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Trey & Alyssa Series 4: I Refuse

I Refuse- Part 10

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Jean paced back and forth with his hands on his head trying to find the small shred of sanity he once had.  He came to the states because he had a job to do and a family to uphold, now he couldn’t even convince himself that his life had any purpose.  Moving one hand down his body he let it rest on the gun in the front of his pants.

Alyssa knew all too well what Jean was feeling. She felt like she was staring at a part of herself when she looked at him. Once again, secrets and lies put her family at risk.

Alyssa: Enough with the lies!!!!!!!!!!! This has all gone on for too damn long….

Momma Carter: I’m sorry for my part in this…but Winston…he was ruthless….

Kaya: Stop speaking of my father that way!!!

Jean: Why not?? He deserves it!!!


Kaya couldn’t remember ever being more confused in her life. Control was always important and now she had none. Looking around the room she tried to bring order and make sense of everything and everyone around her. She watched as Janine wiped away tears and wondered how long her life would have remained a lie if she would have never come to find Alyssa.

Kaya: You talk about my father….but what about you Janine! Huh? Look at how many lives you put at risk….how could you let people you love mourn for you?? How could you throw your daughter away like day old trash and never come for her???

Momma Carter: THAT IS ENOUGH KAYA!! I never threw you away….

Kaya: To HELL with you!

Alyssa: Kaya….

Kaya: I’m sorry but this is not your fight Alyssa….

Jean: Stop it….all of you….

Momma Carter: You don’t know what you are talking about….I WAS PROTECTING YOU…ALL OF YOU….

Jean: HEY!! Look here… (Pulling out his gun) I need silence….

Kaya: And you…..Jean I thought I knew you but you are even more of a coward….how could you make me feel all of that for you when you were only setting me up!!!

Jean: (pointing the gun at Kaya) You never felt anything for me but selfish greed….

Kaya: should I be afraid? (walking toward the gun) huh?? Should I be shaking right now?? Go on then….shoot me…


Trey felt an urge in the pit of his stomach….one he couldn’t ignore. He wanted to give Alyssa time to connect with Kaya but he needed to see her, face to face. The more he tried to stay away the more he heard a voice telling him to turn around. After dialing her number and still getting no answer he couldn’t take it anymore. Trey needed to let her know he would be there whenever she needed him. His mind drifted to the text he sent her earlier…he promised he would never let go so he refused to turn his back and leave Alyssa reaching out for him.

Rushing back to the beach house he ran inside only to find it even more emptier than it was when he left. “Where yall at?” He yelled, searching from room to room. Retracing his steps he continued to call out to them with no response. Stopping on the patio he stared at the fouton, remembering the moment he shared with Kaya earlier. He wished it was Alyssa…then this whole nightmare would have been over. Shaking the thoughts away he struggled to find focus. As he looked out of the window it all came back…JEAN…..


Jean: (Pressing his gun into Kaya’s chest) Don’t tempt me…

Momma Carter: Antony…

Jean: (looking over at Janine) Another word…and you won’t have to lie anymore because you will really only have one child….

Kaya: (going for the gun to grab it) I hate you!

Jean: (choking her with one hand….pressing the gun even harder against her chest) Good…that makes two of us….(eyeing Alyssa and Janine) I think you better go over there with your other daughter and take a seat….NOW!!!!!

Kaya: (Coughing…searching for air as she spoke) You are… a nothing…..and you… will always be… a nothing….

Jean: YOU ARE A WHORE….LESS THAN NOTHING….And I will show everyone… (releasing her neck) Take your clothes off….show them….

Kaya: Make me!!!

Jean: (Ripping her clothes off….stripping her to her bra and panties) CHEAP WHORE…

Alysssa: (crying and shaking all over) STOOOOPPPP!!!!! JUST STOPPPPP!!!!

Kaya: Don’t worry sis…Jean is weak…a coward (spitting into his face)

Jean: THAT’S IT!!!! (resting his finger on the trigger)


Trey knocked but when there was no answer he burst through the door following the voices he heard. As he entered the room, he felt all of the air leave his body when he saw Alyssa standing in front of Jean naked. Even with a gun pointed at her chest she looked strong on the outside, but he knew she was terrified…he knew she needed him. His mind told him to walk in calmly but his heart forced him to rush toward them.


The thunderous sound of the bullet leaving Jean’s gun at close range was no match for the loud, earth shattering scream Alyssa belted out as Trey’s body fell to the floor. Alyssa watched as it connected with his chest, causing him to jump slightly before crashing….Everyone seemed to freeze in that moment….unable to move.

Alyssa: (Rushing to Trey’s side) OH MY GOD!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!! TTRREEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! TREEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (Applying Pressure to his chest as his eyes closed slowly) COME BACK TO ME!!!!!  YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN’T LET ME GO….DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!! DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trey’s body shot up in the bed while he held his chest trying to catch his breath. “Oh Shit,” He said loudly between breaths with his hand covering his heart. Forcing himself to lie back down he continued to hold his chest and breath slowly…it all felt too real. Alyssa’s body tossed and turned violently and Trey tried to wake her as she began to scream out, “NO…Don’t go!” in her sleep. Once he finally shook her awake she gasped at the sight of him with widened eyes.

Alyssa: (holding her chest while placing her hand on his) Oh My God….TREY!!!

Alyssa jumped on top of Trey and searched him all over….he was there….she was there. Tears flowed from her eyes as quickly as Trey was able to wipe them away. Resting her head on his shoulder, refusing to let her hand leave his chest, Alyssa stared into Trey’s eyes before he covered her mouth with his. He kissed her slowly and deeply, unable to remember the last time her touch meant so much.

Trey: (breathing heavily) It’s ok baby…It’s ok….

Looking around they both saw the decorations they still needed to put up for TJ’s birthday party… and the birthday boy still slept soundly on the video monitor. Speaking together, they talked over each other trying to make sense of what just happened….

Alyssa: That was the scariest….

Trey: Man that was the craziest….

Trey and Alyssa in unison: DREAM….

Alyssa: It was like a movie!!! I was there….but nothing made sense….

Trey: I couldn’t wake up….I kept trying…but….

Alyssa: I couldn’t wake up either until you got….

Trey: then I got

Trey and Alyssa in Unison: SHOT!!!

Trey: Well Damn….

Alyssa: You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine??

Trey: It’s still early…we have time…you first….


“Love takes Courage, Faith and Strength” – Lady AJ