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On the Low

On The Low – Part 10 (Conclusion)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

A Pooch Hall Fiction Story

Written by Shay (AKA @Shay_bae89)


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Linda looked out of the plane’s window with such dismay. She couldn’t believe that this trip could be potentially life or death for her husband. After the infidelity she never wanted to see him again, but not to this extent. Just as every bad scenario ran through her mind she was snapped back to reality…


Detective James (DJ): “Mrs. Hall! Are you ok? Do you need anything? You looked a little flustered.”


L: “Yes… yes… I’m fine. Just have alot on my mind. But I’ll be ok.”


DJ: “Ok well if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask myself or any of the agents.”


L: “Thanks so much.”


The flight to Puerto Rico was the most long and nervewrecking one she had ever taken. They finally landed and arrived at the airport. Because of the ongoing investigation the airport and city were informed of their presence. The detectives, federal agents, and Linda all hopped into the SUVs and headed to where they set up their headquarters.


Linda walked in and observed the action as the agents and detectives got to work. She felt helpless and just sat there and watched. Detective James made his way over to Linda to update her on everything that was going on.


DJ: “Mrs. Hall we’re all set up here with phones and surveillance of the perimeter they were last spotted. We will be here 24/7 waiting for leads while some of the agents go undercover around the city to see if they spot them as well.”


L: “I really appreciate you all for helping me find my husband.”


DJ: “No need for thank you… That’s our job. We will find him safely.”


L: “I hope so.”


Hours turned to days and they were still working on leads to find Pooch. Just when frustration was building up they received an anonymous tip that would lead them to a secluded warehouse. The agents and detectives packed their equipment and weapons to head to the location. Linda insisted on going with them to the warehouse but Detective James refused…


DJ: “Look it’s not safe for you. We don’t know what situation we may be walking into right now, it’s against protocol!”


L: “Look I understand but I wanna help. There must be some way that you can use me.”


Detective James thought deeply and sighed. He realized she was a determined wife and the fire in her eyes was smoldering. He had a talk with the other agents and detectives to come up with a Plan B to use Linda to get to Pooch and the suspects. They all discussed it while on the way over to the location. As they pulled up yards away from the warehouse they went over the strategy while agents surveyed the area to make sure Pooch and the suspects were still there. It was confirmed that they were still inside and Detective James let Linda in on the plan…


DJ: “We are looking to move in on the suspects but we don’t want to bust in. What we need you to do is to disguise your voice and pretend like you’re lost. Agents, detectives, and snipers all have their marks and will be ready to move in the moment they make a move. We will get him out of there safely.”


L: “Ok *deep sigh* I’m ready!”


DJ: “Are you sure?”


L: “Yes I’m sure!”


Everyone took their marks as they watched for Linda to give the signal. She knocked on the warehouse door and put on her fakest hispanic accent and waited. There was no response… Detective James spoke to her through an earpiece and told her to try again. As she opened her mouth to speak again a big heavy set man opened the door. Just as soon as he opened the door the Feds moved in. They took the suspect down as they moved into the facility with weapons drawn.


They stormed inside and located the other male suspect. As some of the agents took that suspect down the others split up to locate Pooch and Arielle. Even though it was against what she was told Linda was on a search of her own to find Pooch. As she hit the corner to a dark corridor she heard music coming from one of the rooms. Linda slowly walked down the long hallway as her heart raced and her throat knotted up. As she got closer to the door she said a small prayer and cracked the door open.

The door creaked and Arielle’s eyes met Linda’s. Arielle charged toward her as a bound and tied up Pooch looked in shock.




L: “I’m here for MY HUSBAND! You really are ridiculous!”


A: “See that’s where you’re mistaken! He is no longer yours… HE’S MINE NOW! And no one is gonna stop me…NO ONE!”


Linda threw a punch and hit Arielle in the face. She retaliated by pushing her down. They tossed and tussled on the ground as punches and slaps were thrown and hair was pulled. Pooch tried his hardest to break free from the rope but nothing worked. It was killing him that he was helpless and he was the cause of all of this. Linda got on top of Arielle and threw blow after blow eventually knocking her out. Pooch decided giving up trying to untie himself after the whole ordeal. Seconds later federal agents bust in and surveyed the perimeter. An ambulance was called for Arielle while the male suspects were hauled off to jail. Pooch was untied and the agents and detectives made sure he was taken to the hospital as well to be checked out. After his visit to the hospital he was brought to the police station for questioning and was released.


The suspects were brought back to the U.S. with high security for arrainment and booking. Linda and Pooch safely returned home. After the whole ordeal they both knew that a talk was needed.


P: “Babe can we talk?”


L: “Yea… I think we should. You first.”


P: “Look honey all of this is my fault. If I hadn’t cheated this mess would’ve never happened. I am sorry for everything I’ve put you and this family through. I’m grateful for you traveling and helping to rescue me. I love you so much.”


L: “Pooch I love you too but this isn’t gonna work!”


P: “What you mean?”


L: “I’m saying that I can’t continue with this marriage. Pooch you put your kids lives, my life, and your life in jeopardy. Because of your selfishness our lives have spiraled into chaos. The man I love would never do this to me! I can’t be with you anymore… I just can’t do it. *begins to cry* I will always have love for you but the trust is gone.”


Pooch was numb as he held her til her tears subsided. Her decision blindsided him but he knew there was no fixing it… Trust was broken and couldn’t be mended. They both said their goodbyes and Pooch took one last look at the home he shared with Linda and remembered the special memories with his family. He beat himself up mentally all the way to the car as he drove off into the night thinking of all the ways he could turn back time…