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Treycapades Collection

The Tour Bus

Friday, March 18th, 2011

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Shay

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The sound of screams and pandemonium followed behind

Trey and his security as they ran out of the back door of the arena

towards the tour bus.


No matter how many shows Trey did, every night was complete

chaos ; he never knew what to expect. The minute Trey got on the

tour bus safely he gave his bodyguard Alonzo some instructions.


T: “Aye Lonzo tell them if they calm down I’ll sign some autographs

for them.”


Alonzo (A): “Aight I got you.”


Alonzo walked to the front door of the tour bus an assembled the

hysterical group of girls together.


A: *speaking loudly* “AYE AYE AYE! I NEED ALL OF YA’LL TO



(The group of girls quickly quieted down and listened for more

instructions from Lonzo…)



A: “Aight! Trey has informed me that he will sign autographs for

you guys only if you are on your BEST behavior. We will escort you

one by one on the tour bus to receive an autograph, take a picture,

and proceed back off the bus. We will do this in an orderly fashion.

Please get into a single file line ladies…”


The girls followed Alonzo’s instructions and made sure they kept

the noise level down to the minimum. They all went on the tour bus

one by one and each got an autograph from Trey.


Trey knew that even though sometimes his fans can get rowdy and

reckless, he still knew that they were the ones who rode for him

through thick and thin. So signing an autograph or two or taking a

picture was the least he could do for his fans.


After the last girl had gotten an autograph and picture taken, he

decided to head to his room on the bus and change clothes. The

minute he finished putting on his Jordan sweats and wifebeater he

heard a burst of commotion. Trey opened the door and the inside of

the bus looked like the VIP section in a club.


T: “Fuck goin’ on in here?” *raises eyebrow*


Usher (U): *chuckles* “What’s good Trey? It’s the last night of

the tour so we decided  to bring the party to you on your tour bus!”


The bus was filled with wall to wall women and a few

familiar faces like Chris Brown, Fabolous, Drake, and Bow Wow

who all came through to catch the last night of the tour.


T: “Got damn! Ya’ll done turned my bus into a fuckin’ club!

Let the party begin … Leggoo!”  *laughs*


Fabolous and Drake brought a caseload of liquor. Bottles

were flowing, they had everything from Nuvo, Hennessy, Patron,

Remy, Conjure, Ciroc; and Trey’s personal favorite Ace of Spades.


They blasted music and popped bottle after bottle. Each one of

them grabbed a girl and began moving to the beat. Trey’s eye

caught one particular girl who was sitting down watching while

everybody else was enjoying the vibe.


Trey slipped through the packed bus to where she was sitting and

sat next to her. She was a brown skin beauty with hair that flowed

down to her shoulders. She was slim in the waist and thick in the thighs.

Trey couldn’t help but bite his lip a lil’ bit when he eyed her up and down.



(Trey put his arm around her and whispered in her ear…)



T:  “Damn baby … this is supposed to be a party, not a funeral;

Cheer up!” *smiles*


Brown-Skin Beauty (BSB): *smiles* “I’m sorry, I don’t want to ruin

anyone’s night but I’m just not in the partying mood.”


T: “And why is that baby? You can talk to me, I don’t bite … Well

most of the time.” *winks*


BSB: *chuckles* “Trey are you flirting with me?”


T: “Hmmmm… Depends, do you like it?” *looks her dead in her eyes*


BSB: “You flirt with almost every girl! I’ve seen your interviews, so you

gotta come harder than that sir.” *smiles*


T: “Well damn! I’m glad I’m not a plane because yo ass just definitely

shot me down!” *laughs*


BSB: “I had to put my finger on the trigga!” *blows finger* *laughs*


T: “Well here I am baby in the flesh! You can put your finger wherever

you want to.” *winks*



While Trey and the brown-skin beauty were conversing, Chris turned the

music up louder and everyone began to get rowdy. This was Trey’s queue to

escort the beauty to his bedroom, where it was a little more quiet.


BSB: “Wow Trey! In here is huge, and this is all for you?”


T: “Yea baby I gotta get my sexy rest on too, you can’t be hogging

up all the good looks.” *smiles*


BSB: “Oh whatever!” *blushes*


T: “Damn how rude of me … I haven’t even gotten your name baby.”


BSB: “It’s Kennedy, KD for short.”


T: “That’s a beautiful name sweetheart, I love it.”


Kennedy (K): “Thank you.” *smiles*


T: “But you never finished telling me why you’re not in the mood

to party. There’s drinks flowing, good people, great night;

what’s the problem?




K: “I just recently broke up with my man. I really wasn’t even going

to come to the concert, but my friends convinced me to go and get

my mind off of him.”


T: “Well I’m glad that you did mama. And if the concert wasn’t enough

to get your mind off of him Trigga is right here to give you that amnesia!”

*winks and smiles*


K: *laughs* “Oh is that right?”


T: “Yea.” *leans in and whispers in her ear* “I’ve been told that I sex so

good I’ll make you forget your own name.”


K: *bites lip* “Boy you better stop talkin’ to me like that before

something pops off for real!” *chuckles*


T: *laughs* “Hmmm… I think you’re curious, it’s written all over

your face.”


K: “Well curiosity killed the cat, so I’ll have to pass.” *smiles*


T: “Well I’ll go down for murder tonight, cuz I’m about to make

The pussy purr…” *winks*



Kennedy couldn’t help but fall for Trey’s charm, he knew just the right

words to say to get her hot.


