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Saturday, March 31st, 2012

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Syreeta (Only1ME_Syreeta)

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earlier that day


“Hold on baby I need to make a phone call real quick…can you excuse me for a minute?”


“Sure…don’t make me wait long.” Trey gets up and walks some distance to talk in private.


“Aye baby…”


“Trey when are you coming home?”


“That’s why I’m calling you. I’ma be a lil late tonight.”


“Again! You promised me Trey, tonight was my night.”


“I know but I got tied up. You know I have no way of knowing sometimes how my day’s gonna be.” Suddenly Trey’s hears an unfamiliar voice on the other end. “Who…who dat talking in the background…huh?”


“It’s the television.”


“It better not be no nigga up in there.”


“And what if it was…what could you do…you’re not even here.”


“Man Carmen don’t play with me like dat.”


“You know good and well it ain’t no nigga up in here so stop trippin.”


“You know I’ll whip dat ass.”


“You’d have to be around enough first.”


“Yeah keep talkin shit…Ight look baby I gotta go. I’ll see you tonight…I love you.”


“Yeah whatever Trey.”


“Why I don’t hear you saying it back?”


“You know I love you.”


“Say it.”


“I just did.”


“Say my name when you say it.”


“I love you Trey…you happy?”


“Yo ass better love me…Me for…”


“You…yeah, yeah you for me I know.”


Alright baby I’ll see you tonight.”




I notice it’s after three o’clock in the morning and he comes in and jumps right in the shower. Next he’ll lay beside me and wrap his arms around me like everything is ok. I guess I’ve allowed this to go on for too long. I can’t put up with this anymore. Humph! Here he comes just like I expected. Just like clock work he gets in the bed, wraps his arms around me and snuggles up close. I flung his arm off of me, sat up and turned on the light.


“Who’d you fuck tonight Tremaine?”


“What? Whatchu talkin bout baby I’m just getting done. Turn that light out and lay back down.”


“Not until we talk. Who’d you fuck Trey?”


“Carmen baby lay ya ass down…I’m tired, let’s go to sleep.” I push him over to his side of the bed away from me. “Yo whatchu doing?”


“Matter of fact you can have this bed to yourself. I’m going in the other room.” As soon as I get up Trey grabs my arm.


“Where da fuck you think you going?”


“I’m not sleeping in here with you tonight…or any other night for that matter. I’m leaving you Trey. I’m tired of ya shit!” Trey is laying in the bed still holding my arm as I’m standing up. He looks up at me.


“Why you think I’m out fucking somebody all the time?”


“Because you smelled of sex when you came in here. You think I don’t know your pattern by now? I’ve been putting up with your cheating ass for I don’t know how long now. It’s like it’s become a normalcy that I’ve accepted. Well I don’t want to accept it anymore. I deserve better than this Trey. I know that now.”


“Oh you know that now…so what I give you’s not good enough anymore? Is that whatchu saying?”


“What you give me? WHAT YOU GIVE ME TREY! Heartache, stress, lies, infidelity, tears, need I say more?” Trey stands up and gets in my face.


“That’s all I give you? I don’t provide for you? Make sure you have what you need and whatever you want? shakes me “Huh!”


“Trey you’re hurting me! Let go!”


“I ain’t lettin you go nowhere!” I’m finally able to break from his grip. I start heading for the door of the bedroom. Trey comes after me and grabs me from behind. He lifts me off my feet and throws me on the bed. He lays beside me with his body half on top of me holding me down along with my arms. “You don’t believe I love you?”


“Trey why are you acting like this? You’re scaring me.”


“Answer me!”


“You do baby…you do love me.” He starts kissing different places on my face as he talks in between.


“I do love you…kiss…it’s gone always be…kiss kiss…me for you and you for me….kiss  My love for you ain’t going nowhere…strokes hair and looks deep into my eyes…it’s only for you.”


“Show me then! Fuck me right now!”


