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Things I Like About You – Part 5

Friday, January 27th, 2012

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (AKA @GimmeUnusual)

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*After dinner in front of the restaurant*


Lloyd: Ma take the car – we’re gonna ride with Gabby.

Mama Robin: Okay honey. *Hugs Lloyd* Come gimme some sugar Daylia. *Smooches* We gotta have lunch again soon Gabby *Hugs Gabby*

Gabby: Definitely, I’ll call you.

Mama Robin: Okay. Ladi have a safe flight and call me when you make it back to London.

Lloyd: I will Ma. *Hugs Mama again*

Gabby: *Holding Daylia’s hand* I really enjoyed having dinner with you baby girl. You are too funny.

Daylia: I had fun too, especially when daddy squirted his soda out through his nose.

Gabby: Ewwww…you gross just like your daddy. *Poking Daylia*

Daylia: *Laughing*

Lloyd: *Tickling Daylia* That was your fault…you had me cracking up with your impersonation of Lady Gaga. Grown self!

Daylia: *Laughing hysterically* Daddy stop…STOP DADDY! HAHAHAHA

Lloyd: Ewww…you drooling on me.

Daylia: *LAUGHING* DADDY STOP TICKLING ME! *Runs away* You can’t catch me!!!

Lloyd: You are so silly…c’mere. It’s time to go.

Daylia: Where are we going now? *Grabbing his hand*

Lloyd: It’s getting late honey…I have to drop you back off to your mom. My flight leaves in the morning.

Daylia: Noooo…I don’t want to go back home yet. Can I go with you?

Lloyd: I know…I don’t want to leave you either but remember we talked about this…every time I leave I’m doing what?

Daylia: Working. *Cries*

Lloyd: Right…I wouldn’t leave you if I wasn’t working. *Picking her up*

Daylia: Can I go with you?

Lloyd: It will be too crazy and I’ll be working so there would be no one to watch you. Maybe next time I can work something out and you come with me…how does that sound?

Daylia: Okayyy.


Daylia cried in Lloyd’s arms. Each time he had to leave her for extended trips broke his heart. He hated putting her through this. As much as he loved music, he was certain that he loved Daylia and Gabby more. He thought about giving music up but his mom assured him he could have it all with balance. He prayed everyday for balance. Lloyd rocked Daylia back and forth in his arms, as Gabby rubbed her head and back.


Gabby: Honey maybe when you’re out of school we can go visit him together.


Daylia: Yehhh…daddy can we do that?

Lloyd: *Smiling* I’ll have to see if that’s okay with your mom first.

Daylia: Okay.

Lloyd: Let me get you home…you have school in the morning and I have a flight to catch.

Daylia: Okay.


Lloyd put her down and they all climbed into Gabby’s car.


The tone in the car started off gloomy until Gabby kicked off a sing-a-long:


Cause if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it



Gabby looked into the rearview mirror at Daylia and made faces at her. Daylia giggled and then began to sing and dance along too.


Lloyd just sat back and smiled at their interaction…it was seamless. He loved how Gabby made everything better.


They dropped off Daylia and exchanged lots of hugs and kisses.


Gabby: Am I taking you home?

Lloyd:  No, I’m at the W Hotel.

Gabby: Are we calling her?

Lloyd: That’s what you wanted right?

Gabby: Yes…I need to know.

Lloyd: Ok well we’ll call her when we get to my room.


*In the hotel room*


Lloyd: I’ll put it on speaker.

Gabby: No…speaker sometimes has bad reception. I’ll call you from my cell and then you call her.

Lloyd: And you’re not going to say anything right?

Gabby: No, I’ll just listen.


Gabby called Lloyd’s cell phone from her phone and then went into the bathroom to eliminate the echo.


*Calling Lillie*
Lillie: Hello.

Lloyd: Hey Lillie, its Lloyd.

Lillie. Hi. How are you?

Lloyd: Alright and you?

Lillie: Okay. What’s up?

Lloyd: I wanted to talk to you about this pregnancy. How do you know you’re pregnant?

Lillie: I took a home pregnancy test because I was late, plus my breasts began hurting and I’ve I’ve been nauseated lately.

Lloyd: How reliable are those? You should see a doctor.

Lillie: I think they’re pretty accurate, but I’m going to schedule a doctor’s appointment first thing tomorrow.

Lloyd: I’m just caught off guard with this Lillie. I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything but damn I wore a condom. How am I supposed to believe that it’s mine?

Lillie: I don’t really expect you to Lloyd. I am absolutely fine with you having questions but I know for a fact that it couldn’t be anyone else’s baby.

Lloyd: Can you refresh my memory of that night?

Lillie: Yeah. My girls and I beat you and your boys at paintball. After that we had dinner and then went back to your hotel.

Lloyd: I remember that…but what happened once we got in the room.

Lillie: When we got into your bedroom we started undressing each other. You put on a condom and we started having sex, but I took it off right before I gave you oral sex.

Lloyd: Then what happened?

Lillie: You called out Gabby’s name right before you came.

Lloyd: Where?

Lillie: Where what?

Lloyd: Where did I cum?

Lillie: In my mouth. After that we talked about Gabby for awhile and I told you that you should find her if you still loved her. You said you would and we agreed to keep in contact. You had to get on your bus back to ATL so you started packing. After packing we had a quickie before we said our goodbyes.

Lloyd: Do you remember me putting on a condom that time?

Lillie: I don’t remember, but it happened so fast.

Lloyd: Shit!

Lillie: I should let you know now that I don’t believe in abortions so I’m having it.

Lloyd: I didn’t ask you to do that, but I would like to see if they can do a paternity test before the baby is born.

Lillie: I’ll ask…look, I understand this being difficult for you but it’s difficult for me too. I’m not going to keep catering to your feelings and your life. You’re questioning me like I’m a whore. I know you don’t really know me so I’m trying to be patient, but I’m not a whore.

Lloyd: Why are you getting all upset?

Lillie: Because you don’t have to remind me over and over again that you need a paternity test. I got it! God! While we were having sex you even said that I was tight. I told you then it had been awhile for me. I’m not out here like that. I made an exception for you because I really liked you and…

Lloyd: And what?

Lillie: I didn’t want to pass on having a chance with you…even if it would’ve been just one night. I was hoping for more than just one night but when you called out Gabby’s name that blew that shit right out the water. But STILL…that doesn’t mean that I would set you up. I didn’t.

Lloyd: I understand but the fact is that some girls are like that, and you said it yourself…I don’t know you. I’m trying to protect myself, my career, and the ones I love.

Lillie: And I have to protect me.

Lloyd: You’re right…you do. I don’t want to argue with you Lillie…I just want to get to the bottom of everything. If it’s my child I will take care of it.

Lillie: And that’s all I want. I’m not trying to get rich from you or anything else. This is just as much a shock to me as it is to you. All I want is to not do it alone.

Lloyd: Okay.

Lillie: Anything else?

Lloyd: No, that was it. I just want a confirmed test from a doctor and what we can do for paternity testing.

Lillie: No problem, I’ll call you after my first doctor’s appointment and let you know.

Lloyd: Okay…talk to you later.

Lillie: Bye.


Gabby came out the bathroom with tears in her eyes.


Lloyd: I’m so sorry.

Gabby: Me too. *Walks out and closes door behind her*