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She Got That

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

A Pooch Hall Fiction Story

Written by Tricia (AKA @GimmeUnusual)

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*At the Emmy Awards’ after party*


Lance Gross: *Shaking hands with Pooch* What’s up bruh?

Pooch Hall: *Shaking hands* Nothing much…mannn I’m sorry you didn’t get best supporting actor for “House of Payne”…you deserved that shit.

Lance: Thanks, but it’s cool…I’m just honored to be nominated.

Pooch: Yea, that’s an amazing feeling to be appreciated for your work. I saw you walk in with her *pointing to the Columbian beauty talking to Keisha Pulliam* Is that your new girl?

Lance: I wouldn’t say all dat…that’s my date for tonight though.

Pooch: She bad…damn!

Lance: *Laughing* Damn bruh…you keep looking at her like that, you gone see her naked.

Pooch: Man I’m sorry.

Lance: It’s cool…you can look…just don’t touch. *Chuckling* It’s that bad huh…have you spoken to Linda?

Pooch: We talk…mostly about the kids, but that’s it. The divorce got finalized last week.

Lance: Oh for real?

Pooch: Yeah man…it’s strange being single now. I don’t know if I like it yet…shit I hate it. It’s been four months since I got laid. I’m feenin’ like a crack head. When Nia Long walked passed me I almost humped her leg.

Lance: *Laughing*

Pooch: Man I’m serious…I gotta get back out there.

Lance: *Putting his arm around Pooch’s shoulder* Well, ain’t no better time than now. You got a plethora of pussy just waiting to be petted and rubbed.

Pooch: Hahaaa true dat. I kinda had my eye on Kim.

Lance: Kim who?

Pooch: Kardashian.

Lance: *Laughing* What?!?! Are you for real? Her annulment papers ain’t even fully dried yet. Plus man…she been with everybody.

Pooch: I know…but she’s bad!

Lance:  I’ll give you that…she is…man…just do you.  Just please don’t end up Mr. Kardashian.

Pooch: *Laughing* Oh I won’t.

Lance: Alright then…lemme get back over to my girl.


Lance and Pooch gave each other dap and split ways.


Pooch worked the room…mingling with a good amount of celebs in the house. He had an infectious laugh and an undeniable charm about him. Meeting people was never a problem for him but he was out of his league when it came to actually approaching a woman for more than just a friendly conversation. He had been out the game for over 10 years now.


Pooch saw Kim sitting on the balcony and decided to join her. He felt his legs tremble at the thought of approaching her. He couldn’t believe he was at this point in his life…34, single, with three kids, and now trying to gain the courage to talk to a pretty lady. The thought of no one wanting him crossed his mind. He shook it off and slid open the balcony doors…


Kim Kardashian: Hey Pooch!

Pooch: What’s up girl? Why you out here missing all the festivities in there?

K: *Getting up from her chair and walking over to the balcony railing next to him* It’s crowded in there…I just wanted to get some air.  Are you okay?

P:  Yeah, I’m good. And you?

K: I’m cool. I heard about you and Linda. I’m sorry. *Nudges elbow* Next time be faithful.

P: *Chuckles* Damn…and just when I thought my infidelity was dying down.

K: I’m just teasing.

P: I know…but I thought America was never going to forgive me.

K: Of course they were…America has a short memory span…they only stay mad until the next big scandal happens and you know something happens every day.

P: *Chuckling* True. Like you and your wedding of the century followed by an annulment…thanks for taking the spotlight off me.

K: And you went there?

P: Hahaaa back at cha!

K: I suppose that’s fair. Can I ask you something?
P: Shoot.

K: Why did you cheat?

P: It’s nothing you ever plan. I loved my wife…I still love her. I thought I’d never cheat on her but I got weak and…

K: And the pussy was there?

P: Yeah…I guess you can say that. I feel bad…I’m ashamed really. I threw away an 11 year marriage. I hurt my children, all of my family, my fans…I just disappointed a lot of people.

K: We all make mistakes. You just have to learn from them and move on.

P: True.


Kim looked out from the balcony admiring Los Angeles’ beautiful skyline. The moon filled the sky and surprisingly the sky was clear enough to see the stars.


P: You are really pretty.

K: *Blushing* Thank you.

P: Can I get you a drink?

K: *Holding up the glass in her hand* I already have one.

P: Oh my bad…I knew that. I just figured your throat was parch…you know the moon and stars are beaming down. *Laughing*

K: You so silly. You’re a little rusty at this I see.

P: You have no idea.

K: Well you definitely don’t wanna start with a pro like me…I think Miley Cyrus is available.

P: *Laughing* Whatever!

K: I’m just saying…this *runs hands down body* is the greatest ride on Earth and you still need training wheels. You better circle around the block a few times before you step to this. I’m a lil more than you can handle right now.

P: Oh I can handle you.

K: Baby please…I’ll have you crying!

P: *Leans in close and looks down at her breast* And babies only cry for three reasons…and I don’t need to be changed or held *licks top lip*


Kim couldn’t help but smile. He was sexy as hell with his Armani suit and diamond cuff-links that sparkled under the moonlight.