While Kennedy was sitting on the edge of the bed; Trey got behind her

while on his knees and began massaging her shoulders.

She closed her eyes as the stress and tension began to leave her body.

Trey had magic hands and he knew exactly how to use them.


As he massaged her shoulders he slowly moved her hair to the side

and placed his soft lips on her neck. He slowly kissed and sucked on

her neck and she was loving it…


Kennedy let out a little moan; Trey’s lips were so soft, his kisses were

sending a chill down her spine and she wanted more of him.


K: “Trey you’re making me hot…” *bites lip*


T: “I’m known to cause fevers also.” *laughs*


K: *chuckles* “C’mere” *uses index finger and summons

him to come over*


Kennedy laid across Trey’s king size bed and began rubbing

on her thighs. He joined her and slipped her dress off, snapped

her bra, but took his time with the panties…

Trey grabbed each side of her thong with both his index

fingers; he slowly and sensually slid her panties down her

legs to her ankles.


After removing her panties he removed his sweat pants

and placed himself right in between her legs. The “beast”

made his appearance through Trey’s boxer briefs and

Kennedy couldn’t help but tense up.


T: *smiles* “What’s wrong baby?”


K: “Damn I didn’t know that was what you were working

with, you’re gonna beat me to a pulp.” *chuckles*


T: *smiles* “I’ll be gentle baby, I promise the pain will

turn to pleasure soon enough.”


K: “Ok…”


Trey strapped up and introduced the beast to her kitty kat…


T: “He likes her…” *smiles*

K: *smiles* “She’s likes him too…”



They could both hear that the party was beginning to calm

down and that everyone was wondering where Trey and KD

had disappeared off to…


Chris and Drake began banging on Trey’s room door,

but no answer…


K: “Trey they need you!”


T: “Shhhh! Lay back down, they just gon’ have to wait.

This is an emergency; I gotta clear your plumbing.” *smiles*


K: *smiles* “Aight Mr. Plumber … Finish the job.”


T: *nods head* “Yes ma’am.”


Trey continued working his way slowly inside her love, he

could tell her ex wasn’t laying the pipe right cuz she was

tighter than spandex.


He gently stroked her and spread her legs some more to

get in deeper. Kennedy’s eyes rolled in the back of her head

and she sucked at her bottom lip.



Trey nibbled at her lip and kissed her, he continued his

rhythm inside her while getting a taste of her cherry lip gloss.


K: *whispers* “Trey go deeper…”


T: “My pleasure baby…”


Trey went in deeper and sped it up some more on her.

He was determined to make her cum so good that she

would be speaking in tongues when he was done.


(They switched positions and she was on top of him…)


T: “Damn baby, you ever took horseback riding lessons before

or do I have to instruct you?” *smiles*


K: “No … I got this. Just make sure your eyeballs don’t get stuck in

the back of your head.” *chuckles*


T: “Well damn!”


Kennedy began riding Trey like there was no tomorrow.

She moved her hips and threw it back on him like whiplash.

He didn’t know what else to do but lay there and take it.


T: “Girl you are fuckin’ amazin’! SHIT!”


K: *moans* “And you lay the pipe right baby!”


Everyone on the tour bus was starting to catch on that

they both disappeared so they could get it in…


Chris [C]: “Trey thinks he’s a slick muthafucka! Him and

that chick been gone over an hour now!” *laughs*


Drake (D): “That dude gets it in! I don’t know what he does

to these girls but they fall for it EVERY TIME!” *laughs*


Fabolous (F): “I say we give them a round of applause when they

finally decide to reappear.”


Usher (U): *laughs* “Sounds like a plan! But until then the party

ain’t over!” *turns music up*


Trey and Kennedy heard the music get louder so they continued

going at it. They switched positions again and he was hitting it

from the back.




She couldn’t control her sounds so Trey had to cover her mouth.

He could care less who heard but he didn’t want to overwhelm

everybody with the love noises.


It amazed him to see how well she could throw it back, finally a girl

who didn’t lay back and let him do all the work.  He continued going

in and out until she came all down her thighs.

Trey wasn’t done yet, he lifted one of her legs up and kept going.

He could feel his urge to bust…



K: “Agggghhhh! Trrrreeeeyyyyy!”

T: “What’s your name baby??!!”

K: “Aggghhhh! Kenn…”

T: *smiles* “You can’t finish yo name baby?

I did a hell of a job!”


(Trey pulled out, came on her stomach, and collapsed on the bed.)


T:  “Damn baby! You’re the truth!”


K: “I guess I had some sexual frustration bottled in. I hope I

wasn’t too much for you.” *smiles*



T: “Nope there’s nothing the “beast” can’t handle. *winks*

“Let’s freshen up and head back out there.”


K: “Ok.”


After Trey and Kennedy freshened up they both headed

back out of the room to the party…


(Trey opens door and everyone erupts in applause…)


T: “What the fuck ya’ll clappin’ for?” *laughs*


C: “Man ya’ll must think we’re the dumbest people on the

planet huh?” *laughs*


D: “We heard EVERYTHING! Ya’ll ain’t slick bruh…”



(Kennedy blushes…)


F: “We gon’ start callin’ you Mr. Get It Innnn!”



T: “Ya’ll muthafuckas nosey! Fuck outta here!” *laughs*

“Now can we get back to the party please?”


U:  “You ain’t sayin’ nothin’! Aye crank that music

Back up Chris! Let’s do this!


T: “Leggo!”


(Trey grabs Kennedy by the hand and dances the rest of the

night away with her…)