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The Question

Friday, January 4th, 2013

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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“FUCK! Not again! Da fuck you doin’ man?” I said as I unraveled out of the sheets, sliding off the bed in between three bad ass bitches.


I grabbed my shorts from the floor and pulled them up. I shook my head at the sight. Three naked bitches sprawled all out on the bed. Couldn’t tell you either of their names or how the fuck we even got here, but I was glad to see we ended up at a hotel and not my crib. I looked at them for a brief moment. Even with their hair tossed all across the bed, I could still tell they were fine as fuck. I shook my head again and then looked down at my dick, “You fuckin’ up!”


I went in the bathroom to wash my face. Looking back at my reflection I tried to piece together the events of the night before. “My birthday…the Bentley…Magic City…bottles…bitches…smoking on that Kesh…SHIIIITT! What am I doing here?”


The muthafuckin million dollar question. The question I ask myself every time I get this fucked up where I can’t remember shit.


I got ready to take a piss and realized the condom was still on. “THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!!!” I grabbed some tissue so I could remove it; next thing I hear is a sweet voice in my ear.


“You need help with that?” she asked.

I turned to look at her. She had some tig ole bitties with paw prints right below her collar bone. Then her belly button ring lit up, putting my eyes right on her completely shaven kitty kat.

“Damn,” I said.


She ran her fingers through her long blond hair and smiled at me. Then she walked over and grabbed the tissue from me…rolling the condom off my dick. After she rolled it off, her hand remained on my dick. She started tugging at it, trying to pump it hard.


“Hol’ up baby girl. Look, I was a lil fucked up last night.”

“No baby, you were more than a lil fucked up.”

Chuckling, “Ion remember shit!”


She laughed. “Maybe I can help refresh your memory,” she said before licking up my left bicep stopping at my shoulder where she nibbled.

“I need a minute baby. I need ta pee. I’ll be out in a bit,” I said as I shoved her out the bathroom and closed the door behind her.


I took a piss, while all the time staring at my dick. My mind played tricks on me. My dick turned into a revolver and the cylinder began to spin. The trigger cocked back…


*Knock Knock*


I jumped. Shit sounded like my dick firing off. “Damn, am I still high?”

“What was that?” she asked.

“Nothing…I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Hurry up and bring me that big cock here!”


I didn’t respond. Shit…I was trippin’. I started checking my dick…making sure it was all good. Making sure no dried up cream was on it. I couldn’t remember last night…had to make sure I didn’t enter either of them raw.


I washed my hands and then braced the sides of the face bowl as I stared in the mirror. “Fuck wrong with chu? Snap out of this. You got three bad ass bitches here.” I looked down at my dick, “Wake up!”


I walked out to the bedroom and noticed it was empty. I opened the front door and realized we had a suite. “Man I was faded last night.” I heard some giggles in another room.


I followed the sounds…leading me into another bedroom. The bathroom door was open and I could see all three girls in the shower together. “Fuck!”


Just then one of them spotted me and came tip-toeing over to me. She pulled me by the arm and the other two got out dripping water all over the place to help. My shorts were off before I could blink. They pulled me into the shower and all thoughts were gone.


One started kissing me while the other two had their tongues on my dick. I lost myself in the moment. I fingered the bitch kissing me. Her pussy wrapped around my fingers like a glove. I could only imagine the shelter my dick would receive. She was a brunette with darker skin, only a shade lighter than me. I couldn’t make out her descent, maybe Indian. She had a tattoo of a female centaur on her lower back which I noticed as she walked in front of me towards the shower. Plump ass, small tits, and a freak…she was definitely my type. More so than the other two, but they were all fucking gorgeous. I wanted her the most though.


The other two girls stopped sucking my dick to kiss each other, so the brunette tugged at my dick, making sure it stayed ready for her.


“I need to wrap up. Let’s take this to the bed.”


“Whatever you say daddy,” one of them said.


I stepped out the shower and they followed behind me. I felt like a piece of meat, especially after one of them slapped me on my ass. I discovered my pants on the couch in the living room and pulled a condom out. That’s where we all landed…right there in the living room. The brunette grabbed the condom from me and rolled it on my dick with her teeth. Then she climbed on top to ride me.


The other two were on the floor already enjoying themselves. The blond that came into the bathroom with me earlier was eating the other chick out. I watched them…I don’t know what it is about two women together that turns me the fuck on but I was so close to busting a nut just from looking at them. Girl riding my dick made it no better. For a second I thought I was that damn horse on her back the way she galloped on top of me. I wanted her to pull the reins…slow me down a bit. She had all my muscles tightening up and I knew it was over when I felt my toes curl.

“Ughhhhhh,” I yelled as I nutted. I grabbed her hips to slow her down; she was headed off the tracks. My body jerked like a bitch. Felt my whole back cave in.


“Shitttt…fuck girl!” I let out.


I opened my eyes when I felt her hand touch my chest. She braced herself and came down. She kissed me on the lips. I was digging her ass.


“How was that?”

“Good,” I replied.

“Just good? Then I gotta do better.”

I laughed, “Naw baby…that shit was phenomenal!”

Laughing, “Much better!”


“You gone join us,” the blond asked.


My dick was going down and I didn’t think I even had enough energy to fuck anymore. Shit I know I’m young but I’m still fucked up from the night before. Got my ass all sluggish and shit.


I got down on the floor with them and figured I’d just use my hands. I rubbed one pussy while the other chick removed the condom and sucked my dick. She had me hard again fast as hell. I sucked on some titties and fingered the blond until she squirted all over my hand.


I watched the brunette chick sit on the couch and rub her pussy as she watched us. That shit was turning me on. I was ready to fuck her again but I knew I had to share the dick. I pulled myself from the two girls and got to my pants to get another condom. I put it on and entered one. They both were blond and since I don’t know their names, the best way for me to describe them is to talk about their tattoos. It’s the one blond with paw prints on her titties and the other one with a big ass scorpion down her back. I was fucking the shit outta the scorpion.


She bucked back at me as I fucked her from behind. She turned to look at me as I drove in and out of her, hissing and cussing at me to fuck her. Paw Prints kneeled down beside us. She ran her fingers through Scorpion’s hair, massaged her back, and bit my nipples.


I looked up when I saw the brunette girl squeal as she made herself cum.


“Daddy, it’s my turn,” Paw Prints interrupted. I brought my attention back to the task at hand. I pulled out of Scorpion and laid Paw Prints on her back. I entered her and began to fuck her. She talked a lot of shit, calling me a coward n’ shit. Telling me I’m scared to fuck her brains out. She told me I better make her feel my cock in her throat. It was enough to almost distract my ass. I like a lil talking, but she took it to the extreme. Then she stared at me while I fucked her. The shit was blowin’ me so I turned her ass over. I tried to fuck her hard but I was losing steam. Its not the man but the pussy.


I don’t know if she ever came but after a while I pulled out and the two blonds removed the condom and sucked me dry. We fell in a leap on the floor all cuddled up. When they fell asleep, I crawled on the couch with the brunette and snuggled up. She rubbed my head until I fell asleep.


I saw glimpses of that revolver again. The cylinder spinning and the trigger cocked. The frames kept playing over and over again…cylinder spinning…trigger cocked back…spinning…POW!


I woke up and sat straight up on the couch in a cold sweat. The girls were all asleep.


“Fuck! I’m playing Russian roulette with my dick. Fuck are you doing man?”


The Question…