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Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl

Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl – Part 4 (Conclusion)

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Written by Tricia


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Police Officer #1: Pushes Trey up against the gate and begins to search him. They pull out his wallet and look at his I.D. “Yeah, this is him – Tremaine A. Neverson, AKA Trey Songz”, he says to the other police officer.

Police Officer #2: “Mr. Neverson, do you know a Marcus Avery?”

Trey: “I know a Marcus, but I don’t know if his last name is Avery.”

PO #2: “Did you just have an altercation with a Marcus that subsequently landed him in the hospital?”

T: “Can I call my lawyer?”

PO #1: “So that’s how we’re going to do this huh? Well ok…You are being arrested for aggravated battery against Marcus Avery. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights Mr. Neverson?”

T: “Yeah.”

PO #1 places the cuffs on Trey and puts him in the backseat of the squad car. They drive to the station where Trey is handcuffed to a bench until he could be photographed and fingerprinted.


A young female police officer glances at Trey as she was passing by, but stops immediately in her tracks to take a second look. Sitting beside him, “Oh my goodness, you’re Trey Songz! What happened? What did you do?

T: “It’s a long story and I shouldn’t talk to you about it until my lawyer is present. I’m just waiting for them to let me call him.”

Female Officer (FO): “Look, what you say to me right now won’t go any further. I’m a huge fan and I sincerely wanna help.”

T: Trey sighs…wondering if he should trust her by admitting to the battery charges. “One of my female friends got beat up by this dude…and…”

FO: “And you beat him up”, she finishes his sentence.

T: Nods his head in agreement.

FO:  “Where is your female friend? If she’s willing to file a charge and even show proof, then we can just say it was in defense.”

T: Trey sits up…realizing that she really was trying to help him. “Will you let me call her?”

FO: “Sure, do you know which officer arrested you?”

T: “Yeah, those two”, as he points his head in their direction.

FO: “Okay, let me go talk to them. I’ll be right back.”


Five minutes later the female officer comes back over to Trey. “I explained everything to them and they said I can handle it since you gave them no problem. Look, we have protocol and everything has to be documented. I would love to just let you walk right out of here, but I can’t. I’ll get you to a phone and you can call your female friend to come down. For battery you have to go in front of a judge and at this time of night that won’t happen. I’ll put you in a cell all by yourself and try to make you as comfortable as possible. We’ll go in front of a judge first thing in the morning.”

T: “Can I just come back in the morning then? You have my word that I’ll come back. I just don’t want to spend a night in jail. Pleassseee?”

FO: “I could get in deep trouble if you left the premises. Like I said, every arrest and release has to be documented and for battery you can’t be released until you go in front of a judge. Once your friend testifies and says this guy hit her and you defended her, the judge will let you go with a slap on the wrist…especially with your background.”

T: “All you have to do is tell me a time and I will be here 30 minutes before that tomorrow. Please, you know where I live…you can even escort me home. I won’t go anywhere I promise. I know I’m asking a lot of you, but (getting choked up)…I just don’t want to sleep here tonight.”

FO: She ponders it over and shakes her head. “If you screw me and get me fired, I…” She couldn’t come up with any type of threat. He was too cute and looked too honest to lie to her.

T: “You won’t get fired. What time should I be here in the morning?”

FO: “The courts open at 9 a.m.  Be here before 8:30 a.m.”

T: “I’ll be here at 8 a.m.”

FO: She begins to uncuff him from the bench…“Ask for me when you get here…don’t tell anyone why you’re here. My name is Keisha Mitchell.”

T: “Thank you so much Keisha. I will definitely be here. Is it alright if I call my girl to pick me up?”

Keisha: “My shift is over, I can actually take you home if you’d like.”

T: “Please, I’d appreciate that.”

K: “Give me a few minutes. I need to punch out and grab my purse.”

T: “Sure, take your time.”


Keisha walks Trey over to her grey Malibu and they both get in.

K: “So this female friend…is she your girlfriend?”

