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No Place Else I’d Rather Be

No Place Else I’d Rather Be – Part 10

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Written by Shay


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After the argument between Trey and Desireé things had gotten better

between them but only temporarily. The tension between them was

starting to cause a rift in their relationship. If it wasn’t her calling and

snapping about the stories on blog sites, it was accusing him of not being

faithful while on the road.

There had been a couple of incidents that went down already between

females backstage and Desireé. One particular incident Lonzo and Dontae

had to literally pull Desireé off of one of the girls during a fight because she

wouldn’t let go of her hair.

Trey spazzed on her and they hadn’t talked in weeks. He hated the fact that

they had drifted to this point but Trey was disgusted with her behavior.

Despite his ill feelings towards D he was still deeply in love with her. Since the

tour was winding down he decided to fly her out to the last show in Los Angeles.

Desireé had her mind set on seeing and chatting with Tremaine before the

show. After touching down at the airport she met up with trey at his hotel




T: *opens door* “What’s up? Glad to see you made it safely.”

D: “Thank you.”

Trey stepped aside to allow Desireé to enter his Penthouse suite.

T: “Have a seat…”

Desireé followed Trey over to the couch where they both sat next to each


D: “Look Trey I’m…”

T: “Wait let me speak first! Desireé have you lost your fuckin’ mind lately?

I don’t mean to come off rude, but I gotta be blunt with yo ass! Do you

realize when you act up like that it reflects a bad image on me and my

brand? This is MY JOB! I can’t have you come in and burn bridges with

people I work with and have to see every day.”

D: “I understand that now and I’m sorry!” *bursts into tears*

Trey hated to see Desireé cry. He didn’t want to upset her but he had to

get it through her head how irrational she was becoming.

T: *embraces her* “Look baby I’m not trying to upset or belittle you! I just

need you to understand that regardless of if you don’t like something or

someone just brush it off. Everyone knows you’re my girl, I can’t have you

going around spazzin’ and beating people up! It’s not a good look on me

or you. What about your job at the firm? This won’t be good for business.”

D: “And I know that now! Baby I’m sorry, I know I haven’t been acting like

myself but when it comes to you everything gets hazy and lose it. I know

that’s not an excuse, but I can’t help the way I feel about you.”

T: “Desireé I love you and you know that, but this can’t happen again. I am

A R&B singer… this is what I do. Over the top fans and groupies come with

the territory sometimes, but we gotta deal with it in a healthy way.”

D: “I understand that Trey and again I apologize. I just don’t want it to be like

this between anymore… I miss you! I miss not having you around and us talking;

I want the happier times back.”

T: “I forgive you baby and I’ve missed you too. You know I feel incomplete

Without you. It’s a clean slate now… what’s done is done and it’s in the past!”

Desireé smiles and she and Trey engulfed themselves in a steamy kiss. Now

that they were back on track it was time for Trey to now focus on tonight’s

show. The Staples Center was a sold out show and it was total chaos in the

arena. Tank, Trey, and R. Kelly killed it with all their electrifying performances!

Desireé sat front row and enjoyed every part of the concert. She was a big

fan of Tank and Kellz, but she was absolutely in love with seeing Trey up on


After the concert ended she headed backstage to congratulate Trey on

everything. All of Trey’s team was there with him including R. Kelly, Tank,

Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Kevin Hart, Diddy, Keri Hilson, Rocsi, and Terrence J. who

had all come out to catch the last night of the “Love Letter” tour.

Everyone shared a few words and the champagne flowed. There was an

after party set for tonight and everyone who was anyone was scheduled

to be there.

Trey and Desireé headed back to the hotel room and talked before getting

ready for the after party.

T: “Man tonight was amazing! Did you like the show baby?”

D: “Like? Baby I LOVED IT! Ya’ll shut the city down tonight! I’m so proud of


T: “Thank you sweetheart. Now you still owe me though…”

D: “Owe you how?”

