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Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Written by Syreeta AKA @PritTbrowniiz (BestSellerAngel)


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“And cut! Ok. Great job guys.”
“Yes! My vacation is about to begin.”
“Zoe you enjoy the next few days off ok. Take a load off, you seem tense.” Then he laughs.
“Thank you Dennis. I will.” I say smiling back. Then Brian White walks over.
“Don’t get too happy and not want to come back.”
“How happy can I get for a few days off? Now give me two weeks we talking ecstatic.”
“I can get real happy over a few days off.” I gave him an inquisitive look.
“Hmm well maybe I need to say that to you then. Don‘t be holding us up from completing this movie.”
“Nah, I may have a special heart to take care of at home, but I‘ll be back.” I’m thinking boy is she lucky, as I discreetly look him up and down.
“Well you enjoy your time off Brian and I shall see you in a few days.” He gives me a hug. I think to myself “Oh I miss this.” He says good bye and off he goes. As I’m walking to the door to leave I see Terrance Jenkins and Wood Harris. I walk out with them.
“Zoe what you gettin into the next few days?” asked Terrance. (It would be nice if it was you) I thought.
“Yeah what you got planned?” added Wood. (Would you like to join me) I thought again…damn Zoe behave.
“I’ll be going home to New York for a visit. I have few errands to run, places to go…people to see…things of that sort…so yeah, how bout you guys?”
“I have a few speaking engagements that I have to do. Really excited about it too.” said Terrance.
“Oh cool.”
“I ain’t doing a damn thing.” said Wood. I’m on vacation and I’m bout to chill for a minute.” Me and TJ laugh.
“Oh I’m gone get mines in believe dat.” said TJ.
“Alright Zoe you have a safe trip home and enjoy your time off.” said Wood.
“Yeah miss, I’ll check you out in a few.” TJ and Wood both give me a hug.
“Bye guys.”
Oh I’m so happy to finally have a few days to myself. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but this body is aching for some much needed attention. It seems like every since I’ve been filming the “Heart Specialist” I’ve been having these dreams about the guys I work with. It’s really weird. Then when I’m around them it seems like they can read my mind and know that I was dreaming about them or something.
They’ll just ask me a simple question like did I sleep pretty good last night and I’ll go into panic mode. I get all flustered and have to pull it together since the visions of the dreams would instantly pop right in my head. I would suddenly have to shake it off and gather my thoughts before I spoke. I’m surrounded by some very attractive men in this film. I adore those guys, but for the life of me I can‘t understand why I‘m thinking about them in a very sexual way. I’m tired of bringing work home with me, especially in this way. The first thing on my list is to get a nice massage. I need to relax and take my mind off of work.




