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The Male Escort – Part 4

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

A Trey Songz Fiction Story


Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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It’s been three weeks since I’ve seen London and her agreeing to have dinner with me. I’ve thought about her everyday too. I’ve still had a chance to talk to her on the phone but nothing is as good as seeing her face. She’s had a lot going on between work, now school and some other things that she didn’t get into so we haven’t had a chance to meet up…until tonight. I hope she likes what I plan on fixin for her. I still need to figure that out. I don’t keep a whole lot of food around since I’m back and forth between both spots so a store run was definitely necessary. That’ll have to wait till later doe.

Right now I’m bout to get up with my boy Chris. He’s an escort too but not an independent one like me. He works for an agency. We bout to get a few games of basketball in. I like to get my cardio in on and off the court. I was just about to use the bathroom when this nigga come blowing the horn. I had to send him a text real quick and tell him to hold on. Had to handle bathroom business first.

Once we got on the court I told Chris he betta had brought his game this time. I be bussin his ass mostly every time we play.

(C “Man you swear you da shit!”

(T “It’s a good thing you wearin those Jordan’s cause that’s the only thing that’s gone help ya game this time.”

(C “Yeah ight nigga! Just shoot the ball and quit talking shit! We gone see about that!”

I wasn’t on my A game today at all. It was like the basket just kept rejecting my shots. It’s all good doe. He got dat this time. After a few games he took me back home and we chilled at the crib for minute. We sat out in my back yard and had a few drinks while we talked a bit. He was telling me about this event he lucked up on.

(C “You know I’ll be going to the Singles Black and White Ball.”

(T “How you get dat hook up? Dat shit invitation only.”

(C “I know. I‘m real cool with my old boss and he asked me if I could take his daughter.”

(T “Man I been wanting to go every since I heard about it. But I don‘t know who all got invitations.”

(C “Nigga you would if you weren’t private. Working for agency you get more exposure.”

(T “Nah man, I ain’t wit dat shit. I’m good. I don’t know whatchu talkin bout anyway. You work agency and still didn’t get ya ass invited.”

(C “You got dat nigga, but I’ma be up in there now. Do you know how much my clientele could go through the roof? Man I’m gone clean up. All those single ladies.”

(T “I know. It ain’t over for me yet doe. Somebody might still need an escort.”

(C “True…true.”


(T “I just wish I knew who. I’m tryna go.”

(C “Alright man I’m bout to get out of here. I’ll keep an ear out for you but I’ma holla at you later.” I give my boy a handshake and walk him to the door. I still had to go to the store and start getting dinner prepared so I cleaned up the beer bottles we had first and then left right behind him.


DING! DONG! DING! DONG! I took a deep breath real quick before I answered the door. It was pointless. Just seeing her instantly took my breath all over again. I didn’t want to keep her standing in the door way too long from my staring. I eventually opened up my mouth and invited her in. I couldn’t wait to get a kiss. I didn’t even let her walk two steps away from the door before I was kissing her letting her know how much she was missed. I could tell she felt the same way.

“Lemme get ya coat for you. Why you all covered up anyway?” She slowly started unbuttoning it.

“I’m not covered up at all.”

She took her trench coat off and was in nothing but her heals. I was fucked up. I had the lights dimmed down and some candles going around the house and in the dining room for us to eat by. I had to turn the light on in the room just to make sure I was seeing correctly.

“You really don’t got no clothes on…damn baby…”

“Well when you invited me over for dinner I thought you literally wanted me for dinner so here I am.”

I was so glad the stove was off because that shit would’ve burned. She really caught me off guard. I never would’ve expected this from her…NEVER! I picked London up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. Her body was so beautiful…not a blemish in sight. Skin was flawless. I’ve been wanting her for some time now and as long as she was ready for what was about to take place…I wasn’t asking no questions. Because I wasn’t prepared for this I needed to set a few things in place. She watched me as I walked over to the small refrigerator that I have in my room and took out a few sweet treats. I could tell I was starting to make her nervous. Now she didn’t know what to expect. She was gone find out doe.

Our eyes never left each other as I took off my clothes. The first thing I went for was her ass. She was laying on her left side with her legs bent while she was waiting for me. I took my lips and kissed all over her right cheek marking my territory. Then I turned her over so she was flat on her back and got acquainted with the rest of her body. I showered her belly button with soft gentle kisses. Next to get shown some love was her breast. Tenderly I licked her nipples making her body squirm as she enjoyed my touch. She wrapped her arms around my back pulling me closer to her. I felt her wetness up against my dick as her body gyrated on me wanting more. I wanted to make sure I had her good and ready. She wasn’t begging enough for me yet. I wanted to make her wait. The sad part was I couldn’t. I told her we gone have dinner backwards tonight and start with dessert…I was gone eat first. She liked that. I grabbed the can of whip cream and sat beside her. She knew what was coming next. I leaned over her and traced the shape of her pussy with it. Then I filled it in. She moaned from the titillating sensation it was giving her. Next I went and got the chocolate sauce and made a round mound on top of it. I could tell she couldn’t wait until I dug in. I couldn’t either. Last to complete this sweet masterpiece was some maraschino cherries. I put two of them on her. One for me and the other was gonna get dipped and fed to her. Her pretty lips were ready for me and I was ready to dig in.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “OH SHIT!” The smoke detector started going off. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts while I was cooking I let the candy yams cook too long and they burned. I quickly grabbed the pan and took it off the burner. The oven also was still on and needed to get turned off too since I had the meat warming in it. I turned the fan over top the stove on to help clear out some of the smoke. The alarm was still sounding off so I quickly went to open up some windows to let the kitchen air out. Then my Doorbell really sounded. I couldn’t believe she was here now wit this shit happening. I went to go answer it.