T: Trey gives her a somewhat tired smile, “We haven’t decided on titles just yet. We’re cool and I care a lot about her.”

K: “Well obviously. You’re willing to put your career in jeopardy for her. I gotta say what you did was honorable though. That guy got exactly what he deserved for putting his hands on her.”

T: “Yeah, well I just hope the judge feels that same way tomorrow.”

K: “Well, just hope you get a female judge that will be a little more sympathetic. You know my hands are tied at that point, don’t you? I can’t do anything outside what the judge deems appropriate for you.”

T: “I know. I can’t blame anyone but myself. I knew better but I was just super heated in the moment.”

K: “Your girl is very lucky that you care for her so much. So who is this dude and why did he hit her?”

T: “He’s her ex. He’s mad that she’s moved on. When they dated he used to hit her. She found me and now she sees how a real man treats a woman. He guilt-tripped her into helping him out on something and then choked her. She still has the bruises on her neck. When I saw that, I flipped out.”

K: “Oh my goodness…well make sure you tell her to take pictures right away so the judge will see it.  It’s very important for her to file a claim against him as well.”

T: “Yeah, I’ll take some pictures tonight and we’ll get there early tomorrow to file a claim.”

K: (Slightly jealous) “Oh okay”, realizing that either she lives with him or he planned to see her tonight. “That’s good. Is it this house?”

T: “Ummm, two more houses up. I really appreciate all your help Keisha…thanks for believing in me. I won’t let you down.”

K: “You’re welcome.”


Trey takes off his seatbelt, gives Keisha a hug, and climbs out the car. He presses in the code for the gate and walks the path up to his front door. He opens the manila envelope that housed all his belongings and pulls out his door key. He opens the door and walks in. Simone comes running to him, hops in his arms, and holds him tightly.

S: Crying, “Why didn’t you answer any of my calls? I was so scared. What happened?”

T: “I didn’t hear my phone ring.”

S: “What took you so long? He doesn’t live that far away from here.”

T: “I beat his ass and then the cops came and arrested me.”

Simone gasps, “Oh my goodness!!!  You got arrested?!?!  I knew you shouldn’t have gone.”

T: “Look, I have court tomorrow. I need you to testify that he used to beat you and that he just choked you the other day. Keisha believes I have a good chance of getting off since I was defending you.”

S: “Who is Keisha?”

T: “The police officer over my case.”

S: Simone’s heart stopped racing…but still thinking to herself…yall are already on first name basis? “Okay, Trey, so what do you need me to do?”

T: “We need to first take pictures of your neck. Can you go grab the camera? I’m tired. This has been a long, exhausting day. We have to be back at the station by 8 a.m.”

S: “Okay.” Simone goes and grabs the camera.


Trey takes several pictures of Simone’s neck from every angle.

T: “I’m going to go take a shower and then I’m calling it a night.”

S: “I’m sorry Trey for all of this.”

T: “Yeah, me too. If you just would’ve stayed away from him like I asked you to, none of this would be happening.”

Simone put her head down…weighed down with guilt. Trey was right, she thought to herself. I should’ve never gone. “Lord, please let everything be okay. He was only trying to help me. Please get him out of this”, she prayed.


Trey climbs in bed next to Simone after his shower. He flips to his side, turns off the lamp on the table next to him, and lays his head on the pillow.

S: “Baby?”

T: “Uh, huh?”

S: “I prayed and God told me everything would be okay.”

T: Trey didn’t know she was a spiritual woman. He turned to his other side to face her. He smiles, gives her a peck on the lips, and says “I hope so. Good night.” He lies back down and drifts off to sleep.


Simone wakes Trey up at 6:45 a.m.

S: “Go get dressed and come down for breakfast.”

T: Trey rubs his eyes, stretches, and climbs out of bed. “Thanks baby.”


Simone and Trey arrive at the station at 7:50 a.m. Trey asks to speak to Keisha Mitchell. By this point a couple other police officers recognizes who he is and are extra cordial to him. He just smiles and shakes their hands. Keisha comes to the front to meet Trey.

