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I Refuse- Part 3

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Lady AJ

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Alyssa gripped the steering wheel tightly as she took the curves in the road leading toward her destination. All she could think about was how much she needed what she was after. Trey didn’t understand and she didn’t expect him to….but this was something they both needed. She felt bad about lying to him…especially after the way he had just made love to her. Shaking her head, Alyssa tried to black out the pain she knew Trey would feel when he woke up without her by his side. She knew that feeling all too well…many mornings she woke up to the sound of TJ’s cries and Trey’s pillow would be cold in his absence. No smell of his cologne….no sound of his sweet voice humming in the shower. Thinking about it made her want to turn around but those feelings were not enough…

** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **

Buggzi found himself losing Alyssa in the turns so he sped to keep up without being spotted. She knew the turns before she hit them which let him know she was going somewhere familiar. Knowing that she was going to see another man behind his best friend’s back was enough to make him pull alongside her and confront her right away but he needed evidence…and he needed to know why Alyssa felt the need to hurt Trey. From the moment Trey said, “I Do” he devoted his life to her….the fact that she was throwing it all away was disappointing. Taking a ramp onto the freeway, Alyssa picked up speed and Buggzi followed suit…this time speeding up a little close to keep careful eye on the areas they crossed into. His speed got the best of him once he saw flashing lights in his rearview mirror….reluctantly he pulled to the side of the road after watching Alyssa take the next exit.

Police officer: Hello there…License and Registration please….

Buggzi: (Handing over documents) Here you go sir….

Police officer: Are you aware that you were speeding?

Buggzi: I’m sorry…I guess I am in a bit of a rush…got a family emergency…

** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **** *** *** **** **** *** *** ***

Trey pulled into the brand new Shades Hotel downtown. Looking around he took in a deep breath when he didn’t notice Alyssa’s car anywhere in sight wondering why he was driving around investigating his wife. That message don’t mean shit, he thought to himself as he watched people passing in front of him. A feeling in his gut still made him feel uneasy and the more he thought about the way she just left after he poured his heart out to her…the more frustrated and angry he felt. Maybe my love is just not enough anymore, he thought as he rubbed his hands over his head and down his face. The guilt he felt was becoming even more overwhelming when he continued to watch people walking in and out with no sign of Alyssa. He couldn’t help but imagine how she would feel if she knew he was still questioning what was supposed to be resolved between them. “Go Home,” He said aloud. Just as he moved to obey his own order he spotted the man from the blog site photos entering the building. Jumping out of his ride he followed the mystery man inside and listened in as he spoke with the front desk clerk.

Mystery Man: Yes…Yes….and I will need extra towels in suite 1412 for in the morning….no wake up call we plan to sleep in…

Front Desk Clerk: No problem…is that all?

Mystery Man: No…That will be all…

Trey felt his heart break in two when he heard him say “we”….Alyssa was there…she had to be. His European accent and clean cut business look was so different that Trey tried to see what peaked Alyssa’s interest in him….what made her forget all about what they had and the promises they made to one another. The thought of losing her broke him in a way he had never been broken before. His body jerked toward the man but he stopped himself from laying hands on him…instead he headed for the door with what little pride he had left. Pacing back and forth in the lobby Trey let his heart and his pride debate on whether or not he should break down the door and bring his baby home or let it go for good…

** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** * *** **** **** *** ***

Alyssa stared out of the window waiting for Eric to return. A call came through on her phone from Tasha and she quickly ignored it thinking about the lecture she was going to get for leaving Miami earlier. The fact that Trey fathered a child he STILL decided not to tell her about made her blood boil. How many other children would come out in the future?? How long before another woman from his past decides to come between them?? Closing her eyes, she let one single tear fall for him…the way she felt was the reason why she had to do what she had to do. Hearing footsteps coming up from behind, Alyssa turned and smiled at Eric.

Eric: I thought you were gonna chicken out on me since he came back early….

Alyssa: I need this…

Eric: I know you do…but you need to make a choice….

Alyssa: My choice has been made….

Eric: Are you sure??

Alyssa: Eric…I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life….

Eric: Well…in that case, let me show you what I got….

**** ***** **** **** **** *** *** **** **** **** **** **** *** ***

Trey’s Heart won the battle and before he knew it he was on his way to the fourteenth floor. Every step he took felt like his legs weighed a thousand pounds. Deep down he didn’t want it to be true…he didn’t want to know if she was there but his heart needed to know. Standing outside of the door he stared…trying to prepare himself for the worst without knowing what to expect. Spotting a housekeeper on the floor he walked closer and put on his charming smile.

Housekeeper: Well hello….how may I help you??

Trey: (smiling) I left my key in the room…can you open the door for me…I know my key is right there on the table but…

Housekeeper: No problem…it happens all the time…and I bet you don’t have your ID…the front desk will give you such a hard time….

Trey: Thank you beautiful…you the best

Housekeeper: (blushing as she opens the door) You’re welcome…

Trey stood in the doorway until the coast was clear and stepped inside slowly. Closing the door softly he stood in the entry way wondering why he was there. If he was wrong he would be in all kinds of trouble for breaking into the room but he couldn’t ignore the way he was feeling. Standing there his mind flashed back to the moment he just shared with Alyssa hours before. He could still hear her saying, “I have all I need with you.” Noises coming from the terrace captured his attention, taking him away from the memories that were keeping him sane. Walking over to the door he peeked out and couldn’t believe what he saw in front of his eyes. Trey stood…frozen…it was true. It was all true. He listened to their cries of passion and tears fell from his eyes. Outside…on a terrace…in the moonlight Trey could still make out her every feature as she bounced up and down on the mystery man…swirling her hips and biting her lip while he cupped her breasts in his hands. He watched as they kissed so passionately…as if they had known each other forever…the love they shared didn’t exist in that moment all that mattered was the way this man was making her feel. Trey felt his hands turning into fists and his hurt turning into rage as they changed positions…with her legs bent over the man’s shoulders she made faces he thought were only for him. Trey couldn’t take it anymore…bursting through the door he made his presence known. He watched her scream and run into her new man’s arms without acknowledging his presence or their marriage, quickly covering up what she just had out for the world to see.

Trey: Is this what the fuck I deserve!!! HUH????!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!!!!!!!