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Hazel – Part 2

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Written by Tricia

AKA @GimmeUnusual (Twitter)

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(Moments Later)

Rylee: (Sighing) Thank you Lloyd…I appreciate it.

Lloyd: What’s that sigh all about?

Rylee: I feel like I just invaded into your personal space…I really wasn’t…

Lloyd: Oh no baby…it’s okay. I didn’t mind at all.

Rylee: You’re very sweet (smiling). Where did your friend go?

Lloyd: Ummm…I think he went to grab his food.

Rylee: (Walking a little closer…invading Lloyd’s personal space) Did you get rid of him for me? (Running her hands up and down the buttons on his shirt)

Lloyd: And if I did?

Rylee: (Running her hands up the length of his button-down and wrapping her arms around his neck) Smart move.

Lloyd: You are a naughty girl.

Rylee: (Removing her arms) Oh my goodness…what am I doing…this is so unprofessional… (stepping back) I’m sorry…it’s just that when you smiled at me like that on the stage, you…you…I don’t know. You made me want you.

Lloyd: I know the feeling, but you right…we can’t do this. It’ll look like favoritism if I picked you. Plus we can’t mix business with pleasure.

Rylee: Right! But I’ve always believed business is even better with a little pleasure doused in.

Lloyd: Haha so you just make up your own metaphors huh?

Rylee: (Smiling) I’m feeling you…that’s all I know…and I think you’re feeling me.

Lloyd: (Lightly sliding her misguided hair behind her ear) You’re stunning.


Rylee grabbed the hand that lightly touched her ear…kissed it and placed it to her cheek.


Lloyd found himself being seduced by this wild temptress. He was getting hard.

He placed his free hand lightly on her neck and she looked up into his eyes.

Her hazel eyes were actively undressing and fondling him. He gave in to her seduction…fucking her back with his eyes.


Rylee threw herself against his body, pressing her lips on his. Lloyd gave in to his desire – circling his arms around her waist and drawing her close.  He kissed her in return.

Rylee enjoyed the tenderness of his kisses and the way he manipulated his tongue inside her mouth. The tantalizing movement of his tongue had her afloat. If the way he used his tongue was any indication of how he’d use his dick, she knew by the end of the night that she would be on Jupiter.

Lloyd slowly backed her body up against the wall. He held a handful of her breast as his kisses descended from her lips down to her neck. She wore a spandex bodysuit that hugged her body tightly.

Rylee began unbuttoning his shirt and unfastening his belt buckle. That was just enough to send Lloyd over the edge. He grabbed a hold to the top of the bodysuit and pulled it down the length of her body. She stood before him in skimpy panties and a sports bra. Her skin was beautiful…caramel delight. He placed his lips on her belly…kissing all over and teasing her belly button with his tongue. Rylee held his hair…moaning at his every move on her body.

Lloyd unbuttoned his jeans, stepped out of his boots, and began to wiggle out of his pants. As quickly as he got out of his shoes…he had her sports bra off. He taunted her nipples…first with his fingers and then followed by his tongue. Her body told him with every sound that he was working her with perfection. She bit her bottom lip as he nibbled on her nipple – drawing it into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue.

He was ready for more. He let her nipple go and returned upright, making eye contact with Rylee. She smiled because in his simplest way she knew that was his way of saying…“It’s your turn girl.” She got the message loud and clear. She turned him around, pushing his back up against the wall. She continued his path…descending to his neck, down to his nipples, and beyond…

She let her tongue walk across his body…teasing him. His dick was noticeably hard in the Calvin Klein boxer-briefs he wore.  She shoved her hand into his boxer-briefs and began her exploration. Lloyd jumped at her touch, throwing his head back against the wall.

Rylee decided to pull the boxer briefs down. There was no stopping now…she wanted all of him. She clasped her hands together and made a small, tight space for his dick. She placed him inside the small pocket of her hands and began to massage him. He moaned and the sound of his cries made her juices flow. She slid his dick in her mouth…sucking it like the pro she was. Her hand simultaneously rubbed his shaft as she gave his dick a tongue bath…twirling her tongue around his head and down the length of his shaft…over and over again. She sucked on it…tugging…milking him like a cow with her mouth. He tasted so sweet. The pleasure she evoked within him was denoted by his cries of passion; they made her crave more of him.

Rylee released his dick from her mouth and stood up. Lloyd opened his eyes to see her removing her panties. He reached down into his pocket and pulled out the magnum gold – tearing it open with his teeth and sliding it on.

He quickly lifted her up by her ass. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Lloyd pushed her up against the wall and hungrily entered her. The pressure made her yelp as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

Lloyd: Owww

Rylee: Aah, aah…aahhhh sorry!

Lloyd: Mmmm


Lloyd pummeled her pussy…slamming in and hitting every inch of her. She held on tight…enjoying the way he fucked her.

Lloyd: Ready to switch it up baby?

Rylee: Mmmm…yes baby…YES!!!


Lloyd unwrapped her legs from around his waist and allowed her feet to touch the floor. He held her hand and led her to the couch. He bent her over the back of the couch and entered her from behind. He fucked her like a power drill – driving further and further inside her hole…



(Knocking Hard and opening the door slightly)

Carolyn: Lloyd…we can hear y’all outside. Oh my goodness I can’t believe you. This is NOT the time or place! And you’re already 10 minutes late!!!