K: Wiping her forehead, “Whew…I’m so glad to see you! You’re bright and early…and obviously someone I can trust. Thanks for keeping your word”, as she gives him a little squeeze.

T: “No problem, thank you for believing in me. This is Simone by the way.”

K: Waving, “Hi Simone. Follow me and I’ll get your claim against Marcus Avery. Trey – I never got your fingerprints and mug shots yesterday, so I need to do that for your file.”

T: “Okay.”


Keisha gathers all the information she needs from Simone along with the pictures. She noted in her claim that the marks were still apparent on her body. Keisha also managed to get Trey’s fingerprints and mug shots completed for his file that would go before the judge. She snuck him in the back so that no one would know about the arrest.


Inside the courtroom:

Bailiff: “All rise, all rise!  Please lift your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?”

Trey: “I do.”

Male Judge: “Good Morning. Mr. Tremaine Aldon Neverson, charges were filed against you for aggravated battery against Marcus Avery. Can you explain to the court what happened on the night of October 16, 2010?”

T: “Yes, your honor. I am currently dating Marcus’ ex-girlfriend, Simone Daniels.”
Judge: “Is this Simone sitting down behind you?”

T: “Yes, your honor.”

Judge: “Okay, continue.”

T: “Marcus called her to bail him out of jail and she goes and does it. I don’t know what happened between them, all I know is that she comes home with these choke marks around her neck.” He goes to Simone and lifts her neck to show the judge. “She told me he used to hit her before, so I was pissed off and I road over to his house to have a word with him.”

Judge: “Young lady step up,” signaling to the bailiff to do his job.

Bailiff: “Ma’am, raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?”

Simone: “Yes, I do.”

Judge: “Approach the bench so I can get a closer look at your neck.” The judge examines her neck and notices the bruises are fresh. “State your full name for the court’s records.”

S: “Simone Armanie Daniels.”

Judge: “Thank you. So in your own words, what happened last night?”

S: “Well like Trey said, I went and bailed Marcus out of jail. I drove him home, but he was still bitter that I left him for Trey. He kept calling me out my name and basically I just told him that he deserved what happened to him. He used to beat me all the time. He didn’t like hearing that so he started choking me and then he broke my front, passenger window. I didn’t want to tell Trey about it but he saw the bruises on my neck.”

J: “Have you filed a claim against Marcus?”

S: “Yes, I did that this morning?”

J: “Can I see it?”

S: “Yes, I have a copy of it in my purse. One second.”  Simone gets it out her purse and hands it to the bailiff. The judge examines it and hands it back to the bailiff to give to her.

J: “Do you have any other proof of abuse?”

S: “I can get my medical records. I was hospitalized last year for a concussion. Marcus threw me into a glass étagère, causing a heavy sculpture to fall on my head. I also had a sprained wrist. Most of the abuse was things that went away or I could cover up with make-up.”

J: “My heart goes out to you Miss. Daniels. For the life of me I can’t understand why women allow themselves to be treated like this. I see too many cases like this come before me. Some women aren’t as lucky as you…some end up dead. I hope that you pursue charges against him and get him off the street. As for you Mr. Neverson, I will treat this as defense but another judge may not be so lenient. I would advise you not to take matters into your own hands next time. Charges dismissed…next case.”


Trey and Simone shout their cheers. They hug and kiss. The court administrator walks over and gives Trey his discharge papers and he and Simone leave for home.


At home, relaxing in the family room with his white tee and shorts, Trey is so glad to have everything behind him. He is ready to support Simone and the case she will pursue against Marcus, but he is relieved that his legal problems have come to an end. Simone’s prayer to God was heard.


S: “Baby, Imma pop in a frozen pizza – is that okay with you?”

