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We Should Be – Part 2

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Shay (@shay_bae89)

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The Unit was now preparing for a string of shows Trey

had lined up. But first he had an industry party to attend

that night with the likes of Diddy, Fabolous, Monica, Keri

Hilson, Usher, Miguel, Kelly Rowland, and many more.

After the BBM chat with Madison Trey decided to give

her some space, but deep down inside he was hoping

she would be there that night. He showered and

prepared himself for the evening; Trey exited the

bathroom and proceeded to get dressed. His outfit

consisted of a black Tom Ford dress shirt and slacks, an

LV tie, with a pair of Lanvin dress shoes. He topped it off

with black diamond cufflinks and a watch. After spraying

on some Dolce & Gabbana cologne he proceeded

downstairs to the cars, being escorted by Dontae. Lonzo

had the night off and was rolling with Trey to the party.

Both he and “Buggz” swag was on a trillion that night and

they were ready to get it poppin’!


Trey and some of The Unit arrived at the ritzy hotel and

were shown to the penthouse. The party was low key

and invite only, so it was very exclusive. As they walked

in the music was pulsating and the drinks were flowing.

Trey and Lonzo hit the bar while they watched the



T: “Damn this shit is crazy!”


L: “Man who you tellin’? There’s some bad ones in here



T: “Hahaaaa! My dude I think we gonna have to work

the room tonight! See a few that’s catching my eye



L: “Kelly and Keri looking right too! Damn!”


T: “I’m bout to go over there and have a few words with



They both made their way over to Kelly and Keri. They all

began talking and laughing while sipping their drinks.

When the conversation ended he and Lonzo walked back

over to the bar for another drink…


L: “Man Kelly and Keri are sexy! Imma have to make one

of ’em my wife!”


T: “You a fool! You still ain’t choose one yet?” *laughs*


L: “Shit… Can you blame me?” *stares back in their



T: *looks in same direction* “Shit… I can’t blame you!”



L: “That’s what I thought nigga!” *laughs*


Right at that moment Ne-Yo entered the party…



T: “Wait… Ne-Yo here?” *raises eyebrow*


L: “This is an industry party bruh you never know who

gon show up!”


T: “You right!”



After spotting Ne-Yo… there she was. Madison was

standing in the entry way talking to the people at the

door. She ended the conversation and headed in Ne-Yo’s

direction; Trey’s eyes never left her frame. They worked

the room and Ne-Yo spotted Trey and walked over…


Ne-Yo (NY): “What up my dude?” *shakes his hand*


T: “Ain’t shit bruh! What’s good?”


NY: “Work man… Got this tour coming up!”


As Ne-Yo was talking Trey tuned out and watched

Madison speaking to Lonzo. He knew this was his chance

to get to talk to her face to face…


T: “My bad bruh! Can you excuse me a minute?”


NY: “No problem… I was on my way over to the bar

anyways. Holla at you later!”


T: “Fo’ sho'”



Trey walked over to Lonzo and Madison and cut their



L: “What up bruh?”


T: “Ain’t shit! *looks at Madison* Hey “Twinkie” What up?”


M: “Hey Trey! How are you?”


T: “I’m doin’ good… Do you have a minute? I wanna talk

to you right quick!”


M: *sips drink* “Sure…”


T: “Aye bruh we’ll be right back!”


L: “Fo’ sho'”


Trey and Madison walked over to the other side of the

penthouse to one of the balconies. He shut the sliding

glass door behind them and they both sat down on the



M: “This view is amazing!”


T: “Yea it’s ill! How you been though?”


M: “Pretty good… Can’t complain. How about you?”


T: “I’ve been good! Busy working and in the studio.”


M: “As usual!” *chuckles*


T: “You know this shit don’t stop!” *goofy voice*



M: *laughs* “So how’s The Unit? How are my girls?

Lonzo looks great!”


T: “Yea that dude been hittin’ the gym heavy! The girls

are great! Everyone is good… We workin’! They all miss



M: “Awwwww! I miss them too… It’s been awhile!”


T: “Shit… They ain’t the only ones who miss you!”


M: “Is that right?”


T: “Don’t play dumb girl! You know I miss you!”


M: *looks away then back at Trey* “I miss you too!”


T: “Couldn’t tell though…”


M: “What’s all that for?”


T: “From the look of things I would’ve swore you were

avoiding me!”


M: “I haven’t been avoiding you… Just like how you’ve

been busy so have I!”


T: “Look that’s not important anymore… What I really

wanna talk about is you and me.”


M: “Trey… I…”


T: “Wait… Lemme finish… I need to say this! I know you

probably must have felt like I didn’t care about you the

last time we spoke face to face. It was just alot to deal

with at the time… I didn’t know how to feel. I honestly

didn’t realize my feelings for you until you left. Ever

since then things haven’t been the same. I care a lot

about you… I just wanna move past this!”


M: “Trey…”


T: “I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable but I had

to get that off my chest!”


M: *blurts out* “TREY I’M ENGAGED!”


Trey stared into space for a moment til he could process

what she said…


T: “You’re what???” *raises eyebrow*


M: “Trey… I’m engaged! I meant to tell you but I was

waiting for the right time… We haven’t spoken or seen

each other in so long!”


T: *awkward pause* “When did all this happen?”


M: “I met him through work… He’s an A&R exec and we

hit it off!” *shows engagement ring*


T: “Woooooow! Congrats… That’s crazy!”


M: “Thank you Trey… I appreciate it!”


T: “No problem baby…”


M: “I gotta get back, but we’ll talk soon!”


T: “Fo’ sho'”


Trey watched as Madison entered back inside. He sat

and looked at the view, he stood and thought about

everything that just went down. His mind couldn’t wrap

around any of it… Engaged? Getting married? Trey shook

off his thoughts, headed back inside and looked for



L: “How did it go?”


T: “Let’s roll!”


L: “What da fuck bruh? The hell happened?”


T: “I don’t wanna talk about the shit… Let’s roll!” *walks

quickly to exit*



Lonzo didn’t question him anymore… They exited the

party with more questions than answers and Trey had

no words…