“Hey you!” She was all smiles and looking very sexy…in her outfit. I just kissed her. That was my hello. I been waiting to see this girl and kissing them lips was all I could think about aside from the other things that I have yet to experience…damn. “Is something burning Tremaine?”

“Oh dat. Yeah I had a lil mishap in the kitchen.”


“What happened?” I took London by the hand and walked her with me in the kitchen. She saw the pan on the counter with the burned up yams sitting in it. Thank God she didn’t have to hear the smoke alarm.

“Oh my God Tremaine!” She started laughing at a nigga.

“Nah doe, I can cook.” I went to take the pot roast out of the oven. She was standing beside me as I was taking the lid off.

“Um…I think you might’ve left it in there too long. It looks a tad over done.”

“I know. It was done and I was just warming it up cause I knew you was gone be here soon but had the oven on the wrong temperature. Then the damn yams burned and everything just got all fucked up.”

“How’d you let the food burn anyway? Weren’t you in here watching it?”

“Man this all ya fault.”


“Yeah.” I take her in my arms and pull her close to me letting my forehead touch hers. “If I wasn’t thinking about you being here I would’ve been able to concentrate on what I was doin.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah…diss all ya fault.”

“Ok I’ll take the blame for it…only because I couldn’t wait to see you either so I know how that could be…BUT…you burned our food Tremaine.”

“I know man. You wanna just order something?”


“No.” She pulls away from me. “What else you got?”

“I ain’t buy a whole lot cause I was in a rush. I still needa get some more stuff from the store.”

“Well lets see what you do have…by the way this is a very nice house you have here what little I’ve seen of it.”

“My bad. I know, I ain’t even get to give you a tour or nothing yet.”

“Well you can start out with the kitchen. Where do you keep your pans?” I showed her around in the kitchen. With the little bit of food I did have on hand she whipped us up something real nice. She took some noodles I had and added some ground beef, onions and gravy to it. It was banging. We stayed at the table talking for a bit after we ate.

“I was suppose to be cooking for you and here you come fixing me dinner.”

“That’s ok just know you still owe me.”

“I gotchu baby. How bout you come over again next Saturday night?”

“I can’t. I have this thing my dad wants me to go too which reminds…” My phone started going off right in the middle of London talking. I didn’t wanna be rude so I asked her to excuse me. I only answered it cause it was my boy Chris.

“Yo what’s up!”

“You in.”

“Don’t be bullshittin me man.”

“I’m not. Her name is Ms. Lola Price. I haven’t talked to her but word has it she’ll be calling you.”

“How you swing dat that fast?”

“Nigga I got connections too.”

laughs “You so connected you just got invited mofucker.”

“Niggas always got jokes. You can thank me later.”

“Bet! Good looking out doe. When is it again?”

“Next Saturday evening 7:00 pm sharp.”

“Ight. Thanks man.” When I hung up with Chris London saw me smiling.

“That must was some good news.”

“Oh that was my boy. It turns out I got something to do next Saturday night anyway so it looks like we both will be busy.”

“Oh…ok…thinks…I guess what I was going to ask is out.”


“So what were you saying before we got interrupted?”

“You know, I can’t even remember it now.”

“You ready for dessert?”

“Did you make that too?”

“You tryna be funny again?

laughs “No…but did you?”

“Nah I ain’t make it, but I could of. Don’t be doubting my skills girl. I might of fucked shit up tonight but I’ma show you I can cook.”

“So what you got for us?”

“Go make yaself comfortable in the other room and I’ll bring it in there to you.” While London did that I blew the candles out first and then cleared the dishes off the table. Then I went to bring the dessert in. I had brought an assortment of desserts from the bakery and bought them in to her on a platter.

“What is all of this?”

“I figured I’d cover all basis. We got some chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake stuffed strawberries, chocolate lava cake, red velvet cake and some vanilla ice cream on the side.”

“Oh my gosh this looks so good. It’s so much to choose from.”

“Here start with this.” I took a chocolate covered strawberry and fed it to her. All I could imagine was her lips tasting me as she put her mouth on it to take a bite. What she didn’t finish off I did. Then she took the fork off the tray and cut a piece of the chocolate lava cake, dipped it in the ice cream and fed it to me. What I really wanted to taste was her. I couldn’t hold back from her lips any longer and went in for a kiss. She grabbed a hold of me and when she did I pulled her over so she was facing me sitting on my lap. Just to have her in my arms like this felt so natural like this is who’s suppose to be here. She had a nigga horny as a mofucker too. She started kissing my cheeks and giving me small pecks down my neck. I was ready to take my shirt off so she could keep going the rest of the way but she stopped me.

“I’m sorry Tremaine.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to do this with you so bad, believe me I do but…” She moves off my lap and barely looks at me.

“But what? Baby talk to me.” I get her to look at me. “What is it?”

“I’m a virgin Tremaine…”