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On The Low – Part 8

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

A Pooch Hall Story

Written By: Shay


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After the blow up with Linda and breaking it off with Arielle

Pooch was in need of an uplift. He had been crashing by his

co-star Hosea’s house in the meanwhile since he wasn’t

allowed back at the house only unless it was to see the kids.

It killed Pooch to know that he had lost his wife and family

because of his selfishness.

Hosea (H): “Aye Pooch dog you’re gonna have to cheer up and

focus bruh! Remember it’s back to shooting in a couple of days.”

P: “Yea I know man I’ve just been in a funk lately! I mean everything

just blew up in my face like that!” *snaps fingers*

H: “I know your situation is messed up right now man but you know

you were in the wrong dog! How long did you think you would be able

to keep this up for?”

P: “I don’t know man… Guess I just got caught up!”

H: “You really have become Derwin Davis huh?” *laughs*

P: “C’mon man… this isn’t funny!”

H: “Ok ok ok! I think we need to get out of the house! We’re

gonna party tonight so you can quit worrying about all this.”

P: “I’m not in the club mood Hosea!”

H: “Look I’m getting you out this house… Don’t let me have to

call the goons up!” *laughs*

P: “Aight Aight! We out tonight!”

H: “My dude… now we’re talking!”





Pooch and Hosea arrived at the club looking debonair; while the

cameras flashed and people screamed their names. The stress

began to leave his body as he entered the scene. The strobe

lights and music all worked in harmony and the VIP section was

popping! He drowned himself in the atmosphere and hid behind

his “pseudosmile” just to get through the night. He engaged in a

few quick conversations with his celebrity peers and fans to keep

his mind off of everything. He left the club that night feeling a little

bit at ease, but still didn’t feel whole.

Hosea decided he was going to head over to one of his homegirl’s

house so he gave the house key to Pooch and let him know he wouldn’t

be back til morning. Pooch agreed and drove back to the house, he

pulled his car into the driveway and entered inside. He went up to take

a shower and get situated for bed.

After taking a shower he decided to go down to the kitchen and make a

sandwich. The heat in the club had taken a lot of energy out of him and

he in need of a boost. He opened the fridge door and took out all things

he needed to create the perfect man sandwich. As he began to apply

mayo to the bread he heard a creak come from inside the house. Since

he knew that Hosea was out for the rest of the night, there was an eerie

feeling that came over him. Despite his feeling he continued making his

sandwich. As he was placing the other slice of bread on top of the pile of

delectable eats he felt a surge of pain hit the back of his head and he was

out cold.

Arielle stood over his limp body and had the two men she hired drag and

carry him to an awaiting van. They took him to an unknown location where

he was bound and tied up. When he finally awoke from his concussion he

couldn’t believe the lengths that Arielle went to.

A: *speaks to men* “You guys can wait in the back, I can handle it from here.”

Man # 1: “Ok just holla if you need anything.”

Both men walked in the opposite direction and Arielle focused her attention

back on Pooch. She un-gagged his mouth and began to speak…

A: *chuckles* “Look what I have here… Pooch nice of you to join me.”


A: “Tsk tsk tsk! That’s no way for you to talk to your future wife! You

see I’m not done with you yet, you think you can just pick me up and

put me down as you please? No… the minute I get rid of that little wife

of yours my plan will be complete!” *grins spitefully*


A: *walks over and sits on his lap* “And Pooch what can you possibly do

about that? Where in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! No one knows where

you’ve disappeared to and your phone is at Hosea’s house. There’s not

much you can do now… and if you even THINK about trying a stunt I will

kill you! Cooperation will make sure no one gets hurt!”

P: “And what are you gonna get out of all this? Kidnapping me, hurting my

wife, you being on the run? We can never be together after this so why do


A: “Oh but we will! I’ve planned it to the T! So kiss your family,friends,

and fans goodbye because we’ll be leaving the country in a couple days.

We are going to be together whether you like it or not. You played with

my emotions now you have to pay the consequences.”

All Pooch could think about was his family, friends, and fans being worried

sick about him. He couldn’t believe how far she had taken her obsession with

him. He understood that he had played both sides of the fence; but she knew that

he was married from the beginning.

P: “Arielle please… I’m begging you… please don’t do this! *voice of urgency*

A: “Too late! *tapes his mouth shut* Me and you are forever now!”