T: “Since I had to rush earlier and head over to the arena we didn’t get the

chance to make up the right way… the Trey way!” *smiles*

D: “Hmmm… the Trey way huh? Why can’t it be the Desireé’s way?”


T: “Cuz daddy needs to teach you a lesson… You’ve been a bad girl.”

*serious stare*

D: “Daddy I’m sowwy!” *pouts lip*

T: “You’re about to be sorry in a minute! C’mere girl!” *chases her into


D: “Ahhhhhhhhh!” *runs screaming*

Desireé collapsed on the bed while Trey got on top of her. He looked into

her eyes and kissed her lips softly. It felt so right to be back and better than


Trey tore Desireé’s blouse off and snapped her bra off. The way he was

manhandling her was turning her on, she loved when Trey showed his

aggressive side. He slowly worked his way down to her pelvis area and

slid her skirt and panties down. Trey removed his jacket, shirt, and jeans;

he eyeballed D and got back to business. He separated her legs and spread

them wide.

T: “Stay just like that… You better not move either!” *aggressive tone*

D: “Yes Daddy!”

Trey took his boxer briefs off and slipped on a condom, he was prepared to

make up with Desireé the right way by any means necessary.

He positioned himself in between her thighs and inserted “the beast” inside

her love. She gasped as a surge of pain and pleasure came over her. Trey

closed his eyes as he focused his body movements, he wanted her to reach

her peak that night.

It was a splash waterfall in between her legs and Trey was taking a plunge. He

worked his way in and out while Desireé moaned and gripped the sheets.

D: “Ohhhhhhhhh Trrrrrreeeeeyyyyyy!” *moans*

T: “Did you learn your lesson?”

D: *moans* “Yeeeeessssssss!”

T: *breathes heavily* “You gon’ show out like that again?”

D: “Nooooooooooo! Shhhhhiiiiiiiit!”

T: “Now lay it down for daddy!”

Trey tosses her body to the side and signaled her to get on top. Desireé

followed his instructions and began riding him slowly. Trey threw his arms

behind his head and closed his eyes.  She had a way with her hips that he

couldn’t explain, but it felt amazing. She continued moving her body against

his; as Desireé’s love began to tighten up around the beast Trey began gripping

her hips.

T: “Ohhhhhh shit! Keep goin’ baby don’t stop… Move them hips!”

D: *moans* “I’m about to cum baby!”

T: “Don’t hold that shit in! Cum!”

Trey held her hips and sped the pace while Desireé continued to whine her hips.

The room was full ecstasy while they both came and collapsed in each other’s


After their love making session they had no time to spare. It was time to get

ready for the after party at the club. They both showered, groomed, put

their clothes on and got ready to go.

Once on the scene the red carpet was pandemonium! Diddy, Fabolous,

Kevin Hart, Monica, Usher, Ludacris, Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson,

R. Kelly, and Tank were all in the building. Upon arrival Trey and Desireé

Desireé stopped to take pics for the photographers and disappeared inside.

Trey had his own VIP section upstairs; the bottles were flowing and everyone

was having a good time. Desireé had a few CocoLosos and two shots of Patron

and was beyond tipsy. Trey let her know she had had enough and requested

that no more drinks be sent to her.

Desireé sat and watched the scene, her head was throbbing and she was about

ready to go. D looked around looking for Trey but she couldn’t locate him. She

asked Fabolous if he had seen him.

D: “Loso have you seen Trey?”

Fabolous: “Yea he’s over there talking to Keri.”

Desireé looked over in the direction Loso was pointing at and saw Trey and Keri

whispering in each other’s ears and standing closely. This irked D and her tipsy

state didn’t make it any better. She boldly walked over to where Trey and Keri

were and began raising her voice…


T: “Desireé you need to lower you voice!”

D: “Are you really trying to check me right now Tremaine? You have some

nerve when you’re over here flirting with this hoe!”

Keri Hilson: “WAIT! Who are you calling a hoe? Don’t ever call me out of

my name! You don’t even know me!”

D: “You heard me the first time hoe! You’re all up on my man!”