P: You wanna bounce?

K: I’m a bad girl…you sure about that?

P: Oh I’ve seen the video…I know you’re bad.


Kim covered her opened mouth. She couldn’t believe he brought up the sex tape she made with Ray J and even more…admitted to watching it.


P: *Grabbing her arm* I shouldn’t have gone that far. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.


Kim reached into her clutch and wrote her address on a sheet of paper and handed it to Pooch.


K: Meet me there in an hour…you gone pay for that. *Walks inside*


Pooch smiled and then took a sip of his drink as he watched her ass switch side to side as she re-entered the party. He shook his head at the thought of having that ass in the palm of his hands tonight. He needed to prepare himself for her so he decided to jet on home and get freshened up. Plus, cumming early was not an option. He had to let out this built up, first nut himself.


*Kim’s Place*


Kim opened the door with a white, lace teddy that hugged her body to perfection.


P: Dayum girl.

K: You like what you see?

P: Is that a trick question?

K: No…but I am wondering if I should pull over and let you out before it gets too bumpy for you.

P: *Grabbing Kim by the waist* I love roller coasters…and the most terrifying ones…I usually ride twice.

K:  *Pulling Pooch by his shirt* Well c’mon daredevil.


Kim pulled him into her bedroom and pushed him down on the bed. She dropped to her knees and pulled off his casual shoes. She climbed onto his lap and began unbuttoning his khaki shorts. She pulled them down and off his feet. His dick was already noticeably hard. She rubbed his dick through the soft cotton of his boxer-briefs. She was amazed at the size.


Pooch lifted his hands to rub her tits but Kim slapped his hands away…


K: I’m the driver of this locomotive…you sit back and enjoy the ride.


Kim lifted his tee over his head and sucked on his left nipple. She flicked it with her tongue and slid over to the right one. As she teased his nipples she continued to stroke his dick. Pooch’s breathing got shallow as she continued to send him to another planet.


Kim worked her tongue down his stomach and then reached into his boxer-briefs and pulled out his stick.


K: Oooo…big boy!


Pooch covered his face and smiled…next he felt the wet, warmth of her mouth consume him. She took him all the way in…deep-throating him. She went up and down on his dick slowly…letting her saliva drip down all over his dick. She eased up and began stroking his dick with her hand, lavishing it with her spit until it was drenching wet. She ran her tongue across his balls and sucked them inward. Her tongue continued to work him and Pooch’s hand took a fistful of her hair.


Kim perched her lips on the tip of his dick, squeezed, and hummed. She ran her tongue across his head…back and forth until Pooch screamed out in ecstasy. Kim went down hard…sucking him in and out until Pooch couldn’t take it anymore.


She pulled his boxer-briefs fully off and began to sensually glide her teddy off. Pooch smiled as she put on a performance.


Kim swayed her hips left to right as she untied the ribbon that held her teddy closed. She eased one arm out, followed by the next. She turned her back to Pooch and slid it down her back. When she got to her ass she bent over and slid it off.


Pooch sat up on the bed and kissed her ass…running his tongue up, down, and across the length of it. As his lips and tongue enjoyed her plump ass, he let one hand make its way to the front. He rubbed his thumb across her hairless pussy and fondled her clit.


Kim took his hand away and began licking and sucking his thumb…wetting it and then placing it inside of her.


P: Shit baby…I want some of that.

K: Well you can have it. I think I promised to feed you.


Kim pushed him down on the bed and straddled his face.


Pooch got right on the mission…running his tongue across her pussy and flicking her clit. Kim rocked her pussy back and forth on his tongue until she came.


K: You ready for the finale – it’s a thriller – the part where most grown men run back to their mamas.


P: You talk a lot of shit…I can take whatever you got.


Kim reaches into her nightstand and pulls out a gold seal. She opens it and puts it in her mouth. She glides the condom onto his dick with her lips and then squeezes the tip.


She climbs on top and gently eases his dick inside of her. She squeezes her pussy muscles tight forcing Pooch to grab a hold to her hips as he whispered, “Shhhhhiit!”


Kim began rocking on his dick and then eased into circles. She rotated her hips seductively while tightening her thighs like the expert bull rider she was. Her pretty tits sat nicely on her chest as she rose up and bounced down on his dick.




Kim repeated the rhythm…rising up slowly and bouncing back down.


Pooch’s nails dug into her hips as she swiveled her pussy up and down his dick…driving him into sublime bliss. Her hand even rubbed his balls as the other hand rested firmly on his chest to steady her balance.


She indeed was a veteran. No one ever rode him this good…not even Linda.


Kim gave his dick a firm squeeze with her pussy as she came back up and dropped down. Pooch’s whole body lifted up off the bed as he came…



K: *Laughing* Told you.

P: Whew shit! *Laying his head back trying to catch his breath* Told me what?

K: That you couldn’t handle what I got…not even half of it.

P: That was half of what you got?

K: *Putting her index finger in her mouth* Nope…a minuscule taste.

P: Wooo weeeeeeeeee…you got it…it’s yours…but I want it…and I’ll be back for more…