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French Kiss

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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She so bad…I can’t help but watch her when she sleeps. She don’t know it but I like to move her hair out of her face and make promises to give her everything all while she dreams, hoping that she dreaming about me. I learned a long time ago that all women are not created equal. Some are satisfied with the minimum but she demands my full attention, especially when we on our grown shit. I always softly kiss her neck and shoulders to wake her…I love when I can be the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes. Usually she pushes me away and rushes to the bathroom but I like when she lets me get a moment to have her just like that, no makeup for her, no shave for me…just us. Then I like to move between her legs and mount her, lifting her chin, forcing her to stare up at me. I lightly kiss her forehead and the bridge of her nose before letting my lips rest against hers. I just like breathing with her, real slow and passionate, almost rhythmic, like the perfect beat, knowing that I would soon make her produce the perfect melody.

Sucking softly, I taste her bottom lip while her soft hands caress my back and her legs wrap tightly around my waist. Kissing is more than foreplay to me. It’s my way of making her feel what I’m feeling. With my baby, I don’t have to say many words, when we kiss it’s like she knows everything my heart wants to say and I love it right in the morning while we’re both bare.  Skin to skin. She feels so smooth and creamy as I work my way down…and when I work my way down I take my time making love to every special place, from her collarbone to her pretty ass titties and down to her navel. Tasting. I love to taste and she is so delicious. Once I make it from her bottom lip to her other lips I gently say, “Open them legs for me baby”. She opens up slowly and I get rock hard watching her invite me in. Part of me wants to just beat it up but her body calls for my kiss and I can’t take it without tasting it first so I let her sweet peach drip, lapping up the juices while her beautiful voice sings to me. When I hear her say my name I twirl my tongue the way she likes it until she screams that she can’t take it spilling over in ecstasy.

Then I tell her, “Hold them legs back,” and I place them on my shoulders before diving in as deep as I can go. I know I hit it right when she closes her eyes tight and turns her caresses into deep scratches, digging into my back. I get it like that, then I get it from the side, but I like it best when she ready to ride. When she bucks against me and begins losing her breath I’m usually so close that I join her melody with a song of my own, gripping her ass the way she grips my back. We kiss as we climax and I suck her lip in and out while she rocks her hips slower and slower. It’s like coming down from a high together and she ends up resting against me, skin to skin, breathing quickly but in unison, both desperately trying to catch our breath. Then she smiles before resting her head on my shoulder, where her legs once were. Her satisfaction is my promise an in all ways I intend to keep it.