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Hazel – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Friday, July 15th, 2011

A Young Lloyd Fan Fiction

Written by Tricia  (@GimmeUnusual)


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Lloyd and Rylee snuck out the back of the arena where his black on black chrome maserati coupe was parked. He pressed a button and the doors lifted up horizontally.

Rylee: Show off.

Lloyd: You know you like it girl.

Rylee: Whatever…

Lloyd held her hand as she climbed in and then went on the other side and climbed in.

Rylee: You could’ve at least closed the door!

Lloyd smiled, shook his head, and then pressed the lever forcing the doors to close automatically.

Lloyd: Cat got yo’ tongue now?

Rylee: I can’t stand you. (Laughing)

Lloyd joined in with laughter.

Moments later Lloyd was pulling up to his Atlanta mansion. The gates opened automatically and had the initials YG (Young Goldie) inscribed in it. The landscaping was something out of a fairytale. His lawn was evenly manicured, and the tropical shrubs and orchids gave the house an exotic tone. The driveway had to be the length of a football stadium, ending with a house made of mostly glass.

Rylee: This is your house?

Lloyd: Yeah…you like it?

Rylee: Its okay (nonchalantly).

Lloyd: Well I hope it’s better than okay – cost me my entire salary from “Street Love”.

Rylee: Are you serious? (Shocked)

Lloyd: (Giggling) I’m just kidding, but it cost me a grip.

Rylee: Well it’s nice.

Lloyd: Wowwww so compliments do reside on your tongue…I was wondering if your tongue was malfunctioning. Glad to know my house impresses you since obviously my car didn’t.

Rylee: So you’re trying to impress me?

Lloyd: Isn’t that all a part of the man – woman dynamic? Practically everything we do is to get chicks.

Rylee: Everything???

Lloyd: Pretty much. There are three reasons why I bought this particular car…to pick up chicks, to impress my boys, and because my profession says I should be driving a nice car. Now there are two reasons I bought this house…1. Because my profession says I should have it and 2. Because this pad will motivate women to take their clothes off.

Rylee: You’re such a dog.

Lloyd: No baby…I’m not. I’m giving you trade secrets here.  I don’t even bring women to the crib like this because I don’t need any stalkers.

Rylee: So why you bring me?

Lloyd: Same reason why I’ve done everything I don’t normally do today…you got me trippin’ girl.

(Lloyd’s phone rings)

Lloyd: Excuse me.

Phone conversation

Lloyd: Hello.

Publicist: Hey. It’s Danny.

Lloyd: Hey, what’s up?

Danny: Have you seen Twitter?

L: Yeah.

D: Is it true?

L: Yeah.

D: What?!? What were you thinking?

L: I wasn’t and I already know how fucked up that was so you don’t even have to lecture me.

D: Don’t worry about it…its just gossip. Let it blow over. Don’t tweet anything about it…but I hope you didn’t hire her.

L: No and I’m not going to.

D: Okay, good. Now do I have to remind you about your image?

L: Nope – I already know. It won’t happen again.

D. Cool. Well I’ll holla at you later.

L: Ok. (Hangs up)

Lloyd: Look Rylee, I can’t hire you for that dance spot, but let me talk to some of my homies and see if I can get you in with someone else.

R: Like who?

L: Baby look around you…I work in the industry…I have industry homies everywhere. I’ll find someone who can use you. Besides, I’ll be doing them a favor…you’re gifted girl. Your body moves like a conga…make me wanna beat on it.

R: (Mouth wide open) Uhhh…I’ll come back to beating on my body…but about your industry friends…since you’re hooking me up…can I put in some requests?

L: Now you pushing it.

Rylee laughed. Lloyd clicked the lever making the car doors open. Rylee climbed out before Lloyd could ever assist her. Lloyd opened the front door to his mansion and his two rottweilers greeted him with sloppy kisses. Rylee jumped behind him.

L: They’re harmless.

R: Are you sure about that…they look like they can eat me?

L: Nawww don’t worry…they prefer steak, not spam.

Rylee playfully punched Lloyd in the arm and they both laughed.

