you going to do about it if it’s not?”

“Make sure you’re nothin’ but satisfied. What else?”

He was paying, so I figured I owed him at least that much.

“I guess you can have a seat,” I say with a hand gesture. I eye him suspiciously. “What are you up to, seriously?”

“Why I gotta be up to somethin’,” he says with a huge smile afterwards.

“Because you’re here and the only one that knew I was coming here tonight was Meka.”

“I was in here before you doe. Plus, I ain’t even talked to her.”

“Stop playing!”

“Look, it’s not my fault we here at the same time.” His tone changes. “But I’m glad we are. And since we are I’mma pay for my baby’s meal. Dat ar’ight witchu?”

Your baby?” I had to mess with him.

“Oh so you not my baby?”

“That was your choice,” I say leaving my lips turned up.

“Man… that’s not fair. Who…”

The waiter comes back interrupting, and puts in for my dinner meal. Trey orders another drink and changes up the subject telling me he had eaten already at the bar, he’s just waiting for dessert.

“Dessert sounds good. That is after I finish the main course.”

I have a bite of an oyster. Trey watches as I taste.

“How is it?”

I chew with my mouth and eyes closed savoring the flavor. I then pick one up and pop it in his mouth.

You tell me how it is.” He chomps it down. “Well?”

“It’s delicious.”

“I’m even more excited now about the main course. Would you care for another?”

“That’s all you. Maybe we can share dessert.”

I look at him like he’s crazy.

“I don’t know about sharing my dessert.”

“Why not? Any other time it ain’t a problem. At all.”

“I didn’t say this time was a problem. It’s just that if it’s as good as this food you’ll have to make it worth my wild to share.”

“So what a nigga gotta do to make it worth yo’ wild den?”

“It wouldn’t be any fun if I told you now would it? So… I guess you’ll have to figure it out,” I say having another bite.

“Y’aint said nothin’.”He watches me take a sip of my drink to wet my palate a bit. “Oysters gettin’ to you?”

“Mm you could say that.”

“I think it’s me gettin’ to you?”

“If you have to think I guess the answer is no.”

“And if you have to guess that makes dat shit a definite yes.”

I laughed. He had me there. I didn’t have a come back so I sipped on my drink again. The waiter came with my meal. Trey had already gotten his drink. I had ordered the Macadamia Encrusted Grouper with jumbo lump crabmeat, asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

I nearly had an orgasm just looking at it plated. I dive into the crabmeat first. Its amazing! I offer Trey some.

“Would you like me to plate a little of this for you?”

“I’m good. I’d rather sit here and watch you eat.”

“I just feel so rude eating alone in front of you.”

With his arms now resting on the table he leans forward and speaks alluring low-key.

“It’s beena many a times I ate alone in front of you and you watched,” he says showing his pearly whites. That was not the visual I needed right now. He leans back pleasingly, relaxing both hands on his stomach. “I told you I ate doe. I’m just waitin’ till you get around to dessert.”

“Is that really all your waiting for,” I ask as I brush my bare foot up and down his leg that’s hidden under the draped dining table.

“Definitely! I need dat cake… can’t seem to get enough of it.” He leans inward once more speaking with discretion. “Plus it’s been a while since I’ve had it… you feel me?” He grabs my foot as its on the rise and holds it between his legs under the table.

I mouthed emphatically, “I feel you,” before grinning. I had to remember not to smile so much in public with someone who isn’t my husband, so I stuff some food in my mouth.

Luckily the restaurant wasn’t crowded… at least at the moment. There were a few fans of Trey’s dining, but they respected his request for privacy. Thankfully too no paparazzi was lurking.

“I might not have any room for dessert after eating all this.”

“Doggy bag it,” he says giving my foot a thorough massage.

“You don’t enjoy it as much if you don’t eat it right away.”

“It depends on whatchu get. It has to be the right thing… to keep,” he adds, as he grinds his knuckle from my heal to my toes.

