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Unfortunate – Part 3

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Shay AKA @Shay_bae89

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Madison’s throat balled up in a knot while her stomach tightened up at the intensity of Trey’s voice. She didn’t know how to react but she knew she had to tell him the truth.


T: “Why the fuck you still seein’ this dude Steven???”


M: “Baby that’s what I was trying to tell you last night! I went to go have a talk with Steven about the whole situation.”


T: “If y’all were just talking then why the fuck all these blog sites got pictures of you outside his house?! You know how bad this shit looks Madison?”


M: “Baby can you please just calm down! NOTHING HAPPENED! We squashed the issue and that was it! So you don’t trust me now?”


T: *deep sigh* “Look I’m a lil’ tied up here… We gon’ finish this when I get home tonight.”


M: “Whatever Tremaine!”


Madison hastily hung up on him and got her day started. She was so upset at the fact that he didn’t trust her. Even though she knew she was wrong for not telling him in the first place, Madison thought Trey would know better than to run with the blogs.


After handling her tasks for the day she headed home to prepare herself to see Trey later on that night. She was planning on reminding him of the treasure that he’d found in her. Madison threw on a cute lingerie set underneath her hip hugging dress. She knew it would distract Trey enough for him to keep calm. When she heard his key turn and unlock the door she went to go meet him…


M: “Heeeyyy baby!” *reaches out to hug him*


Trey came over to rectify the situation but seeing Madison’s frame in that dress and her beautiful face made him lose his thought process.


T: *hugs her back* “Damn! Is it my birthday?”


M: “No… I can’t look nice for my man?”


T: “Yea… Depending on which man you talking about though.”


M: “Trey why would you go there? You know you’re the only one I want to be with.” *kisses his lips*


Madison led Trey to the couch and began kissing him on the neck. She knew that would drive him crazy…


T: *deep sigh* “C’mon Madison! Don’t start…” *bites bottom lip*


M: *whispers* “Make love to me baby…”


Before things went any further Trey stopped her…


T: “Look… you know I’m always down for sex, but you know that I ain’t too happy with yo ass right now! What the fuck is really going on Madison?”


M: Look Trey I tried to tell you last night when we were on Skype… I went to go see Steven, but it’s not like what the blogs are making it out to be.”


T: “Ok… So why did you go to see yo EX-FIANCÈ behind my back?”


M: *sigh* “Baby look… I know I should’ve told you. I was wrong for that, but I only went to go talk to him about everything that went down. Him and I never really had a real conversation ever since that day; we needed closure.”


T: “Closure for what? It’s over and you’re with me now… Case closed!”


M: “Trey it’s not that simple… He was still salty about everything! I explained to him that we all work in the industry and that we should at least be able to be cordial with one another without the constant tension!”


T: “And that was all it was?” *raises eyebrow*


M: “Yes Tremaine! Nothing more, nothing less! You need to trust me!”


T: “I do trust you… It’s that nigga I don’t trust, but it’s cool I believe you baby. I’m sorry aight?”


M: “I need a better apology than that sir!” *folds arms*


T: *gets on his knees, wraps his arms around her waist, and lays his head on her stomach* “Baby I apologize for not trusting you and next time I’ll try to handle the situation better.”


M: *smiles* “I accept your apology…”


As Trey stood on his feet he asked Madison something very important…


T: “Promise me something though…”


M: “What is it?”


T: “You gotta promise me you ain’t gon’ hide anymore shit from me. Be completely honest! I rather hear it from you than see bullshit on the blogs…”


M: “I promise baby! And you gotta promise me the same.”


T: “I promise.” *links pinky finger with hers*


They both sealed the promise they made with a kiss as Madison led him towards the bedroom. While holding her in his arms he knew that there was no other woman that made him feel the way that she did. When they reached the bedroom Trey stopped her and looked deeply into her eyes; his stare was piercing.


T: *intertwines his hands with hers* “I love you.”


M: “I love you too.”


They both dove into a kiss until they came back up for air. Madison stepped out onto the balcony area as Trey followed. He held her from behind as he softly sang into her ear. She closed her eyes and opened them just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. It was surreal for her to be in the arms of the man she truly loved.


Trey led her from the balcony area to the bed. He gently laid her down and kissed every spot that made her weak. As he stood in between her legs he planted kisses all down her body til he reached her love. Trey spread her thighs where his tongue met her other lips. Madison gasped as a surge of pleasure ran through her body. As she gripped the sheets she wrapped her legs around his waist while he continued to take her body to ecstasy. All he could think about was making love to her as he stopped and stared. Trey’s soft glance turned into passion as he threw Madison’s legs over his shoulders and plunged inside her. She bit down on her lip and arched her back while he put it down. Slow deep strokes turned into fast pumps as their bodies dripped with sweat. Position after position he was determined to prove to her that he was truly sorry. As they both climaxed they fell out and slept in each other’s arms.


As Trey’s eyes opened he immediately reached over for his phone. He had several missed calls from both Troy and SK; they had a studio session that night and he overslept. Trey didn’t want to wake Madison so he carefully tried to slip out of bed but her grip became tighter. She wrapped her legs around his waist and questioned him…


M: “Baby where are you going?”


T: “You know I don’t wanna leave you, but I gotta be at the studio. I’m sorry baby…”


M: “Ugghhh! Tremaine! I don’t wanna sleep alone.” *pouts*


T: “Listen I promise after I’m done at the studio I’ll be here to sleep right next to you.”


M: “Promise?”


T: “Yes… I gotta go though! I love you.” *kisses her on the lips*


M: “I love you too.”


Trey headed back over to his place to take a quick shower and throw some clothes on. He sped over to the studio where his producers Troy and SK had a few words for him…


T: *walks into studio* “Man I already know… I’m late! Long story!”


Troy (TR): “Trey you know how many tracks we could’ve knocked out? Time is money!”


SK: “Seriously bruh! There’s only so much we can do when you ain’t here.”


T: “No need for the lecture! Let’s get to work!”


Trey was in his zone as he sang his heart out in the studio. They had already knocked out two tracks when a silhouette entered the dark room. As Troy and SK made the realization of who it was, the person indicated that they both be silent. The mystery person crept behind Trey who was working by the mixing board and covered his eyes from behind.


T: “Damn baby! You missed me that quick?” *laughs*


Mystery Person: “Baby?” *uncovers Trey’s eyes*


As Trey got up and turned around it was as if he’d seen a ghost…


T: “DESIREÉ? The fuck you doin’ here?”