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Thursday, February 9th, 2017



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He knows I like it when he’s crazed fuckin’ nasty

Keeping it soaked and wet is how he always has me

Licking me down tongue fuckin’, making me dumb happy

Squirting juices in his mouth, spraying, calling him zaddy

Drink me in baby, swallowing every dripping drop

Juicing me like a fruit, your freshly squeezed kumquat

Savoring this tasty flavor as you suck up on my twat

Cause I love how you eat me, giving me everything you got

Opening me up as you spread, so much more than my legs

Mouth perched oh so wide, as you listen to me beg

Fuckin’ in the backseat, all my emotions sittin’ on edge

My mind in a frenzy, thinking I’m back in the lavish bed

Slobbing you down contently, giving you top blow head

Our morning ritual in sync, we keep each other well fed

But now you’re eating me out, got my pussy gushing wet

Tongue lashing me too well, no my walls will never forget

Neither will my breast or ass, definitely not these pussy lips

Cause his manhood is fuckin’ damaging, my pelvis is way too lit

But I’m an addict for your love, keep me addicted like I’m sick

Fooling my insides like magic, except this is no magic trick

Long lasting, energizer, no batteries still operates with a tick

Swelled, beast size, and thick how l like my magic dick

100 percent real beefy, my walls tightly grab ahold

His tongue games nothing to sleep on, its actions the opposite of cold

Just like my soldier in bed, strong cocky extremely bold

His wand I can definitely feel, the first look I was easily sold

No filler, but I’m full, cause his thickness fills me up

Good to the last drop; Maxwell House, instead Trey all in my cup

He’s choking me, stroking me, molding me until he eagerly erupts

My jaws, my pussy, my ass, his imprint clearly in my gut

I constantly throb for his thrashing, no matter the second, day, hour

Beat it, eat it, treat it, no matter the method I’m out, no power

Deliciously spewing all his salty seed, yeah salty, no sunflower

I’ll wash it down like rain, down pours, torrential rain showers

He says, your walls will remember me, you know your walls won’t forget

Indeed he’s massively branded me the day we had wall to wall sex.


Dick Engraved Walls