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She Ain’t You

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

 A Chris Brown Fiction Story

Part One – “She Ain’t You” Series

Written by Syreeta (AKA @PritTbrowniiz)

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Chris Brown

Columbus Short


On set for new movie Battle In The Streets


(CS) “Alright so you got the dance moves down?”

(CB) “I’m straight.”

(CS) “Ok let’s go over our routine one more time.”

(CB) “Look man I got it. Let’s just watch the hunnies. We on break.”

(CS) “Ight I was just making sure you good…”

(CB) “Babygirl in the green got it going on.”

(CS) looks across the room…Yo you see the one in the black shorts over there…I bumped into her when we first came in here…now she’s sexy.”

(CB) “You think she bad, check out the one in the blue shirt…sheesh…she got some big ass titties.”

(CS) “I already peeped dat…you see her ass…fat as shit!”

(CB) “Yo I bet I can hit it.”

(CS) “Yeah right! Rene ain’t having that. Yo ass on lock!”

(CB) “Yeah you keep thinking that. I’m ready to trade her ass in.”

(CS) “Aw here we go…you been saying that shit for awhile now. Why she still around?”

(CB) “I don’t even know my damn self anymore…horny maybe…” laughs

(CS) “All that pussy that be surrounding you and you had to get with Rene to get it?”

(CB) “Nah! I mean I liked her too at some point. She was there after Serita left. I just kept kickin it wit her.”

(CS) “Yeah I’m sure you did until she fucked you into making her the main chick.”

(CB) “Nigga get outta here! She ain’t my main chick. Can’t nobody take the place of Serita. She gone always be wifey.”

(CS) “Speaking of Serita what she doing here?”

(CB) “Man quit playin. I ain‘t fallin for that shit.”

(CS) “Nah dog I’m serious look over there.”


Chris looks over by the door since that‘s where Columbus was looking. He couldn’t believe it. Serita Barrett was here. She moved away to the UK and decided that a long distant relationship was not for her. Chris reluctantly let it go, but suddenly she was back.


(CB) “Yo! I‘m tripping on this shit right now.”


Chris just watches Serita attentively to see what she’s about to do next. She walked over to the choreographer since he called her over. Chris continued to watch her as the two of them were talking. He was so happy to see her he wanted to jump out of his skin. He wanted to jump her skin, but he figured he better play it cool. She turned her head in Chris’s direction. She spotted him staring at her even though he tried to look like seeing her was no big deal at that time. She gave a subtle smile. Once she put her things up she walked over to them.


(CS) “Here she comes.” Chris tries to keep his composure, but that wasn’t happening for Serita. She couldn’t wait for this day to come.

(S) hugs Chris tightlysays softly…Oh my gosh it’s so good to see you… then hugs Columbus “Hello Columbus.”

(CS) “What’s up girl…When did you get back?”

(S) “I haven’t been here too long.”

(CS) “So what brings you back to the states?”

(S) “Work amongst other things… eyeing Chris…You’re looking at Imani Reed.”

(CS) “Word! That’s what’s up!”

(CB) “I didn’t know they cast you to play her.”

(S) “I know…I wanted to surprise you.” Chris grabbed her up again and kept squeezing her as he lifted her up making her feet leave the floor.

(CB) “Why you didn‘t tell me?”

(S) giggling real hard “Because of this right here…the look on your face when you first saw me was priceless.”

(CS) “Alright you two…hand gestures…time out.”

(S) “Yes because he’s trying to crush my bones.” Chris lets her go. “I actually came over here Columbus to see if you could go over some of the dance routines with me.”

(CS) “When you tryna do it?”

(S) “Definitely before we all practice that dance scene today.”

(CS) “Ight well I have a few scenes that I have to rehearse today, but when I’m done I’ll meet you back here.”

(S) “Ok. Well guys I need to start warming up so I‘ll see you later.” Serita quickly turns and scurries back over to where the rest of the female dancers were gathered. She left before Chris was done talking to her so he calls her.

(CB) “Hey Serita!”  turns around and walks back

(S) “Yes Chris.”

(CB) “How long you here for? Is it for good?”

(S) “Maybe…it depends…but I‘m back at my moms for now. I am thinking about finding a place and staying though.”

(CB) “Why, when you already have one.”

(S) “Where?”

(CB) “With me.”

(S) blushes “Nice of you to offer, but you know I’m not moving in with you.”

(CB) “Why not? It‘s rent free, plenty of space and plus there’s a boner I mean bonus you’ll have 24 hour access to.”

(S) gasps “Which is?”

(CB) grins  “Me.”

(S) bites lip “Really? It sounds good…puts hands up and shrugs…who knows.”

(CB) “You think I’m playing, but I’m serious…sincerely asks…Have you missed me?”

(S) “What kinda question is that Chris? Of course I‘ve missed you…pokes chest…and if it wasn‘t for the fact that we‘re at work I would‘ve kissed you.”

(CB) smiling “You still can…”

(S) “You would say that.”

(CB) “Damn man…I still can‘t believe you‘re here?”


Chris and Serita’s conversation was interrupted since break was over and it was time for everyone to take there places.


