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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Written by Syreeta (AKA @PritTbrowniiz)


Your flavor’s what I like

ya inches is what I need

Boy your fit is just right

mmm feed me that seed

I’ll take it how you like

from the bottom or the top

And once I get started

you’ll beg for me to stop

I’m gonna drive you nuts

and make your toes curl

You will always know

who the fuck is ya girl

You’re gonna crave my lovin

and want for my lips

To give you a massage

as they make love to ya dick

Yeah I’m that one

that’s gonna give it to ya good

You’ll be walking around saying

I wish another nigga would

Try to approach my girl

and think they gotta shot

Get the fuck outta here

nah nigga I think not

I’ll be embedded in ya brain

and concealed in your heart

The last thing you’ll be looking for

is a brand new start

Because I’m that one

that holds your sexual healing

And will be the only one

that can give you what ya feeling

So hold on to me baby

don’t ever let me go

Your in for the ride of ya life

after this hell of a BLOW.


(Put’s hand under lips and softly blows)


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