T: “I’m not really hungry for food……but….I am hungry for you.” Trey gets up from the couch and walks over to the doorway where she stands and grabs the back of her head and pulls her lips to his. He devours her. Her knees fold and Trey grabs her waist to keep her up. He holds her tight against his body, as he massages her tongue with his. Simone lets out a smothered cry. She loved him so much and Trey could feel it all over her. He loved her too. She was a fighter. Trey picks her up and carries her up the stairs and to the bedroom.

He lays her gently on the bed.

T: “Can I have your word that you will never go near him again? I got enough things to worry about…I don’t want you to be one of them.”

S: “I’m really sorry baby for all this…it won’t happen again. By the way…I need my car window fixed.”

T: Trey smiles and shakes his head, “We’ll get it fixed tomorrow…cuz TODAY I plan to have my way with you.


Trey lowers his head and plunges his tongue into her mouth, caressing her thigh and arm with one hand while the other one played in her hair. He sits up, lifting the sundress that she had changed into right after court over her head. He immediately got aroused. She had on no bra. He looks at her breast and then at her face, and smiles. He dwelled in her beauty. He lowers his head and gives her a peck on the lips. Then he softly nibbles on her neck, kissing her chest, and then fondling her taut nipples. He kisses down her belly, spreads her legs apart, and blows on her clit.  She shivers and he smiles. He begins to lightly flick her clit, speeding up the pace the longer he went. Simone smothered his head in ecstasy…moaning her satisfaction. She rocks her body to the tempo of his tongue and before she knew it she was screaming his name… “Ohhhhhh Treemmmaaaiiinnnneeee!!!!!” as she came.

T: “Are you ready for something a lil’ unusual babe?”

S: Simone trying to catch her breath…“Bring it.”

T: “Ohhh, so you tryna talk shit…I got somethin’ for yo’ ass.”

Trey pulls off his white tee, basketball shorts, and his boxer-briefs. He picks her up with her legs wrapped around his waist. He sits on the edge of the bed and flips her over. He pulls her back up against the bed and as she sits their upside down with blood rushing to her head, he straddles her and plunges deep inside her. Simone squeals… “Oh no you don’t, you ain’t going nowhere”, Trey says as he grabs a hold of her legs up in the air and pulls her toward him. Trey rocks inside her for a moment…massaging her pussy. Then he switches to thrusts…in and out, in and out…  Simone’s cries are loud, so loud that he had to check to see if it was pleasure or pain. She reassures him that it was all pleasure. He continues until his thighs begin to burn. He lifts her up and sits down on the bed with her while still inside her. She unwraps her legs from around his waist, pulls him out of her, and stands up. She turns around and sits on his lap, inserting him inside her from behind.  Trey moans, “Ohhhh shiiitttt!” Simone sways back and forth. “Baby…oh my goodness baby…no, no, no…I’m not ready to cum yet”, Trey cries out.

S: “Uh huh…yeah I got some tricks up my sleeve too. Now talk YO’ shit. What’s my name?”

T: “Uhhh…uhhhhh….ohh, shiittttt!”

S: “Nope…my name ain’t oh shit. What’s my name?”

T: “SIIIMMMMONNNNEEEE”, he screams as he cums.

S: “Yep, baby…that’s my name. You like how I flipped the script?”

Trey cheesing, trying to get a hold of himself can’t say or do anything but smile.

S: “You mighty quiet now…Mr. Big Shot. Cat got yo’ tongue?”

T: “What comes around goes around…remember dat.”

S: “I’ll be ready.”

Simone gets up and climbs fully in bed. Trey gets beside her. She lies on his chest. Trey grips her tightly around the arms and kisses her forehead. “Best thing I ever stole”, he whispers to her.


The End!

P.S. And for those who want to know what happened to Marcus, the police arrested him once the doctors gave him the okay to leave the hospital. Trey put a serious hurting on him…cracked some ribs, broke his nose, and he needed stitches for his lip. Marcus was found guilty and sentenced to 3 years in prison for assault.


Thanks for reading “Mr. Steal Yo’ Girl” – it has been a pleasure!