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No Angel

Monday, February 10th, 2014

A Beyonce Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“Welcome home.”


He sees me propped up on the bed in heals and a black one piece body suit made like a corset. It fit my body nicely. My skin was nice and oiled down, body glistening in the dimly lit room. Candles added to the ambiance too. I could tell by the look on his face he was pleased, a hint of surprise showed as well. I got up off the bed and before he got to take too many more steps my body was there blocking him. He watches my glammed up lips as I speak.


“Tonight is going to be all about the art of me loving you.” He was about to speak. I cover his lips. “Don’t say a word baby, just do as I tell.”


He still was about to speak.


“Shhh,” I say, slowly bringing my lips to his. They shushed him with a sensual kiss.


I start to undress him starting with his suit jacket that he had on. My man is a business man, all about making dividends. Sugamama’s about business too, tonight. My hands slipped underneath the jacket on both sides of his shoulders and eased it off of him. He watched my exposed butt as I walked to lay the jacket flat on top of the chair we had in the room. I walk back over to him with a strong hankering in my eyes ready to finish what I started. I take his hand and guide him over to the bed. He sits. I unfastened his bow tie laying it on my shoulder. I was going to be using it. Then one by one I unbuttoned his designer shirt. He slides his arms out of it smiling as my hands dance down his skin removing it. Then over his head went his t-shirt.


Next to be removed was his socks and shoes. I’ve learned it’s true what they say about big feet. I bring him back up on his feet while I unfasten his dress pants eagerly unwrapping my package. I bent down helping him to step out of them. I loved how he was allowing me to lead for the night. All he was left in now was his boxers. I stand there and look him over while he’s standing there swinging his arms together making a clapping noise with his hands. I was looking forward to him making something else clap. I turn around with my back facing him and use his body as my pole and slide it up and down on him. I grab his arm putting it around me as I swayed moving my ass from side to side against his package. I had my own music playing in my head. His lips kissed the base of my neck while our bodies did their own caressing to this silent tune. The shuddering in his breath as it warmed my ear let me know he was definitely heated up. I abruptly turn to face him with both the palms of my hands on his chest.


We longingly gaze into each other’s eyes. With a mischievous smile I slide my hands in his boxers to touch him. I grab a hold of the pussy controller. I call it that because when he’s inside me it makes me do all these wild and crazy things. It puts me under a spell and controls me. While I had control I start to jerk it. He already had pre-cum oozing out, so he was wet enough for my hands to slide. He takes his hands holding the sides of his boxers ready to slip them off. My eyes gave him the go ahead. Once they’re off he stands tall with his head back while I play with my controller, but this definitely wasn’t a toy. It needed to be handled with much care. I slid my controller back and forth against my lips, then smacked it alongside them before I licked it. I had his legs shaking as he invaded my throat. My controller was vibrating too as it fucked my mouth. I let him hit it until he came. I pulled him out since he knows I don’t swallow and let it run all between my cleavage. I stood up and came out of my one piece. I used it to wipe my breast off before I tossed it. I keep my black heals on. With all my movement his bowtie fell off my shoulder and onto the floor. I picked it up and tied it around my neck. Just something to add to the ensemble. It wasn’t a perfect fit, but we damn sure are. Then I pushed him back on the bed and sat on top of him. I whisper.


“You ready for Bey baby?”


He nods his head yes with a grin. I crawl up his chest and get a few kisses out of him. I swing my legs over and kick my shoes off. Our bed is custom made with a pole across the top of it situated in the middle. It has handles on it just for me. I stood up on the bed sticking my hands in each one of them. He sits up and slides his body down to meet me in the middle. He knew what time it was. I spread my legs wide gracefully with my toes pointed out as I’m holding on. He lifts his face, sticks out that tongue and starts sucking on sugamama. His lips and his tongue had my pussy purring, feeling like it was getting the greatest massage. The way he wiggled it over my clit and licked me non-stop had me raining heavy down pours. He holds my legs right under my thighs, keeping them spread lending additional support as I’m trying to hold on. This was another way that I liked to work out and get worked out. Invigorating yes! Strenuous yes! Worth it? FUCK YES!


My eyes roll back in my head as I’m moaning from pure pleasure. When I couldn’t hold on no longer my legs went over his shoulders while he cupped my ass holding me. I hugged his head as he held me trying to catch my breath and gather my strength. He laid back sending my upper body forward leaving sugamama still in his face. He went back to eating. I sunk my hands into the pillows about to succumb to his command. I wasn’t ready just yet, but it was too late. I sang “N-Nooo na no nooo…” over and over again like that was going to prevent the inevitable. He made me bust all in his mouth. My body quickened uncontrollably as he took in every drop. That shit felt so good. I know he enjoyed it too because when I tried to move he was still trying to kiss all over sugamama. He lays there smiling. I finally get up.


“You ready to go for a ride now baby?” I say, as I’m climbing over him.


This time I turn with my backside facing him. I pivot up and slide his controller right on in. Mmm, what a rush. I’m filled with even more tingles. He takes his big hands to grip my waist lifting me up and down helping my movement. Loudly I scream out of control. He was driving me wild as he loved me. His length and his width gave my body a jolting each time he penetrated my insides. I thought I was gonna shoot off the bed like a cannon going off from the way we bumped. I bit down on the corner of my lip as my insides was being taken for a ride, as well as he was. “Uhh yes baby,” escapes as he rocked me. Before I knew it I was cumming again and so was he. He squeezed me tightly as he released. A crooked smile appears on my face. I love when he erupts. I slowly inch my way off of him and lay up beside him. He wraps his arm around me.


chuckles “I see you in one of ya devilish moods. Where that halo…looks around…I on’t see dat shit tonight.”


I laugh.


“Be quiet! Besides, I never said I was an angel, but you’re no angel either baby.”


“Yeah, people think I’m the devil himself.”


Humph! That’s why I love the hell out of him ~ XOXO.