I loudly huff from the unexpected pleasure, so I slyly start clearing my throat to camouflage the sound in case anyone heard me and started staring. I gather my composure to clearly speak.

“So what do you suggest that be?”

His hands return to the table. He picks up the dessert menu and looks it over analyzing it.

“Lemme see here…” I smile and roll my eyes at his playfulness. “You could never go wrong wit da chocolate truffle layer cake. Got white chocolate ganache in it. Shid warm dat thing up… mmm girl dats an explosion waitin’ to happen.”

“I do like white chocolate explosions.”

His eyes smile back.

“Dey got Apple Crisp… now dat shits incredible too. Put some ice cream on it… caramel sauce… whipped cream…” he looks at me. “Nuts… you’d enjoy dat like it was the first time it was put in front of you.”

“The first time huh.”

He nods his head.

“The first.”

“I’m intrigued.”

“So whatchu waitin’ on. Lets get it.”


“I’ll be right back.”

Trey takes a bit to get back, but he explains why when he returns. He said he had to show love to his fans before he left. He also has a container for my leftovers and a bag in his hand.

“What’s that?”

“Dessert. Where you parked at? I’mma meet you at ya car.”

I told him, then we left out separately. When we meet up Trey tells me he wants to talk for a minute. “Let’s sit in the back though, you might draw attention again,” I say. I don’t know why I wanted to hide him being in my car after we were already seen together in the restaurant. He obliges.

As soon as the doors shut he sets the dessert down on the center console in front of us and madly kisses me. It’s so intense it makes me fall back on the door making me bump my head on the armrest. We stop kissing and look at each other laughing.

“You ar’ight?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I say rubbing the spot.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been wantin’ to do that all night,” he brags, “without you hittin’ ya head doe.”

I giggle.

“I know. Apology accepted. So baby what’s on ya mind?”

Trey sighs.

“Alot! But I mainly wanna talk to you about the things you been wantin’ from me.”

“Trey, we can’t have that conversation right here.”

“You wanna go to my hotel room?”

“I can’t go there. You’re in my city. Everybody practically knows Desean and I at hotels.”

“Don’t tell me dat shit, but anyway… So where you wanna go?”

“To my place.”

“You sho’?”

“We’re not going in. I just would feel much better if we talked parked in front of my house. It’s private, and I know Desean won’t be back till tomorrow evening.”

“So why can’t we just go inside?” I give him an obvious look. He grins. “Ar’ight I’ll follow you home den.”

He checks out the parking lot before getting out of my truck. Then proceeds to his car. I go ahead and start driving slowly, Trey soon following.

We get to my house, both cars pulling into the driveway. Trey opens the passenger side door, but I tell him we’re going to talk in the backseat. The tint was darker making me feel more comfortable.

“So… what is that you’ve been wanting to say to me so bad in person?”

“Truthfully, I don’t want us to be a secret no more.”

“And I should believe you now why?”

“Because I’m ready to give you whatever it is you want from me. And don’t care who knows, or don’t like it.”

“I want a real commitment Trey.”

He gathers my hands.

“I know. Look, I know I haven’t made things easy for us. That whole Regina situation, puttin’ her before you, and all the other bullshittin’ I been doing. But dats all over now. I will never make the mistake again of takin’ you for granted…” He continues to stare at me while I say nothing. “You believe me?”

“I do.” I look away.

“So what’s wrong?”

“I thought leaving Desean to be with you was going to be easy. But it’s not. Trey I have a lot at stake.”

Trey let’s my hands go and stares blankly out the window. He speaks with frustration.

“Mel, what da fuck you want me to do?” He looks at me. “Huh?” His eyebrows raise. “Cause I on’t wanna play seconds no more.”

I climb over on his lap resting my head in his neck hugging him.

“Don’t give up on me Trey….please! I want to be with you.” I look him in the eyes. “I’m going to leave. I just need to be sure that you’re really ready for it to be me only.”