Trey pressed his lips back up against mine again tonguing me down. He aggressively pulls my panties down and took off his boxers. I lay there waiting wanting to see how fast he can get it up. He rubbed his penis up against me first and noticed I was dry as ever. Sex was not on my mind…leaving his ass was but I needed to know if he was out fucking tonight. I knew his body too well. To my surprise his rubbing got him hard in no time and me moist. He started penetrating me slowly easing it inside inch by inch. I could feel myself getting more wet by the second. Then once he was in he pounded it on me.


“You wanted to be fucked right…huh Carmen baby…”


moans “Huuuh…yes…” He kept banging it and banging it all up and through my pussy walls. I grabbed the sheets as he held on to my legs. I didn’t get no tender kisses no tongue licking nothing but roughly fucked. Trey made me cum and even though my body was at his mercy he still didn’t show mercy on my body. He pulled it out after I came and flipped me over on my stomach. He told me to poke my ass out. I barely could bend but that didn’t stop him. He just got flat on top of me, stuck it in and kept on stroking.


“Ya…fat…ass…gone take this dick.” I was taking it and so much more. He was so crazy with sexing me I thought he was going to bust right through me. He had my body rocking so hard on the bed the cries that I tried to get out sounded all choppy.


“Huuh…Treh aye…mmm…bay bee…”


Shortly after, Trey finally came. I lay there exhausted trying to catch my breath. Treys still on top of me resting for a minute. I guess my prediction was wrong about him fucking someone tonight. Apart of me was relieved. The other was telling me I’m just believing what I want. Suddenly Trey’s cell phone went off. I pushed him off of me and went to grab it since it was on the night stand. He tried to stop me from getting it but I got away. As soon as I picked it up I ran out of the room and quickly slammed the door. I desperately needed to see who it was. Trey quickly put his boxers on and came chasing after me. I took a peek real quick and read the name. It was some girl named Jackie. I saw him in the distance closing in on me.


“YOU LIAR!!!” I threw his phone at him as he came toward me to take it. It hit him in his chest.


“Aw…ok.” Trey continued to try to catch me as I ran from him. I don’t know where I was trying to go I just knew I needed to get away from him. He ended up catching me as I was headed for the kitchen and we both ended up falling to the floor. Trey had me pinned down as I was on my stomach.




“How can you say that! I fuckin love you girl! You hear me?”


“No! I want to feel it and see it by you not cheating on me. I’m tired of only hearing it.”


“Oh you wanna feel it huh! You wanna feel it Carmen?” He pressed himself up against my ass making me feel him. “My heart only beatin because you hold a nigga down. You think I wanna lose that?”


“Tell that shit to Jackie! Get off me PUNK ASS!”


“Fuck Jackie!”


“Yeah I bet you did fuck her didn’t you?” Trey puts his mouth close to my ears.


“It don’t matter how many other women I fuck you the only one who’s shit mean something to me…and I got ya punk ass alright.” I bit Trey on the arm to get him to move off of me.


“AHH SHIT!” He grabbed that spot real quick. I tried to crawl from under him and get up but he grabbed my hips and stopped me in motion. I quickly turned over on my back to try and kick him. “FUCKS WRONG WITCHU??? You think you can fight me now? Huh Carmen!”


“Won’t you just leave me alone Trey! It’s over! I‘m sick of ya ass!”


“It ain’t over till I say it’s over. You ain’t goin no fuckin where. I told you that shit already.” I had to show him that I wasn’t playing with him anymore. I looked him straight in the eyes and lied.


“That’s why I fucked another guy, now what you gotta say?” Trey pressed his arm up against my throat. The look he gave was dead serious.


“What da fuck you say to me?”


gasping “I…I can’t…breathe…” He moves his arm but still had me in his grasp. I’m breathing really hard trying to calm myself with part of me afraid to repeat it and the other not giving a fuck.


“That’s right Trey I went and had sex with someone else too.”


“You lying. I know another nigga ain’t been in my shit.”