(S) “I better get over there. I was already late.”

(CB) “Yo man I wanna finish talking to you before you leave. Is that cool?”

(S) “Sure.”




After Columbus was through with the scenes that he had to rehearse with Megan Good he met with Serita to go over the dance routines for the scenes they were going to be in. They have a lot of scenes together so she wanted to be on point. This movie was the sequel to “Stomp The Yard.” Serita Barrett was an addition to this cast. She would be playing the best friend of Megan Good. This story focuses on unfinished business that Columbus Short’s character DJ has with the crew they beat, along with the vengeance of his brother’s (Chris Brown’s character) Duron’s death. Duron’s spirit tries to guide DJ and keep him from falling victim to the streets. DJ also loses one of his best female dancers and is now challenged to replace her. During his search he discovers that (Serita’s Barrett’s) character Imani is a well known street dancer from her city, but he faces a lot of obstacles in recruiting her.


Chris was standing there watching them. He missed her so much and for her to be here was mind blowing for him. He could only reminisce before about the way her body felt and her touch, but now she was here in the flesh. He noticed her body had changed some since he saw her last. She was very fit. Her legs were firm and muscular, but she still had that thickness in her thighs. He loved the nape in her back that led to her shapely ass. Her stomach was flat as a board and her breast was a perky size C. She never was out of shape, but she looked more defined now. Everything that he could possibly want in a girl was standing right in front of him. He knew he had to get her back. He couldn’t let her go again…not this time. He even got a little jealous as he watched her move with Columbus and the way he touched her hips to guide her for movement. The choreographer called for everyone’s attention once again as it was now time to practice the dance sequence as a group.


After hours of practicing they were finally done for the day. Chris still wanted to finish up the conversation that him and Serita were having from earlier, so he called her over once she was finish talking to another fellow dancer.


(CB) “So you said you staying at your moms crib?”

(S) “Yeah.”

(CB) “Well I was thinking maybe we could hang out and get caught up.” Suddenly Rene appears. Serita noticed her.

(S) “Is that a friend of yours because she‘s staring mighty hard?” Then Rene calls Chris. He looks her way, but he doesn‘t respond. He looks back at Serita waiting for an answer. “Um Chris she’s calling you.”

(CB) “Yeah I know.”

(S) “Alright well I better get going…maybe we’ll talk later.”


Serita starts to walk toward the door but she notices that she didn’t have her sweat jacket and goes to retrieve it on the other side of the room. In the meantime Chris went to grab his things and then he walks toward Rene. Serita watches them as they head out. She realizes the love of her life has moved on.


(R “Hey babe!” Rene goes to kiss him but he inches away. “What’s wrong with you?”

(CB) “Whatchu doing here?”

(R “I thought you told me to meet you here so I did.”

(CB) “I told you to meet me at the crib.”

(R “So what’s the big deal about me coming here? You never say anything any other time.”

(CB) “Nothing man.”

(R “What’s wrong with you?”

(CB) “Who said something was wrong?”

(R “Your actions are saying it all and you didn‘t even want to kiss me.”

(CB) “I’m cool. Where’d you park at?”

(R “I’m in the garage on the third level.”

(CB) “Ight well I’ll walk you to the car…you can take me to mine and then I’ll see you at the crib.






Chris and Rene made it to the house. Chris walked in and threw the keys on the table like he usually does.


(R “Chris how come you didn’t want to kiss me? Is it because Serita was there?”

(CB) “Look I just had a long day. Don’t be tryna start no unnecessary bullshit.”

(R “This is definitely necessary. Why does it seem like every time it comes to her you act funny towards me?”

(CB) “What are you talking about? She ain‘t even been here for it to be an every time.”

(R “The hell if she hasn‘t! She’s in our bed at night…when you choose to sleep there…since you called out her name instead of mine…she’s the one you wanna be making love to so I’m the one that gets fucked. She’s in our kitchen when I cook because I don’t make the same type of dishes that you’re use to her making. She’s even on your mind when you’re talking to me because you’re wishing I was her. Lastly she’s still in your heart because the way you look at her you’ve never looked at me. Well guess what Chris…I’M NOT HER!!! I never will be her…but yet and still I’m the one that’s here. Why Chris? WHY?!”

(CB) “You really tryna go there right now?”

(R “No time like the present!”

(CB) “Maybe I don’t know anymore.”

(R “No. You need to give me a real answer. I deserve one. I have been here for you like a loyal house pet. I really love you Chris! If Serita did then she would’ve still been here and never left, but she’s not. I am.”

(CB) “Look you don’t know the full story with me and Serita so you really needa chill.”

(R “I know enough! I know she left when you begged her to stay. I was here to help you through that and I’ve been here…trying my best to make you happy and seeing that all of your needs were met. Yet and still you want her.”


Chris knew Rene was right about everything she was saying. He couldn’t hide his feelings for Serita any longer and if he knew that Serita felt the same way he did, Rene would be history. He knew that it wasn’t fair to her, but he had his own selfish reasons for having her around. He just didn’t want to admit it to her, but he knew she wanted the truth and wouldn’t leave this alone until she got it.