Keri Hilson: *chuckles sarcastically* “I’m gonna give you five seconds to get

out of my face before I lose the lady in me!”

D: “Try me!” *pushes Keri*

(Just as Keri was about to retaliate, Trey stopped her…)

T: “Keri stop! Don’t do it, you have too much to lose!”

(Keri backed up and took a deep breath.)

Keri Hilson: “Trey you really need to control your lil’ girlfriend! She is way

out of line!”

T: “I apologize for all of this Keri! I really do! I’m gonna handle this!”

(Trey cut his eyes at Desireé and grabbed her by the arm…)

T: “Let’s go… NOW!”

(He took her to a secluded are in the club and they began arguing…)

T: “Desireé I’ve had ENOUGH of your bullshit! This is my life you’re fuckin’ with!

I don’t take it lightly when people fuck with my business, tonight you crossed

the line!”

D: “Tremaine you disrespected me!”

T: “I DISRESPECTED YOU??? Desireé you gotta be shittin’ me! You pushed Keri!

She is a peer of mines and also my friend, she is someone I work with often. Are

You not comprehending what you just did? This is gonna be on the cover of every

magazine and plastered all over MTO and TMZ! I am Trey Songz now, I can’t have

you fuckin’ up everything I worked so hard to build! I’ll be damned Desireé!”

D: “Wow Trey! So what are you saying? Where do we go from here?”

T: “I’m saying I’m done with the bullshit, I’m done with your insecurities, and I’m

done with the drama! I’M DONE WITH YOU! I just can’t fuck wit’ you no more!”

D: “Trey… I…”

T: “I’m not in the mood for anything else you have to say at this point! I just want

you to realize that you’re about to lose the best thing that ever happened to you!

And you have no one else to blame but you and your fucked up attitude! I don’t even

know who you are anymore! The car is out front, go to the hotel room, get your shit

and leave!

Tears welled up in Desireé’s eyes. Right then and there she realized she had just

lost the love of her life. What made it even worse was that Trey had lost his respect

for her as well. The car ride back to the hotel was long and painful. She reached the

hotel and arrived at Trey’s room. Desireé swiped the key and entered, she packed

her belongings and rescheduled her flight. She couldn’t bear to spend one more

night in LA with the thought of Tremaine hating her.

Hours later Trey arrived back at his hotel. Thoughts of everything he said to Desireé

whirled through his mind. He knew what he said was harsh but he had to be blunt

with her. As he threw himself on the bed he realized there was a note laid across his

pillow. Trey opened it and read it aloud…

T: “To My Tremaine,

I am truly sorry for all the damage and mayhem I have caused you over the past

couple of months. The look on your face tonight I never want to see ever again.

The woman I have become is not the woman I want to be. I hope you can find it in

your heart to forgive me Trey. Regardless if you do or not I still love you with all

my heart and soul. I wish you all the best…


Your  Desireé

Even after all that went down Trey still had a soft spot for Desireé, but he knew

They could never be what they once were… at least not at that moment.



Four whole months had passed since Trey and Desireé had seen or heard from

each other. But every day that she heard one of his songs on the radio, saw his

face on TV, or saw his posters hanging up somewhere it was like torture.

To take her mind off of Tremaine she buried herself in housework when she

was home. She happened to have been listening to the radio when she heard

one of the DJs mention they would be interviewing and premiering a new single

from Trey Songz.  Desireé had the urge to change the station but deep down

inside she missed hearing his voice and his presence. She continued listening to

the interview…

Lady AJ: “Welcome back! Thanks for tuning into WWMR radio this evening. Tonight

we are live in the studio with “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” himself Mr. Trey Songz! How have

you been Trey? I haven’t seen you since the last interview!”

T: “Thank you it’s good to be here! You know I have a soft spot for WWMR! And I’ve

been great been working on my new album, it’s set to be released at the end of this

year so I’m excited!”

Shay: “Well we are excited for you! I did get a chance to hear a few of the tracks

from the upcoming album and I must say I am in love with all of them.”

