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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

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Dynasty Records singer, songwriter and actor Mishon (MY-shawn) has been making his way through the music and Hollywood entertainment scene with his acting , edgy R&B/Pop music and smooth dance moves. The Southern California native plays keyboards and guitar, he has been singing for as long as he can remember. Similar to his musical idol Michael Jackson he spent the majority of his tween years on the road performing. For Mishon it was the next best thing to being part of a performing arts school, he was living the experience. Ata young age he loved music and dedicated his life to developing his vocal and writing skills, producing and acting soon followed on his resume. Mishon’s work ethic has gained him the nick name “Yung Hustle” among his peers.

To help the youngster hone his natural talent, his cousin Doe Henderson and his business partner Lacey created Dynasty Records. Over the last several years, they have assisted with developing Mishon into a seasoned multitalented teen entertainer. Part of the development included securing Mishon on an ABC Family sitcom where he played a spunky kid brother Tay on the drama “Lincoln Heights,” this show quickly became one of ABC Family’s top sitcoms (drama). Though Mishon has developed his own fan base thanks to his acting chops, he says that singing has always been his first love. His single “Excuse Me Mama” hit the internet and created such a major buzz that he was recognized by major labels including Streamline/lnterscope and gained respect by radio OJ’s nationally. The follow up single “Just a Kiss” climbed to the #2 video spot on BET’s #1 video talk show 106 &Park branding Mishon as one of today’s teen artist who represents the next wave of pop R&B edged with hip-hop fire artist. The dream of a lifetime came when he was offered the opportunity to not just perform on BET’s tour but to co-host on 106 &Park!

Fast forward to 2011, Mishon has been in the studio with label owners and some of today’s who’s who in music. His single “Turn It Up” the percolating pop/R&B/hip-hop infused dance track provides the perfect backdrop for Mishon’s fresh, engaging tenor-and fittingly delivers on the ear-arresting promise of his earlier singles, “Excuse Me Mama” and “Just a Kiss.” The single also showcases another aspect of Mishon’s many talents: he co-wrote and co-produced “Turn It Up,” on which he infectiously proclaims, “The party don’t start ’till I walk in.”

Setting the pace for the forthcoming album, he has joined forces with hit making producer Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs (Beyonce, Pink, TLC). Among one of the first singles to release is “Diamond,” a classically styled song reminiscent of Michael Jackson. It’s a simple story about a guy trying to find the right girl. “It’s a song that reflects me,” says Mishon. “Trying to find the right person means so much especially because it’s so hard to come by these days.” The definition of a Diamond is a transparent piece of diamond that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem, Mishon wants young ladies to know their worth and he recognizes and appreciates that extra mile that they go to make themselves a diamond. His honey-sweet tenor subtly powers “Never Goin Change,” and “My Hustle.” Recording this album Mishon put a lot of his personal experiences into his writing. Listening to “Never Going to Change” is truly Mishon’s lyrical peek into his world. While acting on a sitcom and doing his musical tours he never changed, he focused on his hustle and he has never given up. On his She’kspere produced single “My Hustle” he uses a lyrical play on loving his hustle. This single can easily become the hustler’s anthem.

Mishon’s work ethic is similar to the music moguls like Puffy, Russell Simmons, and 50 Cent. Weather he is behind the mic, camera or an executive desk, Mishon, aka “Yung Hustle” is part of our next generation of who’s who in Entertainment. His goal is to become a Mogul and his hustle style will not allow him to stop short of obtaining that goal.

LuvGasm Questions

1. Who is your celebrity crush right now? Victoria Justice… Been on that since Zoey

2. What makes a woman sexy? Intelligence, Cleanliness definitely.

3. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to get someone’s attention? I’ve never really done anything outrageous for attention. I kill them with humbleness

4. What is a relationship “deal breaker” for you? A girl that thrives on stressing me out for no reason. Life is short, let’s all be happy. foreal tho

5. What is one thing you think women need to understand about men? We try. We just don’t think like women.

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