(CB) “Alright man…won’t you sit down…sits beside her on the couch…You’re right I do want her…speaks looking toward the floor… I guess I’ve never really gotten over her…I don’t know…”

(R “You don’t know what Chris? That you’re still in love with her? Come on c breezy man up!” Chris wasn’t to pleased with Rene’s sarcasm. He then looked at her with a frown.

(CB) “I’m not gonna sit up here and say that I’m not in love with her because I am…I mean that’s just how it is.”

(R “That’s all you have to say to me? That’s just how it is? So I don’t mean shit to you. I’m just the fill in bitch.”

(CB) “Don’t act like you ain’t know what’s up. I never led you to believe that you could take her place.”

(R “That’s where you’re wrong! I did take her place because I was the one that’s been here catering to your every whim. I may not have done that in your heart but I did take her place in this house. So what, I guess you expect me to leave now because she’s here?”

(CB) “Look man I don’t know what I expect right now. You wanted to know how I felt so I’m being straight up with you.”

(R “Oh lucky me. Kudos to you for being straight up with me after I had to ask. Don’t worry Chris I am leaving, but only because I’m tired of not being good enough for you. I’ll get my things and be on my way.”


Rene packed up every piece of clothing she had at Chris’s careful not to have a reason to come back. Chris tried to apologize to her for things turning out this way but Rene wasn’t trying to hear it. When he offered to at least carry her bags for her she told him no, don‘t do her any favors. She didn’t want his help with anything. She handed him his key and had one last thing to say before she got in her car.


(R “This time when she leaves ya ass don’t come crying to me, my shoulders aren’t strong enough for you to lean on and neither is my heart.” Then she got in the car and left. As soon as Rene pulled off Chris called Serita’s moms house to see if she was there. He didn’t want to waste any time reconnecting with her.


(S) “Hello!”

(CB) “Yo what‘s up?”

(S) “Hey Chris! What‘s up?”

(CB) “You! I wanna see you.”

(S) “Look Chris I’m not in to playing no games with you. Wasn’t that your girlfriend?”

(CB) “I’m not gonna lie to you she was somebody that I was seeing, but that‘s over with.”

(S) “Why?”

(CB) “Cause She Ain’t You.”

(S) “Fo’real Chris stop playing.”

(CB) “I’m not! Can you please come over here?”

(S) “I can’t my moms not here and she has the car.”

(CB) “I’m coming to get you.”




At the crib


(S) “Looks good in here. I’m glad to see that you’re not as sloppy as you use to be or did your girl keep house for you?” Chris grabs Serita in his arms and presses his body against hers.

(CB) “You feel that…do you see what affect you still have on me?”

(S) “Look Chris I …”

(CB) “Serita I wanna make love to you.”


Serita pulls away and turns her back to him while folding her arms. The thought of him making love to her gave her butterflies in her stomach. To feel his body again and his touch was all she could imagine. Chris was her first love and it tore her apart the day she had to leave him. Every new relationship that she tried to have could never stand up to what she shared with him, therefore it always failed. She was ready to be back with him, but she had to be sure he was serious.


(S) “I told you Chris I’m not for any games. You just had some girl in ya face.”

(CB) “I’m not tryna play no games with you. I told you that’s over. She’s not who I wanna be with…I haven‘t been in love with another girl since you left.”

(S) faces him “Chris after all this time you expect me to believe that you’re still in love with me?”

(CB) “Yeah…because I am. Serita I swear all I did was think about you. I may have been with her, but she never had my heart. I never was completely with anyone but you. Nobody can compare to you…nobody. That’s the truth.”


She wanted to believe him so bad, so she did. She slowly leans into Chris for a kiss. Then she takes him by the hand and leads him to the movie theater. Chris got excited and couldn’t stop smiling. That was the first place they made love, right in the middle plush theater seat, in the front row when he first moved in. She took him right to that spot and when there bodies were naked she rode him in the chair like she did then. Chris realized what he had been missing. Her fit to him was as equivalent to the condom that hugged his dick. Nice and tight. He loved her feel and how her pussy grabbed his dick. She was his perfect match. He moaned as each thrust gave his body tingles and edged him closer to his peek. He couldn’t believe how fast he was about to cum, but then again he could. He was dealing with Serita. The taste of her lips was one he relished. No matter where or how she touched him it sent his dick pulsating and instantly got rock hard. It was something about her that knew how to speak to every part of his being to get him to genuinely react. Serita knew him very well too and could tell it was about time for him to explode, which made her work even harder to get him there.


(CB) “Ahh fuck!!! Serita! I’m cumin…I’m cumin…Ahhhh!!!” Chris’s  face was dripping wet. She took her tongue and slowly licked his forehead and then his cheek lapping up his nectar, savoring his taste before she kissed his lips again. She wanted to finish showing him how much he’d been missed. Chris just sat there staring at her. His first thoughts after she licked him was my freak is back. Going through her mind was how cute he looked as he sat there and stared at her like he was definitely satisfied. She just gazed back at him. She figured she’d give him a minute before she got hers in.


(CB) breaks silence “Damn that shit felt good!” thinksRene was right about one thing for sureShe Ain’t You!