T: “Thank you baby! I’ve been working really hard on this project and a lot of the tracks

I put my heart and soul into.”

Tricia: “Well you have a world exclusive for us tonight! You’ve come to debut you’re

new single “Can’t Say Goodbye” … Tell us what inspired this song.”

T: “Well there comes a point in your life where you find someone you really truly

love. When you find that love you never want it to go away, but sometimes being

with that person may not be the best thing at that time. Sometimes you just have

to be the bigger person and say “I love you, but we can’t be together right now.”

Maybe one day… But for right now I have to be focused on me.”

Mykki: “I hear where you’re coming from on that one Trey. This song sounds real

personal… Is this one about your ex-girlfriend?”

T: *chuckles* “I’m not gonna go into details, all I will say is that she knows who she


Marco: “Well Trey why don’t you do the honors and premiere you’re new single on


T: “Hey it’s ya boy Trey Songz and here’s my new single “Can’t say Goodbye”

right here on WWMR! LEGGO!”


Desireé keenly listened to the song because she knew that everything Trey had

to say to her would be in the song….

Shawty there is no one else…more perfect for me than you

There is no one else…That makes me feel the way you do…

My miss independent loved me from my head to my shoes

But I can’t keep fightin’ to make u see that my heart is true

I need you to grow…so you can receive all I have for you

I’d lay down my life…If we gon work I need ur trust in me too

So I gotta let you goOOOO…Even though somethin in my soul said no

I had to you goooo…don’t want you to hurt anymore

Baby…wipe the tears from your eyes

I’ll say “see you later,” cuz I can’t say Goodbye

As I drive away I hope you watch out for my brake lights

No matter where I go… You’ll always be mine…

We don’t fit right now so I’ll wait for the right time…

I’ll say “see you later,” Cuz I can’t say Goodbye….OOOOHHHH OHHHH

Say see you later cuz I can’t say Goodbye…

I know I’ll Think of you later When I look at my empty bed,

Where I’ll fall asleep alone trying to get your smile out of my head.

I wish I coulda made you see that there is no place else I’d rather be…

I wish I coulda made you know…Wish I coulda made you believe…

I know I’ll think of you Later When I look at every photograph,

Reminicing about the times we shared…the love that we had,

I wish you were strong enough to ride on the rollercoaster called my life

I wish you were strong enough…Cuz I wanted to make you my wife

Baby..wipe the tears from your eyes

I’ll say “see you later,” cuz I can’t say Goodbye

As I drive away I hope you watch out for my brake lights

No matter where I go… You’ll always be mine…

We don’t fit right now so I’ll wait for the right time…

I’ll say “see you later,” Cuz I can’t say Goodbye….OOOOHHHH OHHHH

Say see you later cuz I can’t say Goodbye…”

Shay: “Wow! That was Trey Songz with his new single “Can’t Say Goodbye” and all I have to say

is sheeeeeeesh! Trey the vocals on that are amazing!”

T: “Thank you so much Shay! It comes from a real place, so going into the studio

I made sure I put my everything into it.”

Lady AJ: “Now if you guys want to request that new joint call the WWMR request

line at 888-555-WWMR.”

Tricia: “I have a feeling that that one is going to get a lot of requests!”

T: “Ya’ll make sure ya’ll vote that for ya’ boy! It would mean a lot to me if this single

becomes number 1!”

Lady AJ: “We want to thank Trey again for stopping by! You’re like family to WWMR!

We played all your hits when no one else would, so you’re always welcome here!”

T: “And you know this maaaannnnn! AJ, Shay, Trish, Mykki, and Marco keep doing the

Damn thing! WWMR Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!”

Desireé couldn’t help the tears from falling as the lyrics of the song rotated

in her brain. After all that went down Trey still loved her, but she realized just

like he did that they couldn’t be together. There was so much she had to work

personally that there was no way her and Trey could make it work right now.

But she knew that there was no place else she’d rather be than with Trey….