Today was the day of my appointment. Mya referred me to this really good place in Manhattan, NY called “West Garden.” When I walked in the place, the scenery was beautiful. I was starting to feel relaxed already. I walked up to the front desk to check in.
“Oh! Hello! Welcome to West Garden how can I help you today?”
“Hi. I have a 12:00 pm appointment.”
“Ok. Name please?”
“Uh, Zoe Saldana.”
“I thought that was you, but I didn’t want to say anything and if I was wrong be embarrassed.” she laughs and I smile. “Would you mind giving me your autograph?”
“No, not at all.” She gives me a brochure and asks if I could sign it: To Sheryl one of my loyal fans. After that’s done she asks me if I wouldn’t mind taking a picture with her. I told her that was fine, so she goes in the back and get’s one of her co-workers to take our picture. Then she finally walks me to a sitting area.
“You can have a seat right here and someone will be with you shortly. It really was nice to meet you. I look forward to your next movie and thank you so much for the picture and the autograph.”
“My pleasure.” As I sat in the waiting area I couldn’t help but to be impressed with the room. It had brown hardwood floors that shined like they were freshly polished, black sculptures that sat on the floor giving the room much style and flair and a floor length mirror to give the room depth. The couch I was sitting on was some sort of nice brown leather and very comfortable. I decided to pick up a magazine off the ottoman that sat in front of the couch, to read while I waited. They had them neatly lined right down the middle of it, I almost hated to disturb the look. A few minutes later I was taken back to a room where there were two tables with a towel and a sheet folded at the bottom of each one. I was told to get undress and someone would be back in shortly. I laid on the table and got comfortable with the sheet fully covering my body. I was so ready for this. Then there’s a knock on the door and someone walks in. A familiar voice says “I’ve been waiting for this appointment all morning.” I looked over my shoulders and was shocked. I covered up as best I could and got up off the table to give him a hug.
“OMG! Keith how are you?”
“I’m good. I couldn’t wait to see the look on your face today, since I knew you were coming in.”
“Wow! I didn’t know you did this.”
“Yeah only part-time for the moment. So how have you been?”
“I’m great!”
“I see the movies are treating you well.”
“Yeah work is definitely keeping me busy which I am thankful for.”
“I guess that’s what brings you to me today right?”
“Right.” I can’t stop smiling. Me and him use to date a long time ago and the only reason for our break up was because I had moved away. He still looked good too. I mean he was your average looking guy, but to me he was everything. Everything right for me. He still looked the same. Physique still in tact, thick brown hair, blue eyes, I always loved his eyes and he has the nicest lips for a Caucasian.
“I guess we better get started. You can put the towel in between your legs to cover up the front and back areas and then we’ll get started.” He walked out of the room for a minute to give me some privacy. Once he came back in he pulled the sheet slightly above my buttock, leaving my back and bottom partially exposed to start.
“Are there any particular areas that need more attention than others?”
I sighed and said, “Everywhere needs attention unfortunately.”
“Oh maybe we should’ve allowed you longer than an hour then.” he says as he starts moisturizing my skin and then massaging my shoulders. His hands felt so warm and soft.
Oh my gosh this felt amazing. I felt too comfortable with him. He moved my hair away from my neck and massaged the area around it. He even gave it a kiss. I thought, that was a nice touch. I didn’t mind that at all. Then he kept slowly massaging me until he worked his hands down to my lower back. I started feeling like putty in his hands. He could’ve molded me in any way, shape or form my body was willing and ready. He made places in me come alive that I didn’t know existed. He moved the sheet that covered the bottom half of my body and he partially uncovered my ass by removing the towel. Instead of working the area with his hands he kissed the area with his lips. It caught me off guard at first, but I was too relaxed and it felt too damn good to care. He kissed one spot after another. Ooo I thought, he‘s making me wet. My breaths became heavier with each kiss. Then he completely uncovered my ass and continued to kiss all over it.
Next I felt his tongue licking in between the top of it. I started to softly moan as the sensation took over. His tongue penetrated a little deeper making me squirm from the feeling. I had tingles all up and through me and they felt so good. I poked my ass out for more satisfaction. He licked down the middle of my buttock until he got to my vaginal region. He lifted my hips, spread my legs and started sucking on my wet clit as I laid on my stomach. “Ahh YES!” I said, but at a whisper. I couldn’t believe I was being pleasured like this and there was no way that I was going to fight the feeling. He sucked and licked and sucked some more until I reached an orgasm that felt out of this world. My body trembled and shook as my climax came to an end. I laid there breathing heavily from this most needed encounter. Shortly after, I felt him cleaning me up as I breathlessly laid there. I couldn’t even move. Then he walks beside me and strokes my hair.
“How are you feeling?” I gave him the biggest smile.
“Ok. Say no more.”
“Thank you…how’d you know?” I didn‘t even give him a chance to say your welcome.
“Because no matter how much time has passed between us, I still know you. I know what my Zoe needs. You wouldn’t have come here if you were already getting what you needed.” I finally got the strength to sit up.
“So how can I repay you?”
“I like massages too you know.” I flashed another smile again.
“Deal!” I gave him a hug. Now this felt right, I thought. He walked out of the room and I got dress to go to the front desk to pay.
“Wow! You look rejuvenated.” said Sheryl. “You had Keith today right?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Ok…lets see…he gave you the Deep Massage.” she said as she was looking in the computer. Oh yes he did, I thought. Then Keith walks over.
“Sheryl if you don’t mind I’ll take care of Ms. Saldana.”
“Oh not at all. I’ll take a quick break.” He waited until she walked off and then he said “Today’s appointment is on me.”
“Keith I can’t let you…”
“Have a good afternoon Ms. Saldana. Oh!” He took his card out of his pocket and wrote on it before he gave it to me. By this time Sheryl was back and just like that he walked away. I looked at the card as I was on my way out. On the back it read: You’re the one and only woman that I want to pamper that way. Until next time.
, I thought. He was definitely getting penciled in to get his massage before I went back. I was feeling real good from head to toe and front to back. Damn I love massages.

The End.