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All the Ifs

All the Ifs – Part 7 (Conclusion)

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Written by Shay


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*** THE NEXT DAY ***
Larissa knew her heart was with Trey,
but she just couldn’t bring herself to hurt Damon.
Damon was there with her through all the pain and heartache,
so she felt obligated to stay with him.

Last night kept replaying over and over again in her mind;
how right it felt being with Trey … like how they used to be.
But she convinced herself that they could never be that again.

Larissa drug herself out of bed and got ready for work.
She had a feeling today was going to be a really long day.

She could barely focus on work because
all she had on her mind was this dilemma.
Who to choose? The man she cared for deeply, Damon?
Or the man who always had her heart, Trey?

She was in a world of her own until she heard a familiar voice
calling her name…

Crystal (C) (Co-Worker): “Larissa … Larissa!
Can you sign off on this paperwork for me?”

(Larissa snaps out of her train of thought and replies…)

L: “Oh! Sorry about that. Sure… Just leave them on my desk.”

C: “Ok. Are you alright? You don’t seem like your usual self.”

L: “Oh it’s nothing, just got some things on my mind.”

(Crystal goes to shut the door…)

C: “C’mon now … Dish!”

(Larissa explains about the whole situation,
and the hard decision she had to make.)

C: “Sheeeesh! That’s quite a story there Larissa.
But I see where you’re coming from.”

L: “Either way, whatever decision I make is going to change my life.”

C: “Ultimately it’s up to you, but what you need to do is pray and let God guide your decision.”

L: “Yes you’re right.” *sighs*

“Thanks for the pep talk Crystal.”

C: “You’re welcome. You have my number if you need anything.”

L: “Thanks.” *smiles*

Larissa finished up all her paperwork and decided to head home a little early.
She grabbed her belongings and headed out the door.
She sped off in her Porsche truck and headed towards the highway.
She intended to have a nice, calm, and stress free night to herself.

She ran a bubble bath, lit some candles, and put on a slow jams mix.
She knew she needed some relaxation.
She slipped out of her robe and entered the tub.

She took about an hour of relaxation in the tub and then got out.
She dried off, put on something sexy, and popped open a bottle of bubbly.
As she sat down on the couch she couldn’t help but hear music…

She got up and heard the sound coming from outside her door.
Larissa slowly walked over towards the door, the song sounded really familiar.
She got closer and realized she recognized the voice.
It was Trey!

She slowly opened the door, and Trey continued to sing…

T: “I wish that I could run that back
But in life you can’t press rewind
‘Cause the only way to fix this thang
Is to go back in time
‘Cause if I had my wayyyyy
Yesterday would be right now
Instead of fighting we’d be making love
Until the sun go down

It’s like my sun won’t shine
It’s like my ride don’t roll
It’s like the only one thing I love
Don’t love me no more.
It’s like my right gone wrong
It’s like my ice gone warm
Cause the only one thing I love
Don’t love me no more.

If I hadn’t a slacked up on my pimping
You’d be here with me
If I’d a stayed instead of dipping
You’d still be here with me
If I’d a prayed instead of wishing
You’d still be here with me
But all the ifs in the world won’t bring you back again..”

Larissa was in tears at that point, she couldn’t believe it.
As she listened to him sing she realized the answer
was standing right in front of her.

She LOVED Trey, and that moment said it all.

Larissa jumped into Trey’s arms and kissed him.
This had been the love she had been waiting for all her life.

L: “Trey I’m sorry for this rollercoaster I’ve been putting you through…”

T: “Baby, don’t blame yourself. My stupidity is what brought us here to this point.
But all that matters is that we’re back … And closer than ever. Larissa I LOVE YOU!”

(Trey looks Larissa deeply into her eyes)

L: “I LOVE YOU TOO, Always and forever.”

Trey and Larissa embraced each other and never let each other go.
It felt like that very moment was frozen in time.


*** THE NEXT DAY ***

Larissa decided to go over to Damon’s house and break the news to him.
She was sitting in her car trying to build the courage to face him…

L: “Ok Larissa. You have to do this.
Just swallow your pride and go knock on his door…”

(Larissa gets out of the car and walks up to Damon’s door)

** Rings doorbell **

(Damon opens the door)

D: “Hey love! What’s up?”

(Gives her a hug)

L: “Hey Damon…. Ummmm… I need to talk to you.”

D: “Wow… Sounds serious, Come in.”

(They both go over and sit on the couch)

L: “Look… This is already hard enough as it is, so I’m just gonna say it.
You know I really love and care about you, but I can’t keep leading you on.
I’m in love with someone else.”

(Damon’s smile turned to shock)

D: “WHAT??? So you come over here to tell me everything we had has been a lie?”

L: “No not at all, I’ve enjoyed every moment with you.
But I can’t keep putting my feelings aside; I have to be truthful to you and myself.”

D: *shakes his head* “Wooooow… Well I guess there’s nothing left to say,
looks like you’ve already made you’re decision.”

L: “Damon… I’m so sorry.”

D: “I don’t need you feeling guilty for me. Just do you and I’ll do me.
Goodbye Larissa, you know the way out.”

(Damon leaves Larissa sitting on the couch,
and Larissa walks over to the door and let’s herself out.)

Larissa headed over to Trey’s hotel room to let him
know that she finally had broken it off with Damon.

(Larissa knocks on Trey’s door, moments later he opens it)

T: “Baby! What’s up?”

(Gives her a hug and kiss)

L: “Nothing I just came back from Damon’s house.”

T: “Oh yea? And what happened? He ain’t put his hands on you right??”

L: “No, not at all. But I did break things off with him.”

T: “Finally! Now I can have you all to myself!”

(Trey picks up Larissa and spins her around)

T: “I love you so much. I’m glad you’re here to stay.”

L: “Always and forever baby…”

(Trey and Larissa kiss)

T: “Now it’s time for daddy to give you the business.” *winks*

L: “You gotta catch me first…” *smiles*

(She runs to the bedroom and Trey runs after her)


After “All The Ifs”, love bonded Trey and Larissa back together. =)