“MOVE!” I squirmed aggressively trying to get him off of me. He didn’t budge. He squeezes my shoulders trying to keep me from fighting him.


“Fuck no! You gave another nigga my pussy?” I was scared. I didn’t know if I should keep up with this lie or not but I wanted him to feel the pain that I was feeling. I looked at him with a straight face.


“Yes!” Trey’s fist came in the direction of my face and made me flinch as he got close. I thought he was going to punch me but he didn’t. He started laughing.


“I know you lying to me…that was a nice try doe….gets in my face…You fix ya lips to say some shit like that to me again you ain’t gone have no fuckin lips fo‘real.”


“Can you get off me?”


“I‘ll move when I‘m ready…I don’t know why you in a rush anyway…baby you ain’t going nowhere.”


“Why Trey? I don‘t want to be here anymore.”


“Too bad…whispers in my ear…cause now you trapped…” This nigga was crazy. It was like a switch had flipped and his mind was gone like the wind.


“Trey what‘s wrong with you? You’re really scaring me.” He pulls my face closer to him making sure I give him direct eye contact.


“You scared baby? You know what makes me scared? The thought of losing you. I can’t let you leave me Carmen. You mines…forever.” My heart was beating out of my chest. I’ve never seen him like this before. He could sense my fear. He smiled at me and took his hand to rub it lovingly down the side of my face. I jumped when I saw it coming.


“Baby I’m not gone hurt you…smiles…you so beautiful.” He felt me trembling. “Why you shaking like dat? You that scared…whatchu cold or something?”


“Yeah that’s it…just a little cold…I mean you have me pinned down on this cold floor and I’m barely dressed.”


“Yo ass shouldn’t be tryna get away from me then. Look it’s late. I’m tired…I know you tired. Let’s go to bed.”


Trey slowly gets off of me and stands up. Then he puts his hand out to help me get up. I saw that as my window of opportunity and took my legs and clipped him. He fell flat on his ass and I got up to run. I ran in the direction of the front door. The kitchen door would’ve been faster to get out but I wasn’t thinking  and just ran the opposite direction of Trey. My hands were shaking as I hurriedly tried to unlock the door. I barely had on clothes and no shoes but I didn’t care I just needed to go. I finally got the door open. I only got to take two steps before Trey was tackling me in the grass. I was about to scream but he covered up my mouth.


“Thought you could get away from me didn‘t you? Yeah…now you listen to me, we gone go back in this house without me having to get in dat ass you know why…because you gone cooperate…understand?” I still was being disobedient because we were outside and this was my chance to possibly draw attention to us for someone to come see. It was so late in the morning no one was around and all the lights in everyone’s home were out. The more I tried to wiggle my way out of his grasp he held on to me even tighter. “Oh so you think this shit’s a joke? You think I’m playin witchu? Girl I swear you keep this shit up I‘ma have ya ass tied to the ground…stop fuckin movin!” I stopped immediately. “You finally ready to cooperate?” I hummed ok.


I wanted to run so bad but I was too afraid. He held my hand with a tight grip walking me along with him back in the house and up to the bedroom. My plan was to get under the covers and lay there until he fell asleep and then escape. That was until he said something that clearly changed my mind.


“Lemme leave you with something before you fall asleep. When I tell you I love you…believe it. My love is mad crazy when it comes to you girl…it’s so crazy I‘d kill a nigga for you…might even kill you and that ain’t no bullshit…smiles…now where my kiss at?” He had his lips puckered waiting. I didn’t want to kiss him at all but I was scared of what might’ve happened if I didn’t. I kissed his lips and turned opposite of him and laid down. I didn’t know what I was going to do. He turned and put his arms around me and cuddled up close. I laid there and silently cried letting the tears fall. Why did things have to come to this. I didn’t know who this man was anymore and didn’t know how I was going to leave him. The crazy part of it all was deep down inside I wasn’t sure if I really wanted too.


moments later


“Goodnight baby…remember…Me 4 U and what?”


U 4 Me Trey.”