“It’s been only you since the beginnin’.” He gently kisses me. “Melanie, I’m really in love witchu… and only you. The thought of you being wit dat nigga, comin’ home to him instead of me… I’m tired of dat shit! I want him gone!”

I look at him stunned.

“You’re really serious this time.”

He looks back at me with so much love and devotion in his eyes.

“Yeah! I am… damn right I’m serious, but I’m startin’ to wonder about you. Are you ready for it to be only me?”

I palm his face finding his lips once more tackling them avoiding the question. I didn’t want to think about what’s ahead. I just wanted to be in the moment. Anticipation was in the air.

“So lover what’s exactly in the bag,” I devilishly question again.

“Lemme show you.” I get off Trey and he grabs it. He shows me he had gotten the chocolate layer truffle cake instead. “That looks so good,” I say. Then he delightfully pulls out a small container with ice cream in it. “Can’t forget diss. Shit done melted some doe.”

“I see.”

“You gone share ya dessert wit me,” he sweetly asks.”

I couldn’t deny him with that smile. It just makes my heart melt. I happily respond.

“Eat as much as you like.”

“I plan on it.”

I kick my heals off and recline the dual bench in the truck. I wanted him… badly! Trey does the same to the individual seat after he places the dessert back down.

We weren’t strangers to getting busy in a car. We lived by the saying “by any means necessary.” As I pull up my pencil skirt and slip out of my panties he swiftly kicks off one sneak, pulls off his shirt and comes out of one leg of both bottoms.

“Baby girl you gone eat while I eat,” he says grabbing the ice cream and the plastic spoon that was in the bag. My eyes widen as his attention goes to my exposed love cove. I get excited.

“Mmm… feed me babe.”

Next I’m heaving uncontrollably from the cold spoonful of ice cream on my mound. “Hoo! Hoo! Trey! TREY!” That soon turns to moans as he nibbles and licks it off fervently. “Uh! Huh! HUH!” I was icy hot from the sudden temperature change.

He takes a chunk of cake and feeds it to me simultaneously devouring my lips, hence we both eating. Then he goes back to feasting on his main dessert. It was the best chocolate layered truffle cake we both had in our lives.

He then dips his dickhead in the softened vanilla ice cream and hurriedly sticks it in my mouth. He huffs for relief as I suck it off. “Shit! Suck it! Ah fuck!” His eyes close and his voice trails as the chills turn to thrills. “Ahhh yeaahh…yeah baby… awhhh right dare…oou fuck… awhhh….” I gave new meaning to the slogan “It melts in your mouth and not in your hands.”

His chocolate stick was warmed up in no time. I took him on a chocolate trip in my search for the creamy filling. He was ready to cum as bad as I. He plunges inside my pussy to get a few quick hits before the explosion. Now the car is rocking.

“Open ya shirt.”

I quickly unbutton it unfastening my bra. He dumps the cake on my cleavage, feeds me a bite, then goes to town on my breast relishing the whole entre. Before long his white ganache was spilling over giving him one hell of a nut. Mmm that was the best part as it lands in my mouth also splattering on my face.

He goes for some wet wipes that also was in the bag. He opens a packet and cleans my face off. While he’s calming down he looks at me very satisfied.

“That shit was fuckin’ incredible!” Then he grabs several more for us both to use elsewhere. I was a crumbly ass mess. “You might just wanna get the rest off in the shower… that’ll be a lot easier.”

I put my pointer finger on my cheek.

“Great idea! Now why didn’t I think of that,” I say sarcastically, while grinning like it wasn’t a thought. My grin changes quickly when I hear a car engine. Treys eyes become as concentrated as a lions on its prey looking in the distance. “Please tell me that’s not heading in this direction?”

“I can’t tell you dat.”

Trey and I both haul ass to start putting our things back on. I turn to see who’s pulling up in my driveway; this time a night, praying for the off chance its not Desean. Fuck my life…

Anticipation Tre