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Poison – Part 6 (Conclusion)

Thursday, September 8th, 2011


A Reggie Bush Fiction Story

Written by Lady AJ (AKA @LadyAJ03)


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(Few Months Later….Last game of Football Season)

Reggie let his only true love lead him. Football never turned him down and every second he spent on the field was an opportunity to show his appreciation to the one constant in his life. After London walked out and took his heart with her Reggie buried himself farther into the game. He couldn’t help but read her letter over and over hoping for a “see you later” instead of goodbye. Goodbye was so definite and painful….a word he promised never to say to anyone he loved ever again.

Trainer: How do you feel? You killed ‘em tonight!!

Reggie: Pretty good….just too bad we’re not gonna make that Playoff run this year

Trainer: Next year yall might take it all…I think that wristband gave you good luck…

Reggie: (Peeking at the custom wristband that read “RIP #21 Steve Justus”) Yeah….good luck from Steve….

Trainer: Why do I feel like something else is on your mind? You wanna talk about it??

Reggie: Naw…I’m just gonna head back to the hotel and get some rest….

Trainer: Some rest?? I heard everyone was going out tonight….

Reggie: Well….I’m not tonight…..I got a lot on my mind…..and I’m leaving the country early in the morning….

Trainer: Where you headed?

Reggie: Paris


London let the sound of the pavement beneath her feet soothe her heart as she continued her usual morning run. With the wind blowing through her fire engine red hair she moved as fast as her feet would carry her through the country side, blocking out every thought that consumed her. She wanted out of the game, death only took away and never gave back. She planned to let that life go but not before she got justice for Steve and Robyn. The business was emotionless but taking both of them together, the way Tyrus let it go down, was a serious violation. She had to make them all pay. Lisa, Tyrus, and Malachi were all on the list, but the process would take time to get them where it hurt. Stopping at a local café, London walked in and flashed a smile before surprising the attendant with her perfect French. After ordering breakfast she sat next to the window enjoying the view, plotting her next move before receiving a disturbing text.

Tyrus Text: I’m coming for you….

Deciding against answering she put her phone back down on the table shaking. The plan was going to have to move faster than suspected. Now she needed to save her own life.



Tyrus checked into the same hotel he watched Reggie walk into. Paris seemed a world away from the States so he could only assume that London contacted Reggie and that alone infuriated him. A woman he gave his heart to chose to give hers to someone less than. Tyrus couldn’t help but wonder what she saw in Reggie. He was a square, corny, and would never understand her. “If I can’t have you no one will,” he said aloud before walking into his suite. The room reminded him of all the nights he spent hiding out with London in their Bonnie and Clyde days. They would get a fly suite and spend the night taking their adrenaline out on each other in the sheets. She was the only lover that could stand against him and make him feel weak. Sitting on the edge of the bed he remembered the way she stared into his eyes, the way she smiled and the soft way her lips pressed against his. He remembered the way she would remove her shirt and move in close until her perky titties were close enough to suck and the way she moaned when he touched and licked all over her body. Then he had visions of Reggie making her scream and lost it, grabbing his gun he headed for his room only to find it empty after breaking in. “It’s over for you fool,” He said with confidence before heading out to find London.


Reggie was excited about his new business venture. He used to think that football was all he wanted to do but modeling and working with investors on new projects helped him to build a brand outside of football and he couldn’t help but think about all of the opportunities that were still to come. Staying busy helped him to keep his mind off of everything personal, just how he liked it.

Investor: It has been a pleasure working with you.

Reggie: Thank you for the opportunity…I look forward to more work in the future.

Investor: Definitely…I’m still interested in that other project with Hygi Diamonds as well…we’ll talk once I close the deal.

Reggie: Yes…We will (shaking hands).

Investor: I guess we will meet here again tomorrow to discuss the details.

Reggie: I will be here….

Investor: Enjoy your evening….get out and see what Paris has to offer. This is the city of love you know….you may not find the one forever but you may find the one for right now….

Reggie: (laughs) We’ll see about that….


London found herself window shopping through town wishing she had family or friends. Everyone she ever loved she cut off to protect them. Stopping in front of a diamond jewelry store she took in the beautiful necklace that caught her eye. It would be nothing to steal it but instead she closed her eyes and imagined someone she loved giving it to her over a candle lit dinner. Touching her bare neck she let her imagination wander, taking her to the one person that stayed on her mind.


London: (touching her neck) Oh My Gosh…this is so beautiful!!!

Reggie: (kissing her neck softly) This…is what you deserve. No more scars…no more pain….just me….

London: Just you?

Reggie: Yes…..

Opening her eyes she jumped at the sight of Reggie coming toward her quickly. He wore a look of surprise and confusion on his face that matched hers, like neither one of them were sure what they were seeing. Turning away, London began to jog then sprint away from Reggie looking for a place to hide. She never wanted to face him again…it was too dangerous. Letting her feet carry her as fast as they could she continued to run, dodging people and turning down dark alleys until she felt Reggie’s hands on her. Stopping in a panic she tried but couldn’t stop the tears from falling once they made eye contact. Pressing her against the wall Reggie looked at her from head to toe, unable to speak.

London: (Panting between words) Why….are you here??

Reggie: Business….Why did you leave me???

London: Business….

Reggie: Business made you leave?? THE COUNTRY??

London: I don’t expect you to understand….

Reggie: Explain it to me….all this time I thought it was Steve…that you were scared because of what happened to him….

London: It shouldn’t have ever happened…..I’m sorry I wasn’t there….

Reggie: Is that why you left??

London: No….

Reggie: London…TALK TO ME….

London: I can’t ok…Just stay away from me….

Turning her head away from Reggie’s stare, London spotted Tyrus aiming his gun with a smirk on his face. His wink let her know that he knew he was caught and that he still planned to shoot so she grabbed Reggie’s hand and began to run…again. One shot popped off and Reggie began to run faster to keep up with London’s speed. Jumping onto the fire escape leading to her hideaway, London forced Reggie to follow her lead and once they were safely inside she watched as Tyrus continued his chase, letting her know she lost him. Breathing what she knew was a very temporary sigh of relief she walked over to Reggie and checked him over. He couldn’t believe she was worried about him when her body was shaking all over with fear. Pulling her into his embrace, Reggie allowed his warmth to calm her before forcing her to face him.

Reggie: What is going on??

London: We’re being hunted….and it’s all my fault.


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