R: No, but Lloyd seriously, I’ve always wanted to work with Usher, Ne-Yo, Keri, Chris Brown…ooooo…Beyonce…do you know Beyonce? I’d really love to dance for her.

L: I’m cool with all of them except Beyonce…she’s in the industry but she’s not really IN the industry. She stays to herself a lot. I’ll see what I can do though…I’m not making any promises but I’m sure I’ll be able to get you somewhere.

R: Can you call now?

L: Patience girl! It’s getting late…I’m tired…I’m ready for a shower…you ate all my food…nigga famished…not today. I’ll handle that tomorrow.

R: Ok, well you go take your shower and I’ll fix us something to eat. Is it alright if I help myself to the kitchen?

Lloyd grabs her hand and pushes her towards the kitchen.

L: Make yourself right at home. Go at it!

Rylee laughed and went straight for the refrigerator while Lloyd disappeared.

Rylee looked for the simplest thing to make. She threw a couple hamburgers on the grill and put a couple potatoes in aluminum foil with butter and placed them in the oven. She took off her shoes and got comfy on the sofa.

L: You tryna burn down my house girl.

R: Naw…I got this.

Lloyd went over to the grill and flipped the burgers.

L: I thought you were actually gone cook. I coulda fixed this.

R: Now look who’s complaining. I’m tired.

L: *Lloyd went over to the couch and sat on the end where her feet were, placing them in his lap* I’m sorry. You wanna take a shower and climb in bed.

R: Yes, I really do.

Lloyd pulled Rylee up off the couch and escorted her to his bathroom. He showed her where everything was and gave her a t-shirt to put on.

L: I’ll finish the food.

R: Thank you *Kissing his lips*

L: You’re welcome.

Rylee took her time showering. She let the water from the showerhead just beat away all the stress of the day. She closed her eyes as the day’s event played like a slide show in her mind…dancing for Lloyd…kissing Lloyd…feeling him inside her…his hurt…the way he shared his food…his smile…his laughter…

L: What are you smiling about?

Rylee screamed and almost fell in the shower.

L: Lloyd grabbed a hold of her* It’s just me girl.


L: Well damn…I’m sorry!

R: *Breathing heavily* Is the food ready?

L: Girl it’s been ready…you been in here for a half an hour.

R: For real?

L: Yeah…shit I got tired of waiting for you and ate already. I was hungry.

R: Rude ass.

L: *Lloyd grabed the back of her thighs, picked her up, and shoved her against the wall* I done had just about all the abuse I’m gone take from you today. You done punched me, hit me, insulted my car and my crib, and then you gone trick me…

R: How I trick you???

L: Shut up…your rude nigga right here now. Fixing me some fuckin hamburgers when I deserved some muthafuckin steak. That shit was rude…so now you finna be punished. You finna take this dick and all I wanna hear is the sound of my dick tearing your pussy out the frame.

R: Oh my God…

L: I said shut up…don’t make me tell you again.

R: Ok…I’ll shut up but I still need you to put on a condom.

L: I got this covered…I knew what I was coming in here for.

Lloyd unwrapped the condom and applied it before slipping inside. He dug into her body as her nails dug into his shoulder blades. Rylee screamed cries of passion as she rocked her hips and drew his dick in with every thrust.  She tightened her walls and squeezed…

Lloyd dug into her hips as her pussy sucked him…aiming to finish the job it once started.

L: My legs getting weak baby…lemme lay you down.

R: Mmmm…ok…oh shitttt…you feel so good.

L: So do you.

Lloyd laid her body down in the shower and continued his thrusts, pumping in and out rapidly. Rylee flipped him over and began to go up and down on his dick like it was a pogo stick.

L: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttttttttttttt

Rylee worked her pussy on him. She pinched his nipples and when her legs began to get tired she rocked back and forth on his dick. She rubbed his balls and Lloyd’s body flung forward.

L: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Rylee continued to rock until she reached 7th Heaven and collapsed in Lloyd’s arms. The water continued to beat against their bodies as exhaustion set in.

L: Let’s get in the bed…by the way, I’m sending you my water bill.

Rylee smiled and looked down.

L: Don’t look down baby…don’t ever look away…keep them hazel eyes